How to Remove Duplicate files from Your PC/Laptop?

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

How to Remove Duplicate files from Your PC/Laptop?

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Let’s admit it; this happens with almost every Windows user and it really irritates, to be frank, whenever you get identical files across different locations on the same storage device. It often leads to a dilemma where the user gets confused on which file to delete and which not because it can create a conflict later on.
Duplicate File Finder Plus
Not only this affects the storage and the hard drive space, but also leads to difficult situations where you cannot properly manage the conflicting files in different storage locations whether the modification would happen to the desired file variant or not. File Duplication is often necessary for backups but keeping it on the same drive could result in complications. 

Removing the duplicate files, on the other hand would give you more free space, an increase in productivity and fewer dilemmas for sure, but the real problem arises when you finally decide to delete all those. Fortunately, today is the day you’re going to learn how to delete all those duplicate files and that too without any effort. So, without any further talking, let’s get started.

Getting Started

By now, you must have had realized that we’re going to use a tool for this. On the web, you’ll find hundreds of programs and tools to do the job, some paid and some free but what I am going with is a freemium tool that helps you remove the files within few seconds. The Duplicate File Finder Plus is the tool that scans through your drives and partition to find and list all the duplicate file with their respective file location, size, and modification date.
The Duplicate File Finder Plus being a premium tool, also offers a trial version for all the users to get the glimpse of what it can do. The trial is free to download and you can download this duplicate file finder from its official website without any registration too. With few click and ticks, the installation would be complete and you’ll be all set to select and delete and those unwanted files.
This tool comes with a smart built-in algorithm that speeds up the searching and listing process. The results as the company claims are 100% accurate because of the searching depends on the file content, size and location. The “Find Now” button located in the menu is the first step.
Duplicate files
You can find all the duplicate files in your drive within few minutes. Once the searching process is done, you can then view the results with all the duplicate and original files in a detailed list. You can then perform common actions like Bulk Permanent Deletion or Save them on another drive for different preferences.


  • Easy Compare among the Conflicting Files.
  • Fast Searching Algorithm and Preview Feature.
  • View File Sources, Modification Date, and Folder Locations.
  • Save File Search Listings for future purposes.
  • Invert Searching capabilities with advanced filters.
  • Sorting & Listing results based on size decreasing order etc. 
  • The selection wizard automatically checks the unwanted files.
  • Simple & Easy to use for beginner users as well.
  • Reliable after sales support from the developers.

Plans & Pricing

So, how much does this remarkable cost? Well, the Duplicate File Finder Plus is available with three different licenses. If you’re not satisfied enough with the trial version, then you should upgrade to the single PC license starting at $29.99 with lifetime free license support and updates.
Plans & Pricing
Moreover, the Personal License is the most recommended plan with an extra $10 investment; you can avail the license up to three systems for a price of $39.99. So, if you have two distinct laptops for work and home purpose, then this plan suits the best. However, there’s also a Home License Plan which makes the software to be used for up to 10 systems available at $49.99. All the plans come with the lifetime licensing for the software. You can get more information about the pricing on the website of duplicate file finder.

Final Words

All in All, this is the simplest and the easiest way to get rid of all those duplicate files that are consuming the extra space on your storage drives and often confuses you while modifying the original one. This tool, Duplicate File Finder Plus has been tested on my personal laptop. So, you can rely on this tool as I used to delete all the previous article drafts and reviews which were lying on my device. 

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Be sure to go for the trial version first and if you’re interested in getting the job done hassle free, then you can upgrade your license. Do let me know if this method was helpful for you or not. Also, mention any other software or tool that you would love to share in the comment section below. Cheers!


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