Top 10 Best DVD Authoring Software for Windows

All of us have the habit of clicking photographs and videos of our favorite moments. We also buy powerful cameras to capture the moment as effectively as possible. And then? We give it to someone else to edit it for a lot of money.

The truth? You can learn how to make professional videos at home using a broad range of DVD authoring software that are available in the market. It is a one-time investment where once you take the time to learn the working of the software, you can make professional videos in a jiffy.

DVD Authoring Software

And who knows? You might even land some offers from your relatives and friends so that you can do the same for money and earn! Here, in this article, I have given a list of the best DVD authoring software which you can try out. Most of the features are common as the primary purpose of professional videos is served. Top notch video editing tools are used for all of the below-mentioned software.

1. AVS to DVD

Using AVS to DVD, you can not only convert videos but various other formats too! All sorts of media formats can be converted to DVD compliant streams. The latest version is 2.3.6 with the file size of 54.3MB. It also has a very straightforward and easy to use user interface. DVD-5 and DVD-9 are also supported. 

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To use this software. However, AviSynth, Haali Media Splitter are required. If you don’t have the software in your system, the AVS to DVD software is bundled, and you can install it on your system as soon as the download is done.

2. DVD Flick

One of the best thing about DVD flick is that it is open source. It can import various kinds of audio and video tracks and burn them to the specified disk. One disadvantage of this software is that it does not support video editing, but it can create and display simple menus which are very useful. It will help you while playing the track on DVD players. Its current version is and is 13 MB in size.

3. Corel DVD Movie Factory 7

This software helps you to create amazing slideshows with minimum effort. You can make a beautiful slide show of your favorite photographs on your own! It also has the capability to create menus. You can then burn them to any disc. It also comes with few advanced features such as reflections, object rotation, animated objects, etc. to help you give a perfect look for your final product.

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However, it is not a free software and has a trial version after which you will have to pay around 300 rupees to continue. Try it out to check if it fills in your requirements and then you can decide whether to continue or not. 30GB hard disk space MUST be available for this software.

4. DVDStyler

Now here is a software with a bonus! It’s not only open source but also free. You can download it from the link given below and start your experimentation! You also have the facility to add multiple subtitle tracks to your video while it’s being played. You can also scale any button or graphic object. To top it all up, the customization of navigation is also available. Version 3.3 is now the latest one and available on the official website.

5. WinX DVD Author

Developed by Digitiary software, it allows users to convert videos from any format and with the option of including multiple video formats in one DVD, something which is not present in the other authoring applications. Also, with this application, you needn’t insert a separate disc to burn the video. The application itself will do it. It is 10.6 MB in size and very reliable to use with a thorough output.

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6. Bombono

A beautiful GUI with the option of adding subtitles and transcoding if necessary makes this application an excellent one to use. You can author the folder, create an ISO image of your choice and burn them on the selected disc. Both paid and free versions of bombono are available. The paid one has advanced functionalities and a 30 day trial period.

7. Wondershare DVD Creator

Just a few clicks and you will have your professional looking videos and images. With up to date applications and software, this software will prepare your video without trouble at all. It also allows you to share your videos and photographs on social media with friends and family.

8. DVD Author Plus

It is among the best software as it is lightweight and does not take up too much RAM. With its smooth UI, you can just drop files and videos that have to be edited. You can use this software for creating ISO files, creating DVD or CD backups and other purposes as well.

9. Video to DVD Converter

Developed by Koyote Software, it does not offer too many features, just so that the task is completed without any glitches. It supports only Windows OS and has a very easy to use UI. It supports all formats and can later be burned to DVD disc.

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10. Video Convertor Ultimate

Supporting over 150 formats of files, you can convert, edit and watch all at once on this software. Trial version is available on the official version of Wondershare.

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