10 Best Online Comic Creators (Tools & Websites)

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Comics is one of the most loved books by kids and adults. Also, nobody here hates comics. But before the technological era, those good at drawing could only create comics. Others enjoyed these comics. But now, due to the invention of many new technologies, anyone from anywhere can create comics and telecast their talent to families, friends, and neighbors. Kids will be surprised to see these comics.

You can create comics through these websites:

    • Make Belief Comics
    • Chogger
    • Pixton
    • Marvelkids
    • Bitstrips
    • ToonDoo
    • Comic Master
    • Whitty Comics
    • Pikistrips
    • Write Comics

Take a look at these websites and learn more about them.

Top 10 Best Online Comic Creators

The best teacher must try to create comics independently to impress the kids. And here is the way to build your own comics. There are several free tools and websites to do one’s own comics. Let us see how the tools work:

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Make Belief Comix

Make Belief Comix is a free tool available online to create comics for children and adults. The specialty of the tool is; it is friendlier than other tools. Thus even a child can work on this tool. It gives many templates, prompts, and characters to work on it. There are nearly 25 characters and four paneled strips, and amazing templates.

make belief comix

You can make a whole comic within 10 minutes on this site.The only disadvantage of the tool is the color. The tool consists of many background colors, but the characters will be in black and white. This disadvantage can become an advantage to the parents by creating the comic here and giving their kids to color it with crayons. All the kids will love coloring.

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Chogger is a comic-creating tool where we can use our picture as a character by importing it into the tool. The directions for using the tool will appear once you enter the tool.


First, click the Build a comic now button in the tool. The comic strip creator window will be open.

You can add the character by clicking the “add image” option, where you can add your picture, or from Google.

The next step in creation is inserting the text bubble to enter the text in it. Text bubbles can be in the shape you wish. You can select your favorite shape from the options given.

Next, fill in the text box, repeat the work until you get your satisfied comic, and click the “Finish” button to publish your comic.


Pixton is the website you are searching for, which gives you the exact comics you are trying to create. There are three sections on this site.

  1. This is for kids and educational purposes.
  2. It is for making fun comics.
  3. It is to make business comics.


Using this site is very easy; just you have to know how to drag and drop the images and texts in their respective places. It is an advanced site where you can get many options to make the comic which can satisfy you as the best comic ever you have done.

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Marvelkids has created this tool by knowing the things which kids would love. They can choose to insert superheroes, Hulk, Falcon, etc., as their characters.

marvel kids

It is the site where you can have various styles of panels. You can create a 22-page comic book by sitting as such for one hour on this site. It is the site that is used to create an awesome comic book. Just try it immediately.

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If you start working on Bitstrips, you will love it. It is an easy tool; you can get it as an app in your systems. You can create the characters whenever you feel very dull.


Because on this website, you can not only create comics but also alter the character’s outfits, give makeup, change hairstyles, and modify the shape of the face. Yes, this will love the kids. Parents can teach their children to work on it to create their comics and show them off to their friends.

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Those willing to create a comic that should have the original comic characters can choose the ToonDoo tool. The tool is creative, and to use the tool, it is friendlier.


It has the advantage of having many characters in the ToonDoo library. Using this tool, one can share their comics with friends via the internet.

Comic Master

Comic Master is the site where you can write your creative stories for your favorite hero in the form of comics.

comic masters

It is a flash-based site which is easy to create comic stories. You can create your comic novel book to show off to your colleagues.

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Whitty Comics

Whitty comics is best for those willing to explain your comics by dialogue more than pictures. It consists of pre-drawn scenes where you can add text and create your scenes.

whitty comics

In the Whitty comics, the words speak more than the pictures. This is the best site for writers to imagine their scenes while writing scripts.


To make fun of your photos or friends, you can choose pikistrips. You can convert your photos into funny comic pictures. On this site, you can add mustaches, hats, funny hairstyles, tattoos, and different scars to your photo.


You can be a hero in your comic book, and your friends can be the supporting actors. It seems more fun. Just try this creative and funny comic creator.

Write Comics

Write Comics has a unique feature called graphics. One willing to do your comic more interesting can choose this free comic creator tool. This site allows you to create logical pictures and add the respective comments to the text box.

write comics

But it does have the ability to share or save the created comics online.

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What is an excellent website to make comics?

Use Pixton, Chogger, Bitstrips, and ToonDoo to create exciting comics.

Do online comics make money?

The webcomics business involves creators earning a living through their webcomics, often using various revenue channels.

Can I sell comics online?

You can sell comic books online on your e-commerce store built with a platform like Shopify, on places like Amazon and eBay, on social media, on niche sites, and via wholesale.

How much is Pixton?

For teachers, the pricing is $24.99 monthly or $99 annually. Discounts are available if you purchase a plan for 11 teachers or more. There's also the $9.99 plan, but it doesn't include full access. You can buy individual plans for $14.99 each rather than the Monthly Pack.


These were some websites that can be of great use for everyone to create exciting comics. Hope you find your required website here. And keep reading!

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