Top 10 Best Face Recognition Apps for Android

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Top 10 Best Face Recognition Apps for Android

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Ever since its advent, facial recognition software has taken the online world by storm redefining security and easing photo recognition and assimilation. They have become a vital & crucial part of our everyday life affecting us in even inconspicuous ways. Here are the ten best face recognition softwares for Android.
Best Face Recognition Apps

1. App Lock Face

This hands down topper in our list comes equipped with Sensory’s multi-modal biometrics authentication tech powered by powerful speaker verification. It also brings to table the option of voice recognition enabled lock.

Now you can rest assured only you can have access to your personal information, social media apps and financial account. It is easily and quickly set up. After being set up, if you open any locked app then this app will open a new window looking for your face and listening for your voice to say the secret unlock phrase. Such advanced are its profound learning algorithms that you and only you can access protected information.

2. Moments

Tired of bugging your friends to send you photos of that party? Tired of taking same picture from different smartphones?  Tired of having only half the moments of the party on your phone? Then Moments is for you. 

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This slick app lets you get photos from your friends and give them back. This app quickly segregates pictures by who’s on them or date and time. You can then upload these images on FB/Whatsapp or simply keep them in a private folder in Moments. Now no need to sync with your friends and don’t miss out on a single picture.

3. True Key

Make typing passwords a thing of past with this user-friendly app for Android. It gives you the option of logging in using your face, fingerprint or factors such as a 2nd device or Master passwords. It scores brownie points on security as your passwords are secured using strongest encryption and your information is not sold to any 3rd party. Now you can download True key on your phone, tablet and computer to let it sync your passwords automatically.

4. Facial Metrics Analysis

This fun app is equipped with cutting edge facial recognition technology which not only allows appreciation of any face but also matching and tagging of faces against a face database. The thing that makes it a drool worthy app is that it allows you to match faces to famous celebrities and also allows faces to be superimposed on celebrity faces.

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From the photos, the app gives predictions on gender and likely age, the mood at the time of the picture, etc. to make sure the customer experience remains hassle free, makers of this app have kept it ad-free.

5. Facelock

One of the strongly recommended facial recognition apps in the market is facelock. It lets you use your face as the key to your protected apps. This app has been downloaded a million times, reflecting not only its popularity but also its reliability.

The free version offers you the chance of locking protected apps: market, task manager, settings and one app of your choice. Adding another feather in its cap is the feature to secure using the pin. To gain higher securities simply increase the security level. The pro level is an all- rounder and a steal at its price.

6. Face Detection Lock Screen

The next app on our list is a crowd pleaser. On starting or awakening your mobile you will be presented with the face detecting lock screen. This requires you to place your face right in front of the camera. The camera automatically detects the face and voice. Your phone is unlocked. Rest assured, the app uses camera, only when you wake up your mobile ensuring minimum possible usage of battery power.

7. Beta Face Recognition

It is a paid app. But not to worry, a free demo version is also available. Mainly a professional faces recognition software, it automatically detects faces and sharp details about it. To be stirred by this remarkable piece of the application, upload your picture.It will show a big list of details about the face in it. 

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The details shown include age, expression, beard, race, glasses, mustache, chin size, hair length etc. But wait! That’s not all. It's also capable of finding similar people.You can either search for similar celebrities or search Wikipedia’s database of one million faces. Have fun!

9. Find Face

Presenting before you now the most controversial app on our list. This app has taken Russia by storm with its astonishing accuracy and jaw-dropping database size. If you have watched RoboCop, you’d remember how he learns the names of people simply by looking at them while his database scans for their info. 

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This is another example of reel life meeting real life. Founders Artem Kukharenko and Alexander Kabakov have come up with the sharpest and most flawless algorithm. Have you ever seen someone in the street and felt the urge to know them better? Now you can take their picture, let this genie find their name and you can send them messages. Also, you can look for celebrity or your ex’s look alike and connect with them. Cool ain’t it?

10. Face Phi

Closing our list, this app is the hottest thing in financial sector. This app is speedily being used by banks all over the world. Client needs to simply take a selfie with his smartphone which then becomes their method of identification and interaction with the bank’s mobile app. It thus augments client's experience effortlessly.


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