5 Essential Skills Needed to Become a Project Manager

Thursday, 26 January 2017

5 Essential Skills Needed to Become a Project Manager

Posted by Rahul Gupta
When a young employee is promoted to a project manager, they always face quite a lot of problems the main reason of which lies in the lack of experience and knowledge necessary for the position. They have no project management skills, and as a result, they are not able to differentiate between the assignments which should be accomplished by team members and their area of responsibility.
Young project managers often forget that it’s specialists’ job to create products but not theirs. As for them personally, they have to manage the whole process and solve the problems which can arise during a project realization.
Skills needed to Become Project Manager
So what are the primary project management skills necessary for doing the job successfully?

Skills Necessary to Become a Project Manager

1. First of all, the project manager who is responsible for the project should convey its central idea to the team members and motivate them. He should also watch the project to be done according to the agreed time frame. 
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2. The project manager has to be an experienced team builder. Projects are usually cross-functional that is specialists from different areas are involved in their realization. As a result, there can be some individuals who have never worked together before, and it’s the project manager’s task to make them perform as a team.   

3. One more thing you’ll have to learn as a project manager is influencing power. It is the ability to persuade other people to do the things which they wouldn’t like to.

For example, from time to time there is a necessity to convince employees to work overtime. And if we consider the fact that project managers don’t have implied authority they have to be great negotiators and influencers to persuade people that their way is the better way.

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4. Time management and planning skills are crucial for any project manager. While working on a project, they’ll have to organize a lot of things and make sure that the fulfillment of all the project stages meets a deadline.

So first of all any project manager has to learn how to manage their own time to keep up with all the necessary assignments. 
As for the planning skills they should become second nature to any project manager.

There are a lot of kinds of planning, but the thing that should always be kept in mind is that any plan is a document and it should always be created unless it comes to commercial confidentiality or contractual conditions.

5. One more of any project manager’s responsibilities is setting up and managing budgets. So they will need certain knowledge of financial techniques and accounting principles. 

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The project manager is involved in buying and quoting as well as in many other financial processes, and it’s his duty to find out what has happened if the actual costs exceed the planned ones. He will also have to forecast the final costs.

Well, these are the primary skills needed on the path to project management. One the other hand everything comes with experience, practice and desire to develop the essential life-skill of project management.

Besides, there are methodologies and guidelines which will help you in your job.


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