10 Best Fake Android Text Generator Apps & Websites

We’ve all been in that place where we have either tried or succeeded in creating fake text messages and trying to give them a realistic look both from the sender and receive side. Here we’re going to discuss the best fake chat generator apps for Android.

Android Fake Text Generator Tools

These apps will let you create any type of fake conversation and give them a realistic look. It’s actually a pretty brilliant way to trick and fool your friends. You can add or remove the chat according to your desire and also turn it up according to your needs.

1. Yazzy

It is basically a fake conversation generator. Yazzy is the best fake chat generator that can be used for Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and plenty of other messaging apps.

If you want you can easily create fake conversations with emojis, stickers and pictures according to your wishes. Your conversations will look real thanks to Yazzy giving you plenty of customizable options.

You can even choose from different type of fake screens, including the Facebook comments, the status updates, Google searches and lots more.

2. WhatsFake

If you want to create fake chats exclusively for Whatsapp, you have to look no further. WhatsFake is a fantastic fake conversation generator that can be used for Whatsapp. 
No one would ever guess that you are both the sender and the receiver because the app lets you put fake mirror photos and emojis in your conversation. You can always go back and edit your chat according to your desires, create fake voice messages if you’re feeling creative, show typing statuses if you like and have lots of fun using your imagination.With WhatsFake, no one would ever be able to make out the difference between a genuine conversation and one that you created on your own.

3. Fake Chat Simulator

It is a fake chat generator app made exclusively for Android. It comes with a very attractive user interface that allows you to makes fake messages with ease. You can set the timers for your predefined incoming messages.

If you want, you can mark the SMS as read or unread and make custom changes according to your desires.

Fake Chat Simulator even allows you to create fake chat groups and lets you receive fake alerts. You can set up fake connections and show different statuses like online or typing at defined times.

4. Prank – Fake conversations

It is another novel fake chat generator app that helps you to produce fake conversations quickly and make modifications as and when you wish. The conversations you create will look just like an original Whatsapp chat. 

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You can take a photo – or rather a screenshot – of any part of your conversation and use it as proof to make the simulated chat look more authentic.

Prank allows you to make changes later on and is very easy to understand and implement, making it very attractive as a fake conversation generator.

5. Fake Chat Conversations

If you want an easy to use and simple Android app to create fake profiles and fake calls across media networks, you can use the Fake Chat Conversations app.

It allows you to create fake group chats that have very realistic effects and customizable options that let you change the background, the date, time and almost all other elements you would like to modify.

The Fake Chat Generator lets you use new emojis and fake voice messages to surprise or shock your friends into believing what you want them to think.

6. Fake Text Message

Made for Android, this is compatible with all your Android devices, and you can use it to create false messages to send to different apps. 

Fake Text Message is not limited to just texting – you have an unlimited number of additional features available.

Some of the characteristics include fake texts from anyone you want, mirrored image of the layout, allowing control of both sides of the conversation, fake voice messages and changes in the type status.

You can download this app straight to your phone using the Google Play Store.

7. Textem

It is the app that lets you send and receive free text messages while at the same time simulating a fake conversation. 

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You can use it to send picture messages also. Using Textem, you can send your fake conversations to different numbers so that it looks like a genuine conversation. The best thing is that you can screen shot any part of the conversation for later use. 
Customization options are also available if you want to change any layout or elements.

8. TxtDrop

It is an entirely free text messaging service. It lets you send a fake text to any number without having first to register your own. If you are wondering how to get about the process of texting someone with a fake number all you have to do is visit the site, and within seconds you’ll be guided through the process.

You may have to provide your email address to keep some aspects of your conversation secure. You can have easily customizable options or when you’re creating your fake chat. The best part is that you can block your number so that others cannot prank you in a similar manner.

9. Fake Phone Text

This app comes with a very simple layout that is similar to the other ones available on your list. You can notice all the options available to make your screen look as realistic as possible.

There are some aspects where the options are slightly limited when it comes to this chat generator, but that shouldn’t be of too much consequence.

If you like doing creative things while playing a prank, this is the site for you. You will be able to send snapshots of your fake conversation and others will never know what hit them!

10. TxtEmNow

It is a free chat generator and method for sending out anonymous text messages as well. It supports a lot of international numbers which can be used to add another dimension to your prank.

Sending secret SMS to any number without registration is easy. All you have to do is fill out a form and then you’re ready to set out pranking with fake conversations.

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