Kimia: Increase Your Online Presence With This Leading Advertising Network

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Kimia: Increase Your Online Presence With This Leading Advertising Network

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Mostly, people start off with starting their blogs and publishing websites, and eventually generate some good traffic but aren't aware on how to generate revenue from them. The Internet is full of opportunities, and most probably if you're reading this article, then you must've been searching for some relevant queries.

Blogging and Affiliate Marketing is an evergreen option to get some extra money if you have enough patience and know your stuff. Advertisement Networks are most trending and recommended examples of revenue sources for any blogger, webmaster or a publisher.

Now, there are tons of ad networks, affiliate programs, etc. available on the web. However, very few of them are considered to be reliable and efficient. One such example is Kimia due to their technology, account management, global outreach and industry exposure with experience. So, without any more discussions, let’s start the review of this incredible network.

A little bit about Kimia

Kimia is a leading ad network serving advertisers and affiliates with a smart platform where everyone can make something out of their assets. They mainly focus on eCPMs performance and networking with mobile and desktop-first priorities. 

Kimia in Arabic relates to the method of turning common metals into gold. In the digital age, the company has been proving its name with turning all the impressions and user engagements into revenues and profit margins. The company team has more than 130 employees across different countries. They’ve been deploying successful solutions for over 10 years with Headquarters in Madrid, Spain and office spaces in Mumbai and Singapore.

From the latest reports of Kimia, the network claims to have more than 6 billion clicks per month and generates over 250k conversion events daily. Since the network is premium and pretty closed, Kimia only partners up with the top advertisers and top affiliates, so you need to a good amount of traffic on your site to get the dice rolling. 

With smart algorithms, modern technology, dedicated account management, and regular optimization, Kimia has beaten most of the ad networks already. Confident with its management and performance outreach, the network operates on CPA and CPS business models. 

Moreover, on CPI/CPL/ CPM basis, the network is fastest growing ad network with targeting customers in multiple entertainment niches, sweeping forex, rewards, neutral, health and beauty as well.

The network seamlessly supports both the Android and iOS operating system and displays real-time Stats just like any standard ad platform. However, the automatic peer-to-peer server call-back and devices retargeting makes it more overwhelming. However, we never believe in the appraisals, so let the numbers talk.

Getting Started

The sign-up process is pretty simple and be it a publisher, affiliate, or an advertiser; you’ll need to register on the Kimia website only. The application form varies with the type of account you want to register. 

For Affiliates, you need to fill in the process with your personal information, E-mail, Skype Username, and your website’s traffic details accurately. The ad network requires a traffic test to approve your account, and the eligibility to qualify requires at least 5000 clicks/per day. So, you can get the idea that this is a premium network and not suitable for newbies. 

After registering on the site, the Kimia team manually contacts you within 1-2 days to get your account started with all the Blog or Website registrations, etc. They send a confirmation email before the verification. So, all you need is to wait for the team to reach you. 

Webmaster Sign Up Process
Since this post is specifically targeted for all the bloggers and publishers, you can navigate to the Webmasters Sign-Up, and it is pretty fast and easy. Just fill in your basic details and the website URL where you want to host advertisements of the Kimia Network. Then you need to copy and paste a verification code on your site. After this is done, you’re all set to earn some good revenue.
Sign-Up with Kimia Ad Network

Ad formats

Kimia supports a vast variety of advertisement formats Interstitials, Mobile pop-up, Slide-in, Notification bar, Notification push-up, Leading app, Display banners, Interstitial, Redirect / Direct link, Sticky banners, Mobile pop-under, In-video, and much more.

Considerable Features:

  • The ad network is not limited to one type of business model. It hosts an array of various monetization models including CPA, CPL, CPI, and CPM. 
  • Kimia offers a very dedicated account management to their partners. There's also a support team that helps and advises you about on setting up the best strategy, how to analyze stats etc. 
  • In revenue and performance senses, this ad network specializes in mobile. However, it also works with desktop and other devices seamless and on all verticals. 
  • Kimia’s advertising model is always stable and generates enough revenue for the publishers and partners, irrespective of the market fluctuations.

Kimia Network for Each kind of its Partner

For Publishers/Webmasters:

  • CPM Working Models.
  • In-house technology and no third party interference for ad management. 
  • Global Coverage and Outreach. 
  • Regular Payments with standard transaction methods like PayPal, etc. 
  • Monetizing Ad formats including Mobile Pop-ups, Traditional Banners, Redirects and Interstitial Ad networks.
  • All the ads and banners are SEO optimized and do not affect the Site’s traffic, SEO in any manner. 
  • A dedicated Dashboard with account management features and a compliance team. 
  • Works seamlessly with other monetization platforms like AdSense, etc.  
  • Real Time Statistics and Data Analysis.

For Advertisers:

Moreover, if you are a promotional advertiser or a developer who is willing to promote your product or service, then Kimia is open to multiple opportunities. 

The network brings you a good amount of quality trackable users and active impressions with worldwide reach. The onboard account manager allows you to set goals for campaigns and helps you to work on them accordingly to get expected results. Registering as a premium advertiser, the Kimia Network supplies you with insight data and a reliable support team to help you with any query, update or advertising campaigns.

Final Thoughts

So, this was my take on the reliable Kimia Ad Network for all the bloggers and publishers looking for a decent revenue and monetization source with satisfactory traffic. So, do share your thoughts if you’ve successfully registered with the network or not in the comment section below. Cheers!


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