A Complete Guide on Modern Marketing, Internet Sales & Promotion

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

A Complete Guide on Modern Marketing, Internet Sales & Promotion

Posted by Rahul Gupta
To have your website today is a real necessity. People and entities create online pages not only express themselves but also with the purpose of promoting goods and services. And even if the site has an informational format, the owner is interested in making the profit.

To create a good site is only half of the battle. It is critical to achieving high attendance so that more users bought the products, read the advertisement, passed to other pages through links. Similar questions are addressed to Internet marketers. Internet marketing is the complex of activities conducted with the purpose of promoting the goods and services in the network, increase brand awareness and customer loyalty to the products of an advertised company.

The benefits of Internet marketing is useful online trading, due to the rapid spread of information and possibility to reach a broad target audience in the minimum time. High material costs are not required, but prices of some orders exceed the cost of traditional advertising.

The increase in sales is impossible without research. Internet marketing is good because it gives the possibility to conduct the most accurate count. The site owner or moderator monitors the statistics on purchases and movement of the audience around the site.

Special tools allow determining how many people visit the site per unit of time, which links are clicked most often. Thus obtained information is used to develop an advertising campaign and increase the popularity of a website. Internet marketing is a science, the successful development of which depends on the performance of business.

The primary components of marketing online

 When developing the strategy of web marketing, you should take into account following components:
  • Object of promotion: product, food product, service, brand, identity; 
  • Proposal: consumers should pay attention to promoted products, all competitive advantages of the goods and (or) offer bonuses, discounts, participation in the promotion should be taken into account. You must explain to the client what exactly are its benefits. 
  • Target audience: people of a particular gender, age, profession, social group, which can be claimed for the proposed product or service. 
  • The conversion: website visitors, who are not yet customers and clients. Make them help these methods of Internet marketing, which will be described below. 
  • Promotion: ways to attract your target audience, achieving maximum conversion for profit.

The specifics of Internet marketing

Since virtual space is different from the real, the sale of goods and services in a network has its characteristics:
  • continuity of time and space: the Internet advertising texts and videos are presented around the clock;
  •  versatility: thanks to the network protocols the same marketing campaign can be used at any point of the globe, taking into account linguistic and mental differences; 
  • multi-channel: people can be informed about the benefits of the goods and services on the web-page, via e-mail, using FTP, audio and video recording, social networking, mobile applications, etc.
The prime importance of web marketing is the consideration of features of the Internet audience. Users purposefully seek the necessary information and can at any time disable the ads. 

Therefore, the advertising message should be formulated so that the visitor of the page desired to click on the offer link to take part in the survey, write a review, place order. Internet marketing is a way to encourage an audience to make a purchase. Passive perception of texts from the sales point of view is useless.

How to sell via Internet

There are lots of methods of Internet marketing. The most common ways of working with clients are:
  • SEO: The probability of visiting a site (and respectively, learning of ads) depends on which line of search results is shown the page. Most often, users follow the first ten links. The other thousands and even millions of websites remain unclaimed. To avoid this, you need to work on search engine optimization. 
  • E-mail: creation of thematic mailing list and place the subscription form on the pages of the website. Potential buyers and customers to voluntarily leave their email addresses for newsletters. The result is a creation of target audience. 
  • Direct (the individual letters): Unlike spam, this message contains personal appeals or the company name. This increases the likelihood of reading the letter, and consequently, purchase. 
  • Viral marketing: This method is implemented by using such tools as the distribution of free resources (videos, computer games, apps, e-books) with links to the relevant website or demand to recommend the page to a friend. 
  • Experiential marketing: Marketers don't just tell about the product but involve emotional sphere of the client by an opportunity to experience the appropriate emotions. 
  • Videos: Original, high-quality video will attract the attention of a large number of users. Maybe someone wants to put a video on his website or recommend a video to friends.
  •  Meta markets: a virtual platform to learn about the real objects of trade, the manufacturers, and distributors of goods.

SMM is a fresh look at traditional things

A separate unit in the environment of different strategies and tactics created to promote products and services on the Internet is another area which is called Social Media Marketing.

This direction can be called the youngest, but it is today one of the most effective. SMM is resorted as to, both large multinational corporations and holding companies as by private individuals.

Today in the economy and in people's real-life situation when there is an ongoing loss of jobs because employers will never stop on the way of cost optimization. So many people now went towards the creation of private businesses of various sizes.

And SMM allows obtaining outstanding results in the promotion of such business at a very high level of efficiency.

Of course, in order to make the promotion successful, it is best to turn to professionals in PR and SMM. A Prime example of a successful and highly professional team is the company BigBangram, which is "hyped" more than one hundred accounts, and helped to become successful to their clients.

In the arsenal of BigBangram team, there is a lot of different options that allow you to be a flexible and responsive approach to customers.

Someone can use the “intelligent BOT” - a special Instagram bot, which is powered by cloud server capacity and does not require a permanent location online. Moreover, this BOT is not for nothing called intelligent. The team of BigBangram programmers put a lot of effort to mimic the behavior of a living human person. Using this solution, you cannot be afraid of banning or blocking by Instagram’s administration.

If You have too little free time, You'd better take the help of BigBangram technical support. You only need to elaborate on the tasks and goals You wish to achieve. And professional consultants will offer You the best and effective solution.


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