{Verified} Create Unlimited Facebook Accounts Without Mobile Numbers

Monday, 9 January 2017

{Verified} Create Unlimited Facebook Accounts Without Mobile Numbers

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Do you have a Facebook account? Well, who doesn’t have it in today’s world? Facebook is the most popular and the most used social networking site all over the world. With over 1 million active users around the globe, from every country, belonging to any social or religious group, Facebook has become a necessity for most of us.

The benefits and exposure that Facebook has provided are matchless and superior to any other social media brand. We can be in touch with our friends and families living far away from us, know what is happening in their lives or tell them about ours via status, pictures, videos, etc.

Nowadays, Facebook has become a platform to attract masses towards any particular brand or invite them to the numerous events organised near them. With all these and many more prodigious features, one must have an account on Facebook.

Unlimited Facebook Accounts Without Mobile Numbers
But sometimes what happens is that we need to make more than one Facebook account for various reasons. And at this time, we face problems as to create a new Facebook account we must submit our E-Mail address or mobile number to Facebook. Since we have an account already, hence we cannot enter the same E-Mail address or mobile number in both the accounts. So what do we do now? Obviously, we won’t get a new mobile number every time we want to create a new account. So, there should be a way out from this problem.

How to Create Unlimited Facebook Account without Phone Numbers

I am here to acquaint you with the ways by which you can Create Unlimited Facebook Accounts Without Mobile Numbers. It’s a very straightforward and fast process, just follow these simple steps:
  • Open any disposal email website like email-fake.com, ThrowAwayMail.com, 10minutemail.com or any other if you know.
  • These websites provide you with a temporary email address. Copy that email address provided to you.
  • Go to the Facebook homepage and start filling the Sign-Up form.
  • Paste the email address that you copied from disposal website in the mobile number or email address column.
  • Once the form is filled completely, click Sign Up.
  • Switch to the disposal email website tab again. You will receive a confirmation mail from Facebook. Just click on that email sent to confirm your account. Done! You don’t have to give your mobile number now.
Note: - Don’t forget to note down that email address somewhere to sign in in future.
As a caution, I must mention that Facebook’s sign up, and login process is one of the most strict and secure methods which is a good thing from a security perspective. So, while creating a new Fb account with a fake email id, keep in mind that you don’t enter fake names that make no sense and secondly the birth date that you enter should be such that it shows that you are above 13 years of age.

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Facebook analyses all your entries and if you fail in providing a true data, then you’ll be asked to confirm your mobile number.


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