10 Best Free & Paid Slideshow Software for Windows

Friday, 10 March 2017

10 Best Free & Paid Slideshow Software for Windows

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Although slideshow making is very popular nowadays, you must choose the software that enables creating professional looking presentations with care. There are various options available now that it gets difficult to understand what is a genuinely good product or not.
Slideshow Software for Windows
Here we have a list of the 10 best software for slideshow making in Windows to easily edit your photos and videos so that you know that you will have beautiful looking presentations in no time:

1. SmartSHOW3D

The former slideshow software which was founded for the professionals has now opened its gates for everyone to get benefited. Now, with the help of SmartSHOW 3D software, you can make your own music, and videos into a movie show.  Adding photo effects in a realistic animated way is possible with a professional touch easily from SmartSHOW 3D.  
You may have done collages for your pictures; but have you ever projected a 3D collage? Sounds cool right? And this is exclusively done in an eye-catching way where you can additionally add captions and texts into it from Smartshow.

Now you can even save your projects instantly as a slideshow template and use it whenever required.  From creating a memorable family movie to recreating a beautiful romantic wedding, you are all set to prepare your creative mind by using SmartSHOW 3D software for making everyone jaws drop from awe.

2. iSkysoft Slideshow Maker

It is a top consideration for your slideshow making software. It is easily the most popular choice among users for its dependability and easy to use interface.

There is an almost unlimited number of features available for the Windows version of this software. It includes DVD menus, red eye removal and transition effects among others.

You can add a background score and text effects anywhere in the presentation that you want. It allows you to personalise your slideshow the way you want.

iSkysoft has an intuitive interface and capable photo editing options with various special effects and template themes.
It lets you edit your photos by cropping, trimming, adding text,
intros and credits. 

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Best of all, you can share your finished work on social media sites and even YouTube.

3. PhotoStage Slideshow Pro

You have an easy option for making vibrant and eye catching slideshows using the PhotoStage Slideshow Pro application. It's quick and easy to use; you will not find an easier way to create photo slideshows.

The key feature includes include an interactive user interface with an intuitive view. It offers high definition viewing, and you can even burn your slideshows onto a DVD to combine all your work together. 

Add different background stories and visual effects like no other. The application is easy to learn and navigate through, with various multimedia templates.

It is free to use if you intend slideshows for personal purposes.

4. Photo Movie Theatre

It is an independent Windows 10 presentation maker that enables you to create slideshows with fun. You can create your photos, edit them, make a collage if you must and then share it online.

Add photos using the drag and drop command. It has an intuitive interface that essentially saves up on your time. It is a highly professional program that makes a slideshow with HD features.
Some of its attractive features include real-time preview, photo sharing and a powerful photo editor that gives your presentation a chic feel.

Photo Movie Theatre is very easy to use, it interfaces us user-friendly, and you can finish your job in record time. You get various special effects and can personalise your slideshow any way you want. 

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Most of all, it supports a variety of input and output formats which makes it very compatible with other applications.

5. Microsoft PowerPoint

Here you have a cross platform software that can create fantastic slideshows for the Windows OS. You enjoy a variety of options for organising your ideas, and the application encourages you to build slideshows of substance.

It is a standout program that can integrate the use of smart art, insert a multitude of shapes and images, allows slide transitions and gives you a range of animation options. All these features make for good customising and personalising options.

Your photos are shown in a neat and legible way. It organises your work logically and can be reviewed quickly.

6. CyberLink MediaShow

If you want a program that is unique from others, you need to look no further. CyberLink comes with its set of features that change the look of slideshow generation from what is previously known. It is a very comfortable and enjoyable platform and has all the essential features to help to generate slideshows that include immediate view, photo finders and tagging options. 

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With this application, you can maximise the opportunities that are available to you for slideshow presentations. It also allows you advanced social media integration by providing you with the option of sharing your work with others.

7. ProShow Gold

A highly rated photo slideshow application, ProShow Gold gives its users nearly the full suite of editing too. It supports all the main output formats and has extensive photo sharing options.
It has a broad range of styling and backgrounds options. You can easily change the theme of your slideshow to suit your needs and have an unlimited number of images in your presentation.

It also comes with some handy editing tools like red-eye removal, converting to black and white and has a cropping too.

The software enables you to share presentations to YouTube, email and Twitter. ProShow has raised the bar for slideshow viewing.

8. Magix PhotoStory Deluxe

Magix PhotoStory Deluxe has a comprehensive set of tools for designing photo slideshows which can be sued to set up HD presentations. It has the most extensive set of editing tools and a wide range of transition and effects.

You can choose from a variety of different backgrounds and themes that will make your slideshow generation fun and enjoyable – not a task. It has its set odd photo and music editing programs so that you can mix up different background scores and give it a personalised feel.

The application supports various media formats, and you can burn your slideshow onto DVD  to transfer to other devices. You can even upload the presentations to various social sites to share your work with your friends.

9. Movavi Slideshow Maker

It is a powerhouse application that is easy to use. It is well rounded and makes cleaning slideshows a blink in the eye job. You can add numerous photos as you want – like a folder or even individually.

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Upload audio files of your choice or use the effects that come with the application. You can select any transition effect – or don’t use just one, use as many as you like. You can edit your photos and enhance the way they are displayed, rotate them, crop them, add animation. You name it; everything you want to do, Movavi does it for you.

It supports a broad range of output formats including BMP, GIF, FLAC and others.

It is surprisingly easy to use and loaded with features. Using Movavi, you will certainly not be disappointed.

10. Windows Movie Maker

Sometimes you don’t have to shell out the big bucks to get the right features. Just take a look at the Windows Movie Maker, and you will be convinced that you have hit the jackpot. It packs a punch to take care of all your slideshow creation needs. It has an extremely attractive and user-friendly Ribbon user interface. Working with it is a breeze.

You can add your photos, music and videos and music directly from your webcam and apply any effects to the same. Fade in and fade out your music transitions. Saving your work has never been easier with the built-in presets. You can customise your slideshow and share it on any online platform you desire. The only limitation is that you have video support of just one format and that is WMV.

11. Ice Cream Slideshow Maker

It is an application that creates slideshows from your photos in the easiest way possible. It is simple and adds images with ease. You can apply different effects and animations, set times for each slide and customise the presentation with diverse music.

It uses MP3 in the background for the slideshow and has the fade in fade out feature for audio. There are a variety of transitions to choose from and most of all, this software is free.


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