Top 10 Best Financial Calculator Apps for iPhone

The default calculator for iPhone is free, and it is a combination of the standard and scientific calculator. Well talking about a financial calculator the users have an ocean of third party applications from which we have handpicked ten best apps for iOS that would do wonders for any financial expertise, bankers and students.

Financial Calculator Apps for iPhone

1. PowerOne Finance Pro Calculator ($4.99)

This app is surely a one-stop spot for all the powerful financial, business and real estate calculator including algebraic, RPN input and over 400 calculations. And it has also got all the templates that one would need. When we don’t just need the numbers here, the makers give us Graph feature.

Which makes it possible to visually see the data in the form of function graph, bar chart or scatter plots. And yes we all know how visual presentation helps people to understand things. Saving and sharing is just a click away in this application. The app automatically saves the calculation, and it can be share in email or any other forms. With all these features this is a sure pick.

2. 10bii Financial Calculator ($5.99)

It has all the features of a typical financial calculator. The app also enables some amazing features like Bonds, Breakeven, Depreciation, Trig and Probabilities are made available to users with In-App Purchase. Print and save of Amortization schedules is possible. 

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The app helps us to draw cash flow diagrams for simple TVM or complex, uneven cash flows. It also auto saves and reloads the recent calculations. The best part of the app is that it is very simple so that even the ones who doesn’t know how to use a financial calculator can do wonders with this app at ease. 

3. Biz Analyst+ ($5.99)

This application is referred as a general purpose business analysis program for all kind of users from students to professionals. Up to 80 cash flows can be edited and reviewed. We can keep a record of the last 400 lines of the output. Keys and worksheets are designed to simplify the calculation.

All time value of money variables is displayed continuously to help us in setting up the problem. And the outcomes can be reviewed and can be shared through email.

4. Financial Calculator Premium ($4.99)

The app is similar to the famous HP 12C, and it also resembles in the appearance. Any person used with HP 12C would be so happy to have this app and to operate through will simply be a cake walk.
This one is a clean flat iOS7+ style Financial Calculator with personalized ten different color themes. 

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5. BA Finance Pro ($5.99)

This application emulates the TI BA II Plus Professional and gets the users work done with ease. Built in sample problems, Automatic generation of amortization tables and depreciation schedules, restoring the work after a phone call interruption are the significant advantages other than the standard features of a top financial calculator app.

6. Bighorn Loan Calculator ($1.99)

As the name says, it’s a dedicated application, especially for loan calculations. Multiple loans can be saved and synced via iCloud which makes it accessible with every device supporting iCloud. The data can be shared through email, and it is possible to add notes and edit the content.

It also has the feature of an Amortization schedule for a loan, Create PDF versions of the schedule, Air print enabled, multiple currencies based on the Regional Format settings and the payment terms which are supported are annual, quarterly, Bi- monthly, monthly, bi- weekly and weekly.

7. Vicinno Financial Calculator ($5.99)

This app meets all the expectations for a financial calculator. It is an emulator app of the famous HP 12C Financial Calculator. Some major features are Time value of money TVM, RPN entry, Bonds, Amortization, Loan payment calculation, in – app quick start help with one click access, in- app online support and much more. 

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This particular application uses the same RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) entry system as in the physical calculator. In fact, this app has many add-on features which make it more provide high performance and be handy. The app is available in 15+ languages including English, French, German and Chinese. A great find for a financial student because of its cool In-app features.

8. CF Financial Calculator ($4.99)

It’s one of the awesome financial calculators which could help us solve all kinds of financial and business equations and problems accurately. It has this useful save and load function.

Hence it enables us to use the necessary data for future reference and comparison purposes. Time Value of Money (TVM), TVM Annuities, Mortgage payment, NPV, Insurance Payments, Savings bonds, saving contributions homeowner’s insurance, property tax, amortization schedule and much more can be performed using this single application.

The makers have also made example problems especially to help the beginners and amateurs.

9. Financial Scientific Calculator ($0.99)

 It’s a fresh blend of a financial and scientific calculator. It has all the built-in professional features that a real calculator possess. Not to forget the addition features provided in the application for developing it is user-friendly which helps everyone from amateur to professionals. 

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10. RPN-70 HD (Free)

This app is an emulator of HP – 70. It correct to state this app as a good simulation of the famous vintage calculator from 1974. The makers had put in a lot of effort to bring RPN-70 HD, a technical replica of HP – 70 which is one of the rarest calculators since it was discontinued just after a year of release.

The app could handle loan amortization, saving plans, depreciation and much more. It also has a built-in short manual with examples that would be handy for beginners. Above all the highlights this is probably the only app which is available for free with all such cool features.

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