How to Crack GRE/SAT/TOEFL Examinations With PrepEd?

Globalization and Technology are the main factors which are not stopping the students to think about studying abroad for their higher education. Being a competitive world, everyone nowadays wants to get the finest education for his/her children. Moreover, the students are also smart enough to decide what is best for them. Many are already studying in the biggest Universities/College spread across the globe, and many are aspiring to do so. 

To get admission in all of these prestigious educational institutions, all the students are required to clear some standardized examinations which are pretty tough to score good marks into. 

There are different exams like GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) which is mainly for the entrance in Graduate & Business Schools, TOEFL for English Proficiency, and SATs for Undergraduate admissions.

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Each test is based on score and the good you score, the greater are your chances to end up in a bigger institution. To be honest, these exams require efforts, dedication and a sound knowledge of the subjects.


Since they are widely recognized exams, many tuition centers, and online websites provide courses to crack such examinations in exchange for costly fees. But some of they are also hoaxes as we all know people have made education as a mere form of business nowadays. Lucky for you, today we’re here to review an online resource which would help you to score well in such examinations.

What is PrepEd?

PrepEd is an upcoming online test preparation website specifically aimed to help all the aspiring students with these examinations. More appropriately, it is a marketplace for all the practice tests, free and paid. 

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PrepEd is best suited for all the GRE aspirants as the website has hundreds of GRE practice tests compiled by leading GRE examination tutors and experts, and gurus from all over the web and leading universities. Today we’re going to review the website and why is it recommended amongst all the test preparations sites on the Internet. So, let’s get started with the registration and sign-up process.

Getting Started

You can start your 2-week sessions right from the PrepEd website. Just sign-up with your essential details and the website redirects you to the test paper marketplace where all the major topics that come in the exams are properly arranged along with various filters.

Sign Up for PrepEd

You can begin your assessment by selecting the beginner level. 
PrepEd has both free and paid sets of practice examinations.
The main subjects in the GRE examinations are mathematical skills and verbal proficiency. So the major topics covered are algebra, functions, integrals, differentiations, calculus and other relevant units. So, what are you waiting for?

The website has taken proper care to deploy its technology to multiple platforms. Apart from the PrepEd internet site, you can practice these papers on your Windows, Mac, or iOS powered devices. The software version is available on Amazon free of cost. Windows version supports the latest Windows 10 and previous versions up to Windows 2000. It includes practice tests, Mobile Apps, Video Tutorials and solutions to each question. Also, the iOS version is supported by iPhone and iPads, with the app available on iTunes. 
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All the different topics are instructed by various mentors which include concept lessons, question papers, and video explanations. For the ease of the student, He/she can access the topic for 6 months with online and offline support.

PrepEd Tests

The session starts with the video tutorial that is more relevant to classroom teachings. The videos are exclusive and therefore can only be viewed on the PrepEd website. Based on the ratings of the topic course, you can start your sessions accordingly. I would recommend first to finish all the 101 Topics and Introductions, so you can get the basic knowledge of what the examination would cover.

Test in Detail

Next, the website presents you with the sample practice papers that are based on the topics you’ve just studied. All the papers are choice based questions, just like the real GRE examinations. You have to select the particular answer by information provided.

Select Answer

Apart from examining your knowledge of the subject, the smart algorithm of the website measures your pace at which you’re giving the answers. You can then quickly sum up your stats and evaluate your progress.

Test Completed

After the test is over, you can review the topic by how much you’ve learned from it. P.S. Don’t judge my knowledge by the result displayed above. I got a delicate time to do it.

Final Words

I guess this review was enough to get you started with your GRE preparation. According to me, PrepEd is one the best website for all the aspirants who want to practice different tests for free. Apart from this, you can also opt for the paid topics as well. Those tests are best known to overcome all your pitfalls that are stopping you from scoring well.

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Do comment your feedback on this online test marketplace and let me know if you’re also applying for the GRE Examinations.

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