10 Best Songwriting Software You Must Check Out

Aren’t songs one of the best creative inventions of man? It soothes the mind and brings forth an array of different emotions. A good songwriting software is all you need to help you create beautiful music. These applications more often than not come with features that give you the background accompaniment a real band would provide.Most of these come with a huge set of words and inbuilt dictionaries, synonyms and rhymes to help you write a song effortlessly. Some even offer a suggestion for words based on the phrase you’ve used earlier.

Songwriting Software

Songwriting software will help you create songs just about anywhere you like.

The top songwriting software available nowadays is as follows:

1. Easy Songwriter

Here we have an easy program that provides a step by step help for you to create songs. You can use this whether you’re a professional or an amateur.

If you don’t have a band or can’t play a musical instrument, this program provides you features to help the background accompaniment.

Create demo tracks like you’re in a studio. Some of the features include multitrack recorder and special reverb effects. You can change the tempo, add a channel mixer or synchronize tracks to your liking.

Replace parts of the song according to your whims and edit a particular part till your satisfied with the result. You can also try roblox music codes bundled by NoHumanVerification.

2. Ableton Suite

It’s one of the best applications available for your songwriting purposes. It’s useful for songwriters and also anyone else who’s interested in creating and modifying music – DJs and beat creators.
There are a plethora of features that even professionals might marvel over. 

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Some of them include 1600 expressive sounds, effect racks, construction kits and thousands of presets and sound templates.
Take advantage of MIDI modulations and Extract groove patterns, endless overdubs, loop syncing, crossfades and multi – track recording.

The application also has a built-in instruments system, so you don’t need a band to get your creative side going.

3. ChordPulse

Choose from over 102 music styles and 16 chord types to help you with your songwriting and practicing with the ChordPluse application. This is an exceptional program that music lovers would lobe using.

It comes with a 14 day trial period and can be purchased after that. Use the program to create music without any backup bands. It offers a full accompaniment, chords only background and a drum machine to suit whatever type of music you want to create.

A few additional features include changing the song key, tempo and chords with fade outs. You can repeat specific parts, master tunes and export your creations to MIDI files.

4. Lyricist

You can easily say that this is the ultimate songwriting application that can be used to satisfy all your music needs. It combines the features of songwriting which include the song database, editing tools and a dictionary for rhyming words. 

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You don’t even need supporting applications because Lyricist provides you with everything you need to make your song a hit. It comes with an enormous amount of guitar chord symbols that you can add to your music.

Format the text of your lyrics based on your liking, organize the songs by placing them in their respective albums and have access to all the songs on an individual album.

The best part is that Lyricist offers you with the feature to copyright your songs online!

5. HookPad

Want a songwriting program that you can download for free? Well, we have just the thing for you. HookPad is the free songwriting software that will bring out your songwriting talents and let you find the intuitive song and music that you hadn’t been able to find before.

It offers a comprehensive combination of chords that can be arranged quickly to sound great together. With just a couple of clicks, you’ll have created an excellent chord progression.

6. MasterWriter 

This is songwriting software that will cater to your every need while you write songs and create the perfect music for it. This is a dictionary software and can be used by both songwriters and poets. It has the ultimate rhyme dictionary, phrases, word families, organization capabilities, mobility and more that will make songwriting a breeze. 

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Just a click and you see all the possibilities of words you can use. A critical component to songs is their lyrics, and with MasterWriter, you’ll never find yourself having a writer’s block while adding words to your song.

7. Song Bank

This is another free application from NickerSoft Corporation that gives you a variety of songwriting features. You can save, organize and enhance the quality of your songs, while at the same time make digital copies of your songs.

If you want you can add information about your songs like the album title, inspiration, music instruments and more.

Add artwork from the album if you want to. Song Bank comes with a rhyming dictionary to find words when you’re stuck and can’t think of an alternative.

Another feature is that you can easily share your songs on other sites or export them to your email.

8. TuneSmith

This is a free application exclusively for Mac users. You can use it to write your songs and edit them in the lyrics editor. It enhances your songwriting effortlessly and helps you come up with an intuitive song each time.

It had a comprehensive text style and convenient revision options and search options to make your songwriting experience simpler yet fun. You can manage your song information including the copyrights and cover artists.

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Try this application, and you’ll be showing off your songwriting skills in no time.

9. 4 Chord Songs

This is another free songwriting application. Developed by Flextron Bt. It allows you to experiment with different sounds and get inspiration for your new music by selecting four chords and selecting preferences ob various settings. This includes your music style and instruments like the piano, guitar, bass and drums.

If you want, it has preset chords that you can try and 50 different music styles to choose from including jazz, Latin, pop and even swing.

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10. Chord Miner

Do you like playing the guitar? Want to make some of your music with it? Then Chord Miner is the application for you. With this software, you can access more than 7000 chords, including those of traditional songs and even use these in your song.

Find out which songs have been used in a specific song and search the database to find what you’re looking for to enhance the quality of your song.

Rearrange the Song chords to make something new and make your interpretation using this application.

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