Simple Trick Will Make Your Android Smartphone 2X Faster

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Simple Trick Will Make Your Android Smartphone 2X Faster

Posted by Rahul Gupta
We all want a faster smartphone experience, Of course not everyone able to buy smartphones like S8 they are bit costly. So today we teach you a simple trick that ensures your smartphone gains speed. No need to install any apps or do anything too sophisticated, just 10 minutes of your time and press a few buttons. Let's do this.

What we are going to do is to deactivate the transitions and animations of your phone. This is the type of settings that control what happens when you go from one screen to another or from one application to the next. They also control how fast the message windows appear.  I also recommend you should try to increase internal memory on Android if your smartphone got stuck because of lack of storage.

Speed up Android Smartphone without App

If you want to make your phone faster, read on.
  • Go to your phone's settings and scroll down to 'About Phone.' Enters. 
  • Repeatedly tap on 'Build number.' 
Build Number
  • Now go back to the settings menu and enter the newly created 'Developer options.'  
  • Scroll down to 'Window animation scale,' under 'Drawing' and Turn off it.   
Developer Options
  • Also disable 'Transition-animation scale' and ‘Animator duration scale’.  
  • Ready.
Do you want to know where the secret is? The explanation for both adjustments is below, along with a mysterious third setting that no one seems to understand.

What is the animation scale window?

The animation scale window represents the time it takes Android to animate a popup window. If it is set to 10x, for example, the popup window will take a while to appear.

To see it for yourself, set the window animation scale to 10x, go back to 'Settings' and re-enter 'Development options.' Re-enter 'Scale animation window' to reset the value, and you will see what it takes to open.

What is the transition-animation scale?

The transition-animation scale is basically the same, only with transitions between screens, as between one application and another, or when starting an application from the home screen.
This is very easy to understand. Change it to '10x' and press the start button. It takes a while, right? Deactivate it again to improve the speed of your phone.

What is the Animator Duration Scale?

This is the third option on the list, but unlike the other two, nobody really understands. Changing this value does not seem to have any visible effect on the speed of your phone, and it is because you do not have it. So what's the use of this scale?

What this value does is control the loading speed of the animations. To see it in action, put it in '10x' and open YouTube. Do you see how slow the circular animation is?

If you leave the animator duration scale off and you open YouTube again, you will see that there is no longer any circular animation of the load. This is precisely what changes as you change the value of this scale, but does nothing to speed up your phone's speed.

If it still goes slow, you have to take into account where the problem is; it's because of low RAM / low space of internal storage. Do you notice that your phone goes faster after this trick?


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