Top 10 Best Wi-Fi Password Stealer Apps for Android

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Top 10 Best Wi-Fi Password Stealer Apps for Android

Posted by Rahul Gupta
The Internet, the word itself is enough and self-explanatory. The Internet is a global computer network that has changed our lives drastically by providing a variety of information and communication facilities. Nowadays, we rely heavily on the web for most of our work, be it social or professional or academic.

Unlike a few years ago, today, whenever we need to access the internet, we just simply take out our mobile phones and proceed with our work. It has become possible due to the invention of Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi is a technology for wireless local area networking, and the devices compatible with Wi-Fi can easily connect to the Internet via a WLAN network and a wireless access point. We’ve become so addicted to it that, to whichever place we go, the first thing asked from the owner of that location is the password of their Wi-Fi unless we are very lucky to find a Wi-Fi connection that is not secured with a password.

Now, whichever thing has a password is a source of attraction for the hackers. So, as soon as the Wi-Fi got secured with passwords, hackers had an urge to hack those passwords of Wi-Fi connections. And, to fulfill that call, hackers have built the codes to get inside any secured Wi-Fi connection. Nowadays, not only hackers but also a significant number of other people who are interested and trying to hack Wi-Fi connections secured with a password using their Android smartphones.

Wi-Fi Password Stealer Apps for Android
I am going to list down Top Ten Wi-Fi Password Stealer Apps for Android and give you all the relevant information related to those apps. Below is the list of those apps:

1. Wi-Fi Hacker 2016 Simulated

Following the process of hacking any secured wireless connection using your Android smartphone, this app does something you can’t believe. It gives you just one key to breaking the Wi-Fi and then simply steal or hack all the passwords. Well, nothing can be easier than this!

Firstly, install this app and then detect all the Wi-Fi networks near you and then select the one with a high signal length for hacking purpose. The app will show the animations which analyze the Wi-Fi password just after you press the start hack button.

2. Wi-Fi Password

Wi-Fi Password is one of the best apps to steal password of a wireless connection. This app provides you with an easy way to show the password of connected Wi-Fi hotspot on rooted devices just after starting the Wi-Fi Password app in your smartphone.

3. Wi-Fi Password Hacker Simulated

Wi-Fi Password Hacker simulated Android app creates a way for getting inside a Wi-Fi device and advance the admittance or access to that particular wireless network close to you and depicts the best possible passwords to you for that device. The app is simple to use. An automated script in the app will bring to light the password quickly on the screen of your mobile phone in the app’s user interface.

4. Wi-Fi Password [Root]

Let me tell you one thing before telling about this app. Wi-Fi password requires you to root your device as this app works only on rooted devices. The app will penetrate all the Wi-Fi networks that your Android phone observes like a Gamma Ray. Every router near will be hacked by this app.

5. Free Wi-Fi Password Router Key

Forgot the password of your router? Don’t worry. This app is made for the ones who forget their own router’s password. This app will help you recover your router’s password. You’ll be given all the default passwords of all the Wi-Fi tether routers.

6. Wi-Fi Password Hack 2016

Wi-Fi Password hacks 2016 is a free app and is basically an app to flaunt or in other words if your aim is just to show off in front of your friends and family and come on out as a tech geek. This app lets you pretend to hack the password of all nearby wireless connections and have access.

7. Wi-Fi Password Unlocker

This app has got a little options area which enables refreshing the list of available Wi-Fi networks around you. Easy to use and does the work.

8. Wi-Fi Hacker Password Simulated

Wi-Fi Hacker Password Simulated makes the process really easy and simple for every user. This ultimate hacker tool can help you steal password of any private Wi-Fi network.

9. Wi-Fi Hacker Password Simulated

If you want to hack any Wi-Fi network near you then first you need to analyze the networks near you and get the necessary data. This app does this for you whenever you need it.

10. Wi-Fi Password Unlocked

Break any public Wi-Fi password. Try this evolution of technology right at your fingertips. Try this on your friend's network and surprise them right away.

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