10 Best Fantastic Online Classroom Timers

During classroom activities, it is often necessary for teachers to assign tasks to students that must be completed within a particular time frame. The list of such activities could go on all day. A few examples would be:

  • Silent reading time for around 10 minutes.
  • Preparation time for the quiz.
  • Pop quiz timer.
  • Time to transition to the next activity.

More often than not, teachers have to resort to using their cell phone clocks or wristwatches to time such events. It would get so much easier if they could just share the countdown with their students using an overhead screen that’s available.

Online Classroom Timers

I guess that is what led the advent of online classroom timers. It makes things so handy. All you need to do is pull up the site on the computer and set the time. After that, it can be projected on the screen for the students to see. This makes sure of the fact that students can keep track of their time on their own.

Here’s a list of 10 online countdown timers for classroom activities:

1. Online-Stopwatch

It is a very popular website that provides a digital countdown clock for classroom activities. Online-Stopwatch provides you with a large screen timer that is ideal for projects. 

The interface is easy to understand and implement. It allows you to either count down the time or uses the clock like a stopwatch.

2. Online Timer

If you’re looking for an online timer with a simple design that doesn’t get too fancy but allows you all the facilities that you need to count down time effectively, this is the one for you. 

Online Timer provides you with a simple digital looking timer. You do have some options to change and adjust the background colours of the timer and change the size of your clock. 

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However, it only gives you the option of setting the timer in minutes increments from the drag down list menu.

3. Tick Tock Timer

Here we have an easy to use design interface for your online countdown timer. It allows you to plug in the numbers for your time and then start or clear your timer as per your wish. 

The clock display isn’t big on the screen, but its very simple to use and makes up for any fairy designs or customization options.

4. Egg Timer

This is probably one of the most beautiful and fun online countdown timers available nowadays. Created on request from a teacher, this is a visual timer that is more commonly used with younger students. 

Although it is very necessary for its requirements, new features have been added recently to the updated versions. All you need to do to make this one work is put the time in words and press GO!
The timer takes up the entire screen and is perfect for projects to students.

5. Timerland

Here you have an option that makes passing the time fun. It provides an interactive way of watching the time go by with farm animals. The animals will fill the screen as the clock runs towards its deadline. You’ll know the time is up with the entire farm is full of animals.

6. Candle Timer

If you want to watch the time trickle down the stick of a long candle and watch the patterns that form along the way, this is the timer for you.  

All you have to do is set your timer and look at the candle wax meltdown. When the candle is over and extinguished, you’ll know that your time is up. This is an interesting one for students to see how fast and slow the time can pass.

7. Rocket Timer

This is one of the most fun, explosive timers that are available online. It has an easy interface, and the display screen is large and looks interactive as well as entertaining.

You just have to do to get this timer going is set the time and then watch as the fuse burns down. When the fuse is burnt out, it sets the rocket into the sky where it erupts into fireworks.

It’ll be a fine sight to have inside a classroom at the end of the activity.

8. Snail Racing Timer

Here you have the slowest race on the planet! There’s a bunch of snails representing this timer and its one of the most exciting yet dull things ever. You have no way of knowing which snail is going to win as the race is completely random. The winner may win by a huge margin sometimes while at others it will hardly bother to move. 

I guess that’s what makes this timer so interesting. The timer is ideal for longer periods of time when the snails have their race while the students are working. The interface has a cheering background noise that is perfect for group activities although it might be distracting during silent work.

9. Bar Timer

The bar timer is a simple yet more visual way of displaying a countdown clock. Many of the online watches mentioned above are very annoying, colourful and jazzy. The bar timer comes with no such features. It has a simple glossy black timer display that gives it a very professional feel.

The interface is easy to use, and the display takes up a good amount of screen space so you can keep track of your remaining time quickly.

10. Funny Bunny Farm Timer

A lot like some of the other animated timers around, this is a funny and easy gong timer that gives you two cool options to choose from when selecting a display interface. 

One option is that you can have bunnies fill up the farm on your screen. And the other is that you’ll see the planet slowly orbit the sun. 

This is fun yet relaxing timer, again great for longer periods of time when the students are working under little to no pressure than they would if you had a regular fast timer.

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