Top 10 Best Financial Calculator Apps for Android


In these modern days, where keeping track of your finances is nothing less important than breathing, handy tools that help you with seemingly horrendous calculations are beneficial. Yes, calculators, pens, and paperwork are excellent, but they are only sometimes available and time-consuming. You won’t require a calculator if you have a smartphone, as some very efficient applications do the job. Now in these financial calculators, there are various other features like currency converters, TVM Calculators, Return On Investment(ROI), etc. This article contains the top 10 best financial calculator apps for Android.

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There are paid, free financial calculators for Android users, and both categories will be elaborated on in depth later in this article. For people who are new to the usage and stuff, don’t worry! These applications are easy to use and understand. The best financial calculator apps for Android are Financial Calculators, Financial Calculators Lite, SL Calculator, Easy Financial Calculator, powerOneFinance Calculator, 10bii Financial Calculator, BA Financial Calculator Free, Touch Fin Financial Calculator, calculator, and Smart Financial Calculator.

You may want to experiment with the free apps before moving on to the paid ones. Now, let’s get started.

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Top 10 Best Financial Calculator Apps for Android

Financial Calculators

Developed by a top-rated developer at Google, this app is free and easy to use. It has several features like a TVM calculator, Retirement/401K calculator, APR calculator, etc. The currency converter in this is also reasonably easy to use.

Financial Calculators

In addition to displaying the converted currency right away, it also shows a graph of how the value has increased or decreased over a span of two-three hours.

With the help of this, you can also calculate the future increase or decrease in the currency value. There is also a loan calculator which will tell you the amount of money you should repay with the interest you enter. Saves a lot of headaches.

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Financial Calculators Lite

Who doesn’t love a beautiful interface? This app has the most straightforward user interface in black and white. To top off the elegance, it also has a tip calculator, among many other features.

Financial Calculators

So you can enter the tip you want to give and your total budget; it will give back the amount you need to pay. It will be the best bet for professionals and employers because the application focuses on calculating tips and earnings per share.

It also has an Equity multiplier calculator and an estimated value calculator. Using this, you can also know how much you will earn in the future!

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SL Calculator

Requiring Android version 4.3 onwards, this app is more beneficial for people who want to plan a lot for the future. It helps you to make intelligent financial decisions that will assist you in the future.

Financial Calculators

Annual Income, Current Age, Withdraw Age, etc., can be calculated. Its latest version is 4.5.6. Using this, you can also calculate your finances at your retirement age.

Easy Financial Calculator

This one calculates the debt(if you have any) you must pay monthly or yearly. Among other features are calculating Compound Interest and Savings after a period. It has a relatively good user interface and navigation. You also get monthly and yearly foresight.

Financial Calculators

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powerOneFinance Calculator

It is a must for people in real estate and business as it is beneficial and a hybrid of RPN and algebraic calculators.  The user interface is beautiful, with clear and precise keys, and the navigation is easy to understand. 
Financial Calculators
It costs just 307 rupees, and its unique features are worth trying. It allows you to create your financial templates! The results can be seen in the form of graphs which will help you analyze your investment growth. What more can a person ask?

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10bii Financial Calculator

It costs 396 rupees, and the current version is 4.0.3. Using this app, you can calculate the time value of money and return on investment, among many other unique features. You can also solve simple math problems, and this application gives you the flexibility of sharing your work with others, something that many applications need to support.

Financial Calculators

It also includes video tutorials on how to use the application to its maximum. These tutorials are helpful if you are new and want help navigating the app. The video tutorials teach you to use the app efficiently.

BA Financial Calculator Free

It’s a free app for Android users, with the current version being 1.3.3 & compatible with Android 2.3 and up. Unlike the other applications where the input and results appeared on different screens, this app has a dual input-output feature that allows you to look at the output simultaneously without waiting.

Financial Calculators

You can keep track of your finances, statistics, amortization, etc. It also shows NVP profiles for those deeply interested in financing.

Touch Fin Financial Calculator

It’s a paid app, and you must pay 340 rupees to look at its unique features. The calculator covers the whole screen, which is why it may seem a little less attractive when compared to other financial calculators. But no worries, it is a compelling app. It is compatible with  Android versions 4.0.3 and up; its current version is 2.56. This app also has graphs and spreadsheets to help you analyze your finances better.

Financial Calculators

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The funny one, to be clear. Its user interface is beautiful heart lightening. It’s a free, easy-to-use financial calculator with many features, including Compound Interest, Mortgage, tips, etc. It is compatible with Android versions 2.2 and up, and the current version is 1.0. It has a limited section of features and much more to deliver on the paid version.

Financial Calculators

Smart Financial Calculator

This application has most of the features mentioned above, and along with those, you can also shake your phone to erase your calculations to get ready for the next one! It also has a sale and loan calculator to help you calculate easily.

Best financial calculators

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Why should I use a financial calculator app on my Android device?

Using a financial calculator app on your Android device lets you perform complex financial calculations quickly and conveniently while on the go. It can help you make informed financial decisions, plan for investments, manage loans, and stay on top of your financial goals.

Can I trust the accuracy of financial calculator apps on Android?

Most reputable financial calculator apps on Android are designed to provide accurate results. However, choosing well-reviewed and trusted apps from reputable developers is essential to ensure the accuracy of calculations.

Are there financial calculator apps specifically designed for specific regions or countries?

Some financial calculator apps cater to specific regions or countries, offering calculations and financial tools tailored to the local economic systems and regulations.

Do financial calculator apps store my financial data?

Reputable financial calculator apps prioritize user privacy and do not store or access sensitive financial data. However, it is essential to review the app's privacy policy and permissions before installation.


So these were all the best financial calculator apps for Android. When selecting a financial calculator app, consider factors such as the specific calculations needed, user interface, ease of use, and whether you prefer an emulation of popular physical calculators or a more comprehensive financial planning tool. These top 10 apps cater to various financial needs and can assist users in making informed decisions and managing their finances efficiently on their Android devices.

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