How Much YouTuber With 1 Million Subscribers Earn Per Year?

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

How Much YouTuber With 1 Million Subscribers Earn Per Year?

Posted by Rahul Gupta
YouTube celebrities are mostly teen and twentysomething personalities who create short videos. With millions of viewers, they occupy a strange place on the internet fame spectrum.

Being a YouTube celebrity sounds awesome. You are your own writer, director and boss. Pick a username and work whenever you want. No need to get up early or work on someone else’s terms. Moreover, you get chased by millions of adoring fans.

How Much YouTubers Earn With One Million Subscribers
But there is something left behind that you need to know: Most YouTube stars make very little money. The videos may have a million views, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into money.

What do you get paid for on YouTube?

Most people think that earning money on YouTube is directly proportional to a number of followers you have. But the reality is different. It's about a number of views and not about some subscribers. 

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Not only on the number of views you get but it depends on a number of clicks on ads that are shown at the bottom of a video and also on ad views.

However, in the case of skippable ads (the ones you can skip after 5 seconds), viewers have to watch an ad for at least 30 seconds or half the length (whichever happens first). If viewer skips the ad before it then the view is not counted. There are many algorithms used that take count of only valid clicks and views. For e.g. if you watch or click ad intentionally or unintentionally then the view is not counted.

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What are the ways to earn money on YouTube?

You don’t make a single Rupee for just uploading a video. If you want to make money, then you will have to do certain things. Let us have a look on some of them.
  • AdSense: - To earn money on YouTube, your channel must be a monetized channel which involves having your Google and YouTube account linked with AdSense account. AdSense pay money for every ad counted. 
  • Promote other company products: - You can earn money by promoting products. Some companies pay you if you promote their products based on how many views you get for that video. 
  • Selling your popular video for commercial enterprises promotions: - While some of your videos do not get many views, there are others that get a lot of popularity. You can earn money through this.  
  • Adding subscription fee for your channel: - For this to happen, your channel must be monetized that involves fulfilling some requirements such as agreeing to YouTube’s terms and conditions, uploading good quality and helpful videos and having at least 1000 active subscribers.
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Every user wants to know about the economy of people who are celebrities made by YouTube. If subscriber count is not proportional to money then how much does a million subscriber celebrity earn?

How much money does YouTube celebrity with a million subscribers make?

There can't be a decent figure for this question as how much money you earn depends on a lot of things. Even if you have a million subscribers, what matters is how many views you get on your videos.

On average, if you have a million active subscribers and get a million views on your video, you earn $1000 which is approximately 67,000 RS per year. 

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However, YouTube takes 45% of the money provided by Ad companies. And that too before taxes. So all in all, YouTube stardom does not pay well. Definitely, it is not a good choice to earn money but an excellent choice if you are here for stardom.


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