6 Kickass Importance of First Page Rankings

Friday, 28 July 2017

6 Kickass Importance of First Page Rankings

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Search engine optimization or SEO is most leading yet highly effective strategy for inbound marketing. It is also tricky and significant fact that when you exactly call your site search engine optimized, several do not know the truth. It is not easy to get top position in search results, but it is intensely important to make your website visible on the first page of the search engine. 
Importance of First Page Rankings
In this way, you can get enough traffic from search engines.  Today the most widely used search engine on the planet is very well known to all as Google; it provides the vast area of operation for all inbound marketers.

People usually do not have an idea about the importance of page rankings and first page marketing. The searchenginewatch.com stated that website on the top ranking take hold of almost 36.4% of the total traffic and similarly the lower order sites missed according to second, third, fourth rankings. Thus, it’s hard to be on the top, but it is not impossible by implementing few basic SEO strategies you can get there by the time. 

Let's know what the importance of first page rankings and the benefits of being on the first page are:

What is the importance of being on the first-page ranking?

These are the major factors that depict the core importance of first page rankings, let's go through these following features:
  • Better opportunities for business: - if someone searches any particular keyword or term, google ordinarily shows ten results on the first page. You have fantastic chance to make or grow your business to be on the top of the first page of search engine results. However, getting the top position is only half the battle you need to make enough effort to stay in top position. 
  • Top ranking goes most traffic: - top leading search engine in today’s world is Google, the market share of google search is 84,14%, though Yahoo and Bing own 7,57% and 4,42%. After including searches made on phones and tablet google carried most stronger market share with nearly 90%. Therefore, it is highly important for the business to be on the first page of google and make an effort to rank as high as possible. The top ranking website gets up to 33% of traffic, despite the fact that the second level website gets 18% traffic and thus the traffic decrease from there.   
  • Better business image: - being on the first page will create the better image of your company in the eyes of potential buyers. First-page marketing will create a highly credible image of your site among competitors and customers. 
  • Enhance business authenticity: - An increase in the first page will not just improve your business, but it also makes your business authentic most. It is proven that customers think first few websites on the first page are highly authentic and credible in their relevant market.  
  • 10x better business be on top: - according to the experts if you can rank on top you may get more traffic, and thus your business will become better than the site level in third or fourth.  
  • Decreased cost: - better ranking on the first page directly help to reduce the cost of advertising efficiency. Also, it delivers significant or positive impact on the social media marketing.


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