How To Unlock iCloud Activation Lock With IMEI Number Only

Monday, 10 April 2017

How To Unlock iCloud Activation Lock With IMEI Number Only

Posted by Rahul Gupta
With the IMEI number of your handset, it is possible to remove the iCloud lock on any Apple device. It was little known before, but the IMEI code plays a vital role in case you are in need to bypass the activation lock which prevents you from using your device in a normal way.
Unlock iCloud Activation Lock
Everything you need to know about the bypass of the iCloud Activation lock with the IMEI code will be elaborated in this short article, so without further ado let’s get started.

The importance and function of the IMEI

Every modern phone has the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number. It consists of 15 different digits, and its purpose is to distinguish one phone from another. It doesn't matter from which manufacturer you have bought your device from because all of them have it.
 The IMEI code plays the central role when it comes to providing with factory unlock from any mobile network, and also it can be used to track down the device in case it is stolen or lost, or when the situation requires it, you can use it to access the stolen mobile device and erase all the data content on it from remote point.

Where can I find the IMEI number?

 Different manufacturers apply different methods to use in case you want to find the IMEI code.

However, there is one universally accepted method which you can use, and that is to search under the battery casing of the device on the SIM card tray. Some other models have this code inscribed inside the bottom phone cover.

If these methods don't help you find the IMEI code, then you can try some of the alternative solutions such as to open the Settings menu of your handset, go to General>>About. The code should be displayed at the bottom of the page.

Another method which you can use is to open your mobile phone dial pad and dial the number *#06#. If the device has clean IMEI, the number will be displayed for several seconds.

And the last method to find the IMEI code is to use iTunes. Just connect the iPhone and computer and start iTunes. Next, press on “Summary” and your iPhone’s IMEI will be shown.

IPhone’s iCloud IMEI check

To use iCloud on your iPhone, you will have to check the IMEI. And if you have locked the iCloud account, you will have to know the IMEI code and write it down somewhere because it will be required during the unlock procedure.

Official iPhone iCloud Unlock solution with IMEI

Brief Introduction

During your search for the most favorable iCloud IMEI unlock service, you may come across different online providers and websites that offer you IMEI check for iCloud as well as iCloud activation unlock. You may also notice that some of the services claim that they can do the job for free, while some may charge you hefty fees for it. Also, in some cases, you may be asked to download some particular programs and install them on your computer before you can begin with the unlock.

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 However, if we compare them to the official iPhone iCloud unlock service, we can all come to the conclusion that they are not even close to their efficiency.

Why use the official IMEI iPhone iCloud Unlock method?

This particular method has many advantages over the competition simply because it is an online process which requires absolutely no download or installation of any files. In a matter of fact, the only requirement is to know the IMEI code of the compromised iPhone, to have a valid email address and to use some reliable payment method such as PayPal.

This method is cheap and affordable, and it comes with a lifelong guarantee.

The entire iCloud Unlock time frame last from one to three business days maximum.

ICloud Activation lock quick unlock info

This service, unlock icloud lock offers you the chance to check the IMEI number of your device and to remove the lock which prevents you from using your iCloud account.

In the final chapter of this short article, we have the complete instructions on how to unlock the iCloud activation lock easily.

4 Simple steps for iPhone Unlock

  • 1st step: - If you wish to unlock the iCloud activation lock, then you will need to go to the official iPhone Unlock page. From there click the tab “iCloud Unlock” and the bypassing of the activation lock will begin.
Before you initiate, please make sure that you have checked and written down the IMEI number of your handset because it will be required.

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Once you are at the web page interface, a list of various devices will be generated. This list includes all of the devices which can be iCloud unlocked with this method. Just scroll down thru the list and choose your handset model and enter its IMEI number in the provided field. Once you have, press the tab “Add to Cart”.
  • 2nd step: - In the next part, you will need to submit your contact details. It means that once you have provided the IMEI number of the device, you will be shown a new interface with an option “Add email”. In the field add a valid email address and press the button “Continue”. In case you have more than one Apple device you wish to unlock, then you also have the option to select “Add more unlocks to your cart”. Once you are okay with your selection press on “Continue”.
  • 3rd step: - The next step will require that you finish the payment for the iCloud Unlock. There are several methods available, and you can select the one which suits your preferences the best. All of the transactions made are extremely safe and encrypted by NochEX, so do not worry about possible credit card fraud or theft.
  • 4th step: - The last step of the iCloud Unlock procedure is to verify the unlock. Once your iCloud account has been made lock free, you will be sent an email from our company to inform you that the procedure has been completed.
Generally, for the iCloud Unlock of your iPhone with IMEI to be completed, it takes from 1-3 business days. Once, this time has elapsed your device should be unlocked.


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