8 Best Online & Offline Fake Text Conversation Generator

Are group chats necessary? Of course, group chat generators are powerful tools that make creating and managing group chats easier. These utility applications enable you to rapidly create group chats for various objectives, such as team collaborations, social gatherings, and online communities. 

You may establish a virtual place for numerous users to engage in real-time discussions, share information, and remain connected with only a few clicks.

Fake Text Conversation Generator Tools

The 8 Best Online & Offline Fake Text Conversation Generators are:

  • Iphonefaketext.com
  • Ios.foxsash
  • Fake phone text
  • Threads
  • Ifaketext
  • Sms class tools
  • Whatsapp fake chat
  • Fake text message

In this post, we’ll review the 10 Best Online & Offline Fake Text Conversation Generators, which might be helpful when you’re in a panic.

10 Best Online & Offline Fake Text Conversation Generators

The top 10 online and offline fake text conversation generators are given below:

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This site has an excellent visual interface. You need to put in your fake conversation, which shows up as a screenshot of an iPhone message. You can now notice what your message will look like. It even allows you to add images to your messages, making your conversations look as realistic as possible.


You can add all the little modifications like network preference, WiFi options, and the phone’s status.

Once you have customized how the screen will look, you can type in the message and create the ultimate collage you want.

Visit: iPhonefaketext.com


This website will support the latest iOS elements so that your texts look as up-to-date as possible. It allows the use of images and emojis to customize the text and make it seem like it’s real.

Another unique feature of the website is that you can post either blue or green messages to make your fake texts look authentic.


You can customize the battery, the type of phone, the network connection, and other settings. The interface of the site is easy to use and comprehend.

You won’t ever feel lost while you’re creating your texts. You can download and save your images in the PNG format.

Visit: iOS.foxsash

Fake Phone Text

This layout is like most others available on the market, although you might get fewer options than on some other sites. Although the customization is not very broad, you will see all the options to make your snapshots look realistic.


You can add images and emojis to the fake text, and it is perfect if you want to play a harmless prank on others.

Visit: Fake Phone Text


This one is different from all the other website generators because it’s an app you can download on your Smartphone. 

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It is much better than a website chat generator because you can create everything on your phone without transferring everything from your computer after creation.

That cuts down on the steps required in the fake text message generation. You can share whatever you create using Threads on Facebook, iMessage, and Whatsapp. 

The app comes in multiple languages, which is an added advantage, and gives a more authentic feel to the messages you create.

Visit: Threads

Fake text

This site provides you with limited options to create your fake conversation. All you need to do is insert the contact name, the carrier, the time, and the body of the text. 

The site will generate the message in the prescribed format, and you can then see the outcome.


The site is simple to use as there isn’t a medley of additional options to carry out the required tasks. Although sometimes it may not look as realistic because of this very reason.

All said and done; this site is worth looking into if you’re beginning to bring out the prankster in you.

Visit: Fake text

SMS Class Tools

Although it doesn’t have the prettiest layout possible, you can save all the fake messages you generate to revisit them later and make any changes you desire. 

sms class tools

First, you must click the icon that lets you customize the messages, and then you can generate the screenshot you will send to your friends as a prank.

The site doesn’t let you make fake texts, but if you want to show someone a shot of the conversation, this website is good enough.

Visit: SMS Class Tools

WhatsApp Fake Chat

It is a site to generate fake chats exclusively for WhatsApp. You can add a name, a profile picture, the clock, a contact, online status, and all the messages about this particular contact.

whatsapp fake chat

You can be sure that the end product is very realistic, and no one will be able to determine the difference between an authentic chat and one generated. The snapshot is sent the same way it’s sent through Whatsapp, so you have more of a realistic dimension there. On the added plus side, this is free.

Visit: WhatsApp Fake Chat

Fake Text Message (Android)

This site has been made exclusively for Android devices and can be used to create fake messages for different apps.

The abundant features include sending and receiving texts from anyone, using a mirrored layout, controlling both sides of the conversation, fixing specific details, faking media and voice messages, and editing the type status. You can easily download this app from the Google PlayStore if you own an Android phone.

Visit: Fake Text Message (Android)


How do you text yourself and get a response?

You can use various fake text conversation generator apps like Iphonefaketext.com, Ios.foxsash, Fake phone text, Threads, Ifaketext, Sms class tools, Whatsapp fake chat and Fake text message app.

How to make fake iPhone texts?

You can create fake iPhone texts by using apps like Iphonefaketext.com, Ios.foxsash which let you add network preferences, WiFi option and images also to make the chat screenshots looks more realistic.

How to download fake conversation generators?

There are many fake text conversation generators available on IOS AppStore, Google PlayStore or specific websites.


These were some of the best fake text conversation generators. Use them until you get satisfaction.

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