10 Best Websites to Find Free Online Diary

Thursday, 9 March 2017

10 Best Websites to Find Free Online Diary

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Have you ever had the urge to write down your thoughts but weren’t sure it was safe from prying eyes? Have you ever wanted to share your daily proceedings with the world but didn’t know how to?
Websites to Find Online Diary
Keeping a journal is probably one the most satisfying activities you might pursue. It organises your thought processes and trains your writing skills. And an online diary is one of the best ways to ensure that your ideas stay safe – from others and for viewing later.

Here’s a list of 10 websites that offer free online diary services:

1. Live Journal

Do you want a community for writing amateurs? You got it here. Live Journal is like your custom home page that can be personalised any way you like. It allows you your style, background, feed, layout, and buttons – you name it. You even get a profile page where you can write about what your diary is aimed at. 

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Your homepage lets you write public entries, entries for friends and entries for your eyes only.

Live Journal is community-based, which means that you can interact with other members who are like minded – they might share your interests and ideas.

2. Penzu

If you want something that feels as authentic as writing in your notebook, Penzu is the journal for you. It has a beautiful interface, is stylish and modern while at the same time letting you feel right at home. 

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Penzu allows you keep a private diary that no one can access, but it also enables you to share some entries via email. A great thing about Penzu is that it has an app feature so that you can keep updated with your thoughts on the go. Penzu cares about your privacy  - you can hide posts, encrypt them and do just about anything to be sure that no one else reads what you write about.

There are lots of design themes to choose from, and thus, you're free to make your journal feel like you've done it from scratch.

As someone who personally uses Penzu, I can say that this is a service that will not disappoint.

3. Diary

This is a widely recognised platform for personal diary entries. You want to explore journal writing samples; you got it here.  You can see the most recent posts from other users. It has a newspaper like an interface, which makes it feel like you're reading into other people’s lives without being intrusive.

Diary is more of a public service for sharing your thoughts with other. But at the same time, you can choose to have a personal journal to write your secrets in. If you want the best of both worlds, Diary is the one for you.

4. Journalate

The simple online diary to keep your thoughts. You want a personal online journal to revisit the events of the day? Then this is the place for you. It offers a top notch security so you can be sure that no one will read your thoughts without your permission.

The interface is plain but manages to look very chic on all mobile devices. Journalate offers both the free and premium accounts. The paid version allows you to import posts from your social media accounts.

5. Memiary

If you are keen on creating an online journal but don’t have the time to maintain it well, this website is just the solution. It's like a short version diary where you can write tidbits and snippets of the day whenever you get time. It’s like Twitter, just more personal. 

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However, you can't add more than five entries per day. However if you did choose this, it means you didn’t want to write a lot anyway right?

6. Monkkee

Money is your online journal where you write your daily thoughts and keep them safe from others. It comes with a handy text editor and all the other options you need to write a post comfortably.

You can add images and postmark them for future reference. Monkkee also lets you export entries to other devices so that you can journal on the go.

7. My-Diary

Here you have an excellent user-friendly, easy to use website that lets you store your thoughts in probably the most convenient manner possible. My-Diary doesn’t have the fanciest looking interface – you can’t use formatting, and it has a more plain text type entry option.

If you just want a way to write without being hindered and are not bothered about the other distractions of crazy fonts and jazzy backgrounds, this is the website for you.

8. DearDiary

Looking for a way to write a diary but at the same time trying to be social with other users? You don’t have to look far. DearDiary allows you to have a social networking like interface that lets you get the best of both diary writing and connecting with other people. 

Your entries are private unless you choose to share them. Add images and videos; even embed Youtube videos if you like. It’s very easy to use and gives you a chance to explore the journaling horizon.


It is one of the top online private journals available. It helps you customise your pages and share entries with others. It encourages you to continue writing and provides you tools that’ll make journal writing worth it.

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JRNL is the perfect option for new diary writers. It has a clean layout, like a word processor and you can choose from the array of fonts available while you write.

Create different journals for different purposes if you must. There are no limitations to the things you can do here.

10. DiaryLand

Another website aimed at diary writing with a difference. DiaryLand builds a community atmosphere, but there is a lack of certain security features.

DiaryLand looks messy from afar, but don’t let it fool you. It is a perfect place to record your thoughts and connect with others who share your interest. It's an excellent choice for those looking at community journaling. You can either post publically or make your entries private. And it has the password feature to make your account secure.

To access your previous posts, you need to scroll through your entries until you reach the one you're looking for. You can post info about yourself and add photos to your posts.

One cool feature is that it lets you track the views you receive on your public posts. Though the site lacks necessary polish, it is a perfect way to join a community that shares your ideas.


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