BlitzWolf VR2 Virtual Headset Review: 28% Discount Coupon Code

Virtual reality is a very fascinating way that uses the power of technology. VR lets you live in the virtual space as if you are actually present there. Gamers enjoy playing various games using the VR headset, making it adventurous and real. Virtual reality can be a stunning way to engage in virtual worlds, but this technology remains far from being a ‘most people’ purchase. BlitzWolf VR2 Virtual Headset is one of these VR headsets. Keep reading and get a discount coupon code at the end of this BlitzWolf VR2 Virtual Headset Review.

The BlitzWolf BW-VR3 is a VR headset specially made for smartphones made by BlitzWolf. This VR headset is available to everyone for an affordable price and has received many positive feedback. The headset is very comfortable, has good ventilation, is lightweight, and connects to most phones.

Last year’s most significant media evolution was virtual reality seamlessly integrated into the smartphone and entertainment industry. So let’s see how good this VR headset is.

BlitzWolf VR2 Virtual Headset Review: What is Virtual Reality?

Simply put, VR is a video experience that makes it live with a display you wear, covering your eyes thoroughly. Turning on the VR media gives you a simulated real-life experience with sight and sound. It is like watching a 3D or 5D movie with immersive entertainment blended with real-life adventures.

VR was about to be a revolutionary step towards entertainment technology until some companies made it a luxury instead of an affordable gadget accessory.

BlitzWolf VR2 Virtual Headset

Samsung offers its VR headset, priced around $100, and is an excellent upgrade to Google’s attempt called cardboard. The Google Cardboard is meant to inject users with the entertainment of virtual reality media. Still, with a price tag of $15, it looks like the most expensive cardboard assortment you’ll ever purchase. Some other companies also went too far with the $5-10 price range. Unfortunately, they all sport a flat cardboard piece with the instructions. The one good thing is that the Play Store has thousands of free VR apps.

Since cardboard was not enough to satisfy my whim, I continued searching for the best VR headset that would be affordable rather than a piece of cardboard and magnets.

Fortunately, the journey ended with the BlitzWolf VR2 Virtual Headset, available on leading e-commerce, The Headset is designed for a broad range of smartphones with display support up to 3.5-6″. A high-quality VR Headset that also works with a Bluetooth Controller to play and pause video content. So, without further discussions, let’s start the review of the BlitzWolf VR2 Headset.

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The Design

The BlitzWolf VR head glasses sport a very lightweight ABS shell and an elastic band for the grip. It is intended to hold devices no larger than 154mm by 82mm width. For all the Nexus 6 and iPhone 7 Plus device owners, I’m sorry that you won’t be able to entertain with the VR, at least with this Headset. Moreover, the inside of the headphone perfectly grips your smartphone for an immersive and comforting experience.

BlitzWolf VR2 Virtual Headset Review

The plastic body of the Headset is made of durable ABS material and is built well with comfort features designed to fit all kinds of heads, large, medium, or small. The head strap is highly adjustable; surprisingly, it doesn’t become loose after use. The eyepieces can be adjusted quickly with the variation in the nose bridge width. The adjustments are more like Binoculars. The Headset with the spring mechanism is easily attached to the smartphone.

BlitzWolf has packed many features that could fit into its Headset, and it doesn’t end here. The company also offers a Bluetooth Remote that can easily control the Headset for media playback and gaming options, which I will mention later in the review.

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How to Use the VR Glasses?

You only need to download the VR content, say a Roller Coaster Ride game, and plug your smartphone into the Headset to get started. The rest is up to your eyes. The BlitzWolf VR headset is worth every penny, especially compared to other headset companies offering the same functions but with a bigger price tag.

BlitzWolf VR headset For BlitzWolf’s price, this Headset perfectly shames the Samsung Gear VR, which is only limited to Galaxy smartphones. However, I am not trying to conclude that the Gear VR is useless but not trying the affordable one.


The Headset is incredibly lightweight, well built, and has a broad range of options for making the best in its price range. For a tall guy like me, who holds a pretty big head but, of course, a high-functioning brain, this fits my head perfectly. Nonetheless, I also got it tested by my smaller cousin, half of my age and head size, and with some little strap adjustments, he also indulged in some crazy rollercoaster experience. There was constant ooh, aah, and giggling, which made the review more entertaining.

Though I know it is pretty challenging to explain the amusement I experienced. But if you’ve been using Facebook lately, you must know about the 360 Photos and Videos technology. Now, Imagine the same but with much better quality. Since you’re already aware of most of the VR experience, let me shed a little light on the controller crafted by Shine Con.

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It is a multipurpose Wireless Controller that can be used to play games and control your smartphone for multiple purposes. From moving Up, down, left, and right in the Game to mute the music and click the camera shutter, this device can do much more at an affordable price. The controller works fine when gaming with Android, PC, or an iOS device. It sports the standard gamepad-like buttons arrangement too.

BlitzWolf VR2 Virtual Headset Review


  • Lightweight
  • Build Quality and Material
  • Affordability
  • Support for a wide range of phones
  • Comfort with Cushioned Internals
  • Head strap
  • Heat ventilation for extended usage
  • Adjustment features


  • None

Plans and Pricing

The BlitzWolf VR headset is an incredible deal at $28.99 or approximately 1600 Bucks in India. Considering what Google offers for half the price, it’s a reasonable price to give you the best VR experience.

With the adjustable eyepieces and a comfortable head strap, it’s the best you can get under this price range. Moreover, the Oculus VR is too expensive for entertainment purposes.

The offers most of the products with free shipping, so you wouldn’t have to worry. Now, you can purchase the BlitzWolf VR2 Virtual headset and, for a limited time, save 28% off this Headset by using discount code BWVR3BG at checkout.

The Multipurpose Bluetooth Gamepad Controller is priced at 457 Bucks, to be precise. You can also get them from the website with free shipping and delivery.

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Are VR headsets worth buying?

VR headsets provide a realistic visual experience that can't be shown on traditional screens. Underwater ocean life, volcanic eruptions, or visiting space, a VR headset makes it a reality.

How much is Blitzwolf VR headset?

The Blitzwolf VR headset is available at $23.

Is it OK to play VR everyday?

It is recommended to schedule breaks to rest your eyes and limit your VR time to reduce eye strain.

Is VR safe for the brain?

VR headsets can cause dizziness and depression, but it is not scientifically proven that they can cause brain damage.


Now, deciding whether to experience such fun and awesome videos on a good VR headset with excellent visual and physical customizations or just foldable cardboard is up to you. While some might relate to the cardboard for god knows what reason, I prefer the BlitzWolf BW-VR2 Virtual Headset as the ultimate solution.

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