Bonk Be Live With Imagically And Greg Gifford Help Streamers To Get 3D Gifts

Monday, 23 October 2017

Bonk Be Live With Imagically And Greg Gifford Help Streamers To Get 3D Gifts

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Live Streaming is the need of the generation which replaced real conversations with online texting. This creates a space for companies to launch their live streaming platforms and get the attention of audience easily. There are a lot of live streaming apps in the market including Twitch, BIGO Live, and Periscope aiming to build such a platform, but they are lagging somewhere. 
Bonk Be Live
Bonk is one such company that is fulfilling the shortcoming in those platforms and launch Bonk Be Live. Bonk is on the list of top 26 reputable businesses of Silicon Valley who are stepping into a live streaming industry.

Bonk Be Live is an online live streaming platform to chat, share, interact and broadcast oneself worldwide. Bonk has got Greg Gifford, industry veteran who has spent the last decade of this life in the tech industry as the EVP of US Operations. The platform they are building requires a lot of funding which is fulfilled with $500 Million of capital investment. 

The Cofounder of Bonk, Joe Bonica believes that time is the most important aspect if you want to win in the neck-to-neck competition era. Bonk appoints a team of development professionals working under Imagically(the development arm of Bonk) brainstorming daily to create most appealing content and design which their competitors lag at.
Bonk Be Live is going to be the next big thing in the live streaming industry. They have got people with real experience and money which can help them to sustain in the market while killing the existing business. They claim to complete their target of 30 million user base early than expected with acquisitions and investors on-board. 

The impressive part about the platform it that it will not only make money for itself and the advertisers but also rewards its users with points for playing games, clicking on logos in streams. These points can be exchanged for real cash when it crosses a threshold. Partnerships with tech giants like Facebook and YouTube will turn to be much fruitful for the platform. Bonk has already started showing liked and watched videos by friends to users.

Features of Bonk Be Live (Android and iOS )

  • Interactive main-screen serving appealing content 
  • User-friendly design  
  • Intelligent live streams suggestions  
  • Monetary benefits pre-included for users 
  • Relationship with Youtube and Facebook 
  • Insights into friend’s activities and likes 
  • Appealing GIF’s, images and stickers 
  • Go Live Feature with customizable hashtags and titles  
  • Stepping into Augmented Reality 
  • All-in-one advertising platform for brands  
  • Introduction to Duotones(Combing colours to make a picture appealing)
Bonk Be Live has also launched Go Live feature which supports user-customizable hashtags, titles and adding geolocation. They are targeting users from Instagram and Snapchat to love their platform which has features from both the platforms. What can be more exciting than watching all the pictures shared on Instagram, like videos on Youtube etc. of your friends on a single platform? 

Not only this, but you can also share you customised pictures with Instagram-like doodling with other users in the app. Bonk Be Live aims to know the interest of a majority of people and serves them with an which can handle all their interests.
Bonk Be Live Chat
Bonk is well-planned with the income revenue flow of the company, its advertisers meanwhile rewarding its users with real money. The primary income revenue would be from the ads within the live streams. The ads would be very much targeted to the audience the advertiser wants to reach. Advertisers will also get their advertising pages to set the audience reach and budgets just like Facebook ads. 

On-screen notifications and paid emojis, GIFs and images must bring laurels to Bonk. They will also offer premium-ad plans to brands for broader and more selective reach.

When it comes to users, clicking on the ad-logos within the live streams, playing exciting games, competing in worldwide contests would be the sources of monetary rewards.

Stepping into 3-D Virtual reality and Augmented reality to deliver the experience of a newer and a rich-quality part of life is the next priority for Bonk Be Live. They have high expectations and hopes on Bonk Be Live to gather quality users. Moments page in the app tells you more about your friends, their likes and dislikes. Experienced technicians and smart strategies of Greg Gifford will turn rocks for Bonk.


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