5 Tips for Using Yoast SEO for Wordpress

Thursday, 31 August 2017

5 Tips for Using Yoast SEO for Wordpress

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Wordpress SEO by Yoast is one of the easiest to use and most effective SEO tools for the popular blogging platform. It is used widely by many people, and even those who are not SE experts can use it with ease to get their desired output. 
Tips for Using Yoast SEO
Efficient use of SEO tools such as this will lead to higher traffic, bigger potential for conversions, and many other benefits. Yoast SEO for Wordpress can be learned quickly, and with some tweaks, you can further improve its effectiveness and gain more advantages for your Wordpress blog. 

Here are some effective tips on how to leverage Yoast SEO for Wordpress:

1. Efficient use of Keywords

The free trial for Yoast allows for one keyword only, but the premium allows up to 5. Search your keywords properly and use them strategically. Make sure you use them where they can be naturally inserted. You can use 3 keywords on the average as it is already a good density for a regular article. However, if you can use 5 without sounding too pushy, you may be in for a good rank.

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2. Use Readability Check

Yoast analyzes your copy’s readability and calculates the Flesch Reading Ease score. This is a measure of the text’s readability in English, although there is also a Deutsch and German version. The lower the score is in your Flesch Reading Ease, the more challenging your text is. A readable copy makes it easy for readers to understand and avoid scaring them off with words that are hard to digest.

3. Create Custom Meta Header and Description

Yoast allows you to customize your meta header and description; you can take advantage of to improve your SEO. Meta descriptions with added keywords make your copy more searchable in search engines sites. Experts also say that search results with complete and sensible reports get higher chances of clicks than those that are incomplete and lacking relevant details.

4. Create a Good Sitemap

Proper organization of pages is essential for SEO, which is why you need to take advantage of the sitemap feature in Yoast. This automatically creates a sitemap once you add more pages, so make sure the pages you add are strategic and necessary. Sitemaps allow Google to index your site faster and begin ranking in the search engine. 

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5. Transform Unsightly URL to Clean Permalinks

Ugly URLs can happen now and then and this could make your page look less professional. Under the Permalink options, you can access some features that will allow you to manage the URL or slug of your posts and pages. If someone unintentionally types your URL wrong or something is added at the end of the URL, it will redirect to the clean/correct URL.

To maximize the SEO benefits of Yoast for Wordpress, sign in for the premium account. It provides more features that can be very useful for anyone who wants to improve their SEO, as well as more freedom for strategic SEO techniques.


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