11 Best Multiplayer Android Games (Both Free & Paid)

Android gaming is becoming popular day by day and getting better. Before Android games, we had simple puzzle games where we could invite our Facebook friends to become our friends in games. There are now thousands of games that support actual multiplayer play, including real-time co-op or PvP. If you wish to play the multiplayer games with your friends, the following are the best Android multiplayer games!

Multiplayer Android Games

1. Clash of Clans (COC)

Clash of Clans is an online Android game where you have to build up your town. You have to shield it against attackers, and take on the towns of other players. This game is one of the most popular online multiplayer games of all time. Sideways from a campaign, all of your attacks will be by real people.Moreover,  all attacks done against you will be the same. 

Further, you can join clans with other players and engage in clan wars (where you and your clan take a dig on another clan). It has much content, and it is a long lasting game which you can play for hours and hours.

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2. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8: Airborne is a standard racing game that has become popular and day by day keeps on coming with exciting new features in every update. It features classic and arcade racing game style where you have to make it around the track and get to the first place for a win. 

On top of having hundreds of cars, and plethora of single-player races to do, there is also multiplayer against up to 12 opponents per race. The only potential caution is that the game’s in-app purchase strategy is a bit aggressive which can infuriate some people.

3. Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens is a newer title that also happens to be a multiplayer game. It is a crazy little card game where up to six people including you, draw cards until someone gets the Exploding Kitten card. Then you must play your hand by your way to avoid losing the game. It’s a sort of family-friendly game, and probably the best way to kill some time. The purchasing feature includes expansion packs to give you more cards to play with.

4. Modern Combat 5 eSports FPS

Modern Combat 5: Blackout- game, is one of the popular games on mobile. It features a tonne content, that includes six playable and customizable characters, also a campaign mode, tonnes of stuff to unlock. There are a few modes you can go through, and it also supports in-game chat so you can plan and plot with friends against enemies. The graphics are good. The drawback is the strategy can be a bit aggressive at times.

5. Osmos HD

A game called Osmos HD has been in existence for a few years, but it remains one of the calming and relaxing multiplayer games. In this, you play as a mote, and your work is to swallow up smaller motes to become larger. There are some additional mechanics added to make the game more challenging and boosting up the level. It comes with Google Play Games services, simple controls, an atmospheric soundtrack, and speed controls so you can plan your moves more exactly. Other people control online play mimics offline play, AI-controlled motes, everything.

6. Shadowgun: DeadZone

The Shadowgun: DeadZone is one more online multiplayer component to the popular FPS game Shadowgun. It is free to play and allows you to play online matches with up to 12 players. It includes two types of the match which are the classic Deathmatch and Zone Control. It also comes with various maps, level up mechanics, up to ten playable characters,  and weapons that you can use. It was probably the first competently done FPS multiplayer games.

7. With Friends Games

Zynga has done a mixture of “With Friends” games that allow you to connect with other people in asynchronous multiplayer. You can do various things like play Scrabble with Words with Friends, play speed games like Gems With Friends, play charades with Draw Something, or even just play a game of chess with Chess With Friends. The games are little and small, but they are friendly that allow you to connect with friends on Facebook, and the mechanics are quite simple to understand.

8. Riptide GP2

The game called Riptide GP2 has been in existence for a few years. It’s one of the best racing games. Also, it is one of the first online multiplayer games ever. In this title, you race wave runners through various events. You can perform some tricks to enhance, and the campaign will be long. This Multiplayer game allows you to race against a maximum of three other people races. 

You can challenge the “ghost” of your Google Play Games friends. The graphics are aesthetic, and the controls are also decent. It was the best racing game on water until Riptide GP3 came out.

9. Real Boxing 2 Rocky

The rocking game: Real Boxing 2 is a fighting game where you create a fighter, customize it to battle against other opponents and give an intense competition. It aims to bring a realistic combat experience to your mobile through the controls, and graphics are lovable. You will also find various items/rewards to power up your fighter, level up, and can even unlock and play as Rocky Balboa. 

This online multiplayer game is simple and involves you fighting your friends in real-time PvP which is enchanting. These in-app purchases are a little loathsome, but if you experience it, overall it is good.

10. Order & Chaos 2: Redemption

One more game, Order & Chaos 2: Redemption is another game with an interesting graphics and controls. Like most MMORPGs, you can create a character, then you give it a class and race, and finally you start the game. There are a various quests and storyline missions you can go through. The game also has tonnes of gear that you have to find and upgrade. 

Also, there is an in-game chat for better communication. You can trade with other players if you wish. It is obvious that there is an option to play PvP against other players cooperatively. These in-app purchases can get annoying sometimes.

11. Worms 4

Worms 4 is the newest and latest game in the franchise of Worms. The game features many single player missions for mobile game play. It also has a range of locations, customization options, also weapons to unlock. It has periodic challenges to keep things interesting. You must engage in a match against opponents to win. It’s fun game with lots of explosions, and it is a paid game with in-app purchases which hinders its popularity.

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So guys today we saw some of the exciting multiplayer Android games that you should go for while considering a gameplay on your Android mobile. Hope you have enough of it. Please comment for any queries you get, we are here to help you.

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