5 Best Reverse Phone Lookup Services: Find Unknown Contacts

Looking to find out who’s behind that unknown phone number? Well, look no further! In this article, we will discover the 5 Best Reverse Phone Lookup Services that can help uncover unknown contacts’ identities.

The 5 Best Reverse Phone Lookup Services available are:

  • BeenVerified Reverse Phone
  • Livewire Reverse Phone by Instant Checkmate
  • BeenVerified Background Check
  • TruthFinder Phone Lookup
  • WhitePages

Keep reading and learn how these services work their key features, and what sets them apart from one another.

Top 5 Reverse Phone Lookup Services

If you thus wish to know which sites to trust, you are fortunate to read this article. Here, at CrunchyTricks, you’d learn about five reverse phone lookup services you can trust.

BeenVerified Reverse Phone

BeenVerified has amassed favorable user reviews, apart from accreditation from The Consumer Affairs for providing public record information at little cost. Their privacy policy states the data is collected from publicly available sources and third party providers.

Though it’s written explicitly that the user’s information will be used for analyzing trends and interests, improving user-oriented service and obtaining demographic information, making you a ‘search subject’ as well, you may choose to opt out and thus assert you don’t want your information to be used in this manner.

been verified reverse

BeenVerified accumulates addresses, phone numbers, criminal records and other relevant public information about a person into a comprehensible report.

The sources they have for obtaining phone numbers are primarily public and are indirectly verified by the user as he signs into the service, thus associating concrete and accurate information with a phone number. BeenVerified is mostly known for its excellent customer support, responding quickly to complaints and assuring legitimacy and honesty in its methods. Their database is huge, dealing with loads of data each day.

Three particular kinds of subscription packs are provided- Moderate User ($19.62 per month), Recommended($44.62 per 3 months) and Power User($59.62 per 6 months). Since the identity information is stored and processed in report form, any one detail of the person (phone number in this case) shall divulge a full report of that person citing all concerned details.

Livewire Reverse Phone by Instant Checkmate

With its first attention to providing support against infidelity, Livewire by Instant Checkmate has the considerable popularity that betokens its reliable service. Livewire might help you find that the “Jack from Office” your spouse talks to at midnight might be “Sarah from New York”, with its carefully aggregated public domain information about the person behind the phone number.

To give a fair impression of the individual’s character, two kinds of reports are available- Standard and Premium. The standard report shall state arrest and conviction records,  DUI arrests and satellite imagery of property along with necessary details. The premium report adds other official details such as voter ID information, civil judgments, UCC filings and previously owned phone numbers.


As Instant Checkmate applies cross-checking with other databases as the primary data verification method, many have doubts about the accuracy of information but note that these details assist you to form the subject’s character, thus tingling your senses to probe further and save your relationship.

As you perform a keyword-based search, entering the phone number shall bring forth all the details the database contains related to that number. Moreover, as the site is actively updating their database, the reason it can render chronological information, the fallacy of information is less likely.

At this site, you can decide how your information shall be used by opting to unsubscribe. Monthly membership costs $20, which can roll over from $1 trial period.

BeenVerified Background Check

The reasons behind people preferring an online background check are manifold- The search is anonymous i.e. the subject isn’t notified, the details can be found using any device with internet connection, and the data is much more reliable than paper directories and crowd-sourced databases.

BeenVerified background check is different from its reverse phone lookup service in the manner that the various other details are shifted under primary focus. The reverse lookup aims at offering more current details, while the background check has the greater emphasis on the person’s history.

The reverse lookup merely aims at providing identity information, while background checks also have room for character attributes. You can avail a history report of the person, as soon as you’ve done a reverse lookup.

been verified

In the event the record of the individual misses crucial details not available over the net either, BeenVerified claims to perform a manual search for those details. The report generated at the site consists of ample information like bankruptcies, criminal and trafficking records, judgment and liens along with photos and social media accounts to let the searcher deduce the behavior and tendencies of the person.

If you feel the information might be a little outdated, you can monitor the report for updates. Android/iOS apps for BeenVerified are available, to provide more suitable approaches to their services.

TruthFinder Phone Lookup

TruthFinder doesn’t separate itself much from the sites mentioned above regarding its data accumulation methods, pricing, details provided in its reports and its customer support but it sure saves you from the hassle of digging in for information on your own and wasting time and money otherwise.

It is another popular people search site that should give you an elaborate account of the person stating his property addresses, updated phone numbers, relatives and associates, criminal records and tax liens. A lot of people argue that the same information may be looked for on the internet for free, but it must be understood that compiling it into a report is altogether a different enterprise. These sites must be paid heed to render a more analytical and chronological description of the subject.


There are three subscription models you may tread on, apart from the 5-day trial for $1- The 1-month subscription will cost you $16.71, The 3-month subscription is usually more economical, for $15.71 per month, and for a 6-month subscription you’ll be asked to pay $13.71 per month. You shall be receiving two report variants- Standard and the more expatiating Premium.

Although the ordering page takes around 5 minutes to load, it won’t take much time thereupon to display the information that was sought for. TruthFinder claims to probe into the dark web; that contains information an average Google Search won’t render and thus lists the real name, social media data and location history of the subject most efficiently.


WhitePages is a hit favorite among subscribers, as it states to have public information of around 200 million adults across the US. The site provides four kinds of searches, namely People Search, Reverse Phone Search, Reverse Address Search and Business Search in case you have anyone chunk of data in your reach.

All of the above searches shall lead you to a congregated report containing basic contact information history, possible aliases, relatives and associates and various public domain information.


WhitePages is free for basic search services. However, it charges you in a stepped manner, with alluring cash-back offers. But that’s only if you want a very detailed report of the person. Hence it isn’t a costly affair for a reverse phone lookup at all. Just know who currently owns the phone number, and that’d be sufficient to be cautious in the future.

The site provides customer support through email or their social media accounts. Due to their established history into this venture, the site has garnered positive user reviews. So if you intend to do a quick search of the number, WhitePages is an entirely typical public search site.


Is there a free reverse phone lookup?

Yes, there are some websites and apps that offer limited free reverse phone lookup services.

What is a reverse phone lookup service?

A reverse phone lookup service is a tool that allows users to identify the owner's name and other relevant information associated with a phone number.

Summing Up

In conclusion, the right reverse phone lookup service can be a game-changer when identifying unknown contacts. The top five services mentioned in this article offer powerful tools to ensure reliable results. I hope this article was helpful to you.

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