6 Best Android Apps to Earn Free Xbox Gift Cards

Have you ever wondered what those achievement points mean when you complete objectives in an Xbox Live game, beat the grotesque-looking sub-bosses and hack, slash or punch the punks in their face? Microsoft has enabled hardcore gamers to do a lot with them- watch videos at Netflix, Hulu and Youtube, subscribe to channels like BBC iPlayer, ESPN, MLB.tv and WWE Network. Passion pays, doesn’t it?Moreover, for a generation that spends a lot on gift cards, Xbox gift cards are available, and your Xbox live points can be converted into real money. So, the reward points aren’t only for filling in us a sense of accomplishment and valuing our achievements in silly ways. They might pay you for your whole-hearted engagement.

Generally, you may expend this capriciously earned resource to unlock downloadable content (movies, games, music) and additional privilege. You can use your reward points like currency in the literal sense, or even monetize these points in some cases, and there, you’ve slipped some bucks into your pocket!

The magic of rewards has been so well-conceived by developers and entrepreneurs across the globe that you shall find an efficient, rewarding system in virtually every community-oriented venture- much like investment returns in mutual funds and even meager buy-one-get-one schemes.

Apps to Earn Free Xbox Gift Card

Fortunately, the online markets today are capable enough to generate utility from every  single click or tap we make on our devices and even the banalest tasks we do for leisure- taking photographs, working out in the gym, meeting new people, sharing media over social networking sites and our favorite pastime- expressing our opinion on all possible topics. They are even in a state of rewarding us adequately. It’s certainly not harmful if we take a dip into the blue and have some rubies clinking in our purse. After all, if you are good at something, why do it for free?

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Following are the Android apps that will let you benefit with Xbox gift cards in simple and legitimate ways and probably no investment.

1. GrabPoints (Use invite code 6OFDHS to get 500 bonus points)

Google Play Store Rating- 4.4 out of 5

While many doubt the legality of mobile reward sites, (Of course, who’d pay you cash for apparently irrelevant and prosaic jobs in this world where scams might just be a click away?), GrabPoints is one such app that has been proven not to be a scam. You may get your eyes on lots of payment proof on the internet.

What you’ll have to do is download this app on your phone and opt for free or paid offers or both. For a free offer, you’ll have to sign up for a free site, and every offer might bring 500-2000 points in your possession. While if you go for paid ones, that’d mainly consist of purchasing a product or service or start a free credit card trial and you’ll be rewarded somewhere between 2000 and 10000 grab points.

The various tasks that you’d be doing on Grab points are completing surveys and offers, watching videos, download and play apps and invite friends. Pretty simple, right? Moreover, the surveys are from some other companies that have a budget for surveys and would commission you to complete 10 to 25 of them in an estimated amount of time after you complete your profile. That makes way for another 500-2500 grab points.

You’re not guaranteed to earn a lot, but it’d do good for extra income. The points are redeemable for gift cards from Xbox live, Amazon, iTunes, and a few others. Remember, every 1000 points shall be exchangeable for 1 dollar.

2. AppKarma

Google Play Store Rating- 4.7 out of 5

The primary infrastructure of AppKarma contains categories like KarmaPlays, KarmaQuizzes, and KarmaVideos. Download and play with apps on KarmaPlays and you are eligible for KarmaCredit consisting of 50-500 points which can be activated upon completion of certain tasks like reaching a higher level in a game app or playing it for the targeted amount of time.

Some KarmaQuizzes are quite easy; that’d let you claim for another 50 points. Most of them pertain to the features of the downloaded apps. Find the answer in the app, and snatch the credit to your side. KarmaVideos, though having a limit of 15 videos per day, may earn you a daily maximum of 75 points if you watch till your limit. Achievement badges are a notable feature where you can get a bonus of 50-500 points and even an increment up to 12.5%.

You may then cash out these points over PayPal or go for gift cards from Xbox and others like Amazon, iTunes, Steam and a few more. Certainly, a good way to earn extra credit for the downloadable content on the Xbox game!

3. FeaturePoints

Google Play Store Rating- 3.8 out of 5

The structure of FeaturePoints eliminates all queries regarding a host of spam mails flushing right into your mailbox, for its working is still translucent and relies heavily on word of mouth. Register and try out applications, and you will get the points. The FeaturePoints app gives you the scope to apply your strategy to attain maximum benefit from the minimum effort.

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4. Earn/Make Money By Downloading Apps With Tap Cash

The rewards are substantial, and you may ensure these by participating as a user, reseller or a referral party. As advertisers and public sponsors sponsor the app, there are no fees that you’ll require to pay as a user. The points are convertible to awards and prizes from PayPal, iTunes, Amazon and Google Apps Store. This app is on the list because of the legitimacy it assures us off and the easy money that it pays, which may be used for Xbox gift cards in retail stores.

4. FreeMyApps

Google Play Store Rating- 3.8 out of 5

If you ever wished to play those lavish games that are tagged with an unjust cost on Google Play and have found yourself filled with scorn and disgust, then FreeMyApps is for you. Now don’t get disheartened and just spend some of your free time on the site. You’ll get points that may be used to unlock paid games for free. And certainly, when you talk about games, you have Xbox in mind.

So naturally, these points may get you Xbox gift cards as well. Just download their profile that enables them put a check on you running their apps, then download and run the ‘sponsor apps’ for a little time and get your credit. At least you’d get a paid game for free.

5. AppBounty

Google Play Store Rating- 4.1 out of 5

AppBounty offers you between 0.04 and 0.07 Euros for downloading an application. That means you’ll have to download at most 25 of such apps and you’ll own a Euro. Pretty easy trade! You’ll have to complete certain tasks to receive the credit. The tasks are mainly divided into three sections:

  • Games- Download and play games to earn credit.
  • Registration- Sign up for websites and newsletters
  • Deals- perform various offers.

Alternatively, you may trade your credit against Xbox gift cards worth 10 Euros each. More of such brands are Amazon, iTunes, Steam, League Of Legends, PlayStation and Zalando.

6. JunoWallet

Google Play Store Rating- 4.3 out of 5

thing that irks people about apps based on CPA (Cost Per Action) is the
apparent mean side the survey-makers possess for our information.
There’s always a practical reason for every benefit you get, and your
actions are made a profit out of by the companies that host such

So, let’s face it, you are bound to receive a little
negative word for such apps. But the positive side is, that we are at
least getting paid for the tasks that we do not know how to make a
profit out of. Just being beware enough may save us from falling into
pit-holes of such schemes. JunoWallet has surveys that do not
necessarily go for the dirty business.

You just have to sign up,
install available apps, play with them, invite your friends and receive
JunoCredit equivalent to one US cent for all these tasks. The best
thing about JunoWallet is the diverse redeem options it offers for your
points- Gift cards from Amazon, Nike, Xbox, iTunes, Starbucks, Google
Play and around 20 of such brands. The referral program is quite
lenient, and you may very well earn a reasonable amount of money doing
the thing you’d otherwise do as a hobby.

So that is the list of hand-picked apps where you shall get Xbox gift cards without much ado.

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