How to Make an Explainer Video Within Minutes Like a Pro

Be it a small business advertisement or an educational visual, Videos are the most influential and trending mode of delivering information nowadays. It’s a fact that people understand any facts better when it is in the form of audiovisual media. Prevalently described as explained videos, compiling media for the educational and commercial purpose is a potentially great way to explain compound concepts in an easy way. That’s why video platforms like YouTube are more popular than traditional articles nowadays.

MySimpleShow Review

Unfortunately, you can’t describe a full review in the form of a video; that’s why we’re here. Today, I’m here with a remarkable online website which lets you create short videos from scratch. No typical editing, no shooting, just a great blend of presets and your sheer creativity. The name of the website is MySimpleShow, and it has so much to offer. Create business videos, informative media or an Educational video, all up to you. Let’s get started. 

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MySimpleShow is a simple and an excellent website that helps you design a presentation like videos or an explanation video for various purposes. The website is an entirely free resource mainly focused on educating students and mentors to develop beautifully crafted videos that are engaging.

While many are still relying on all those boring business and educational presentations, video media is a good alternative for all the attraction that you require from your audience.

There’s no installation or any software needed to run this service. All you need is a high-speed Internet connection and a pinch of creativity. You can start right away by signing up on the website.

MySimpleShow then redirects you to a customized dashboard where you can manage your whole account and all the videos created so far. 

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There is a standard step by step process on the website that helps you create engaging videos in no time. MySimpleShow believes in visual guidance, and therefore has a wizard that walks you throughout the dashboards, video editing, and all features by the use of videos!

How to Start

Frankly speaking, you can get your video done in 4 simple steps. The whole process starts with choosing the storyline for your video project. You can either pick a template or upload your own using a PPT file. Moreover, if you’re writing the draft on the website, then you’ll be asked several questions which will help you to create a better storyline for the video. The wizard remains by your side and assists you throughout the process from the right corner of the dashboard.

Write Draft

Personally, I’m not much a fan of step-by-step procedures, but this free service got me moving. It is a must recommend for all the school or college students who struggle hard to create a presentation which usually fades out eventually. Videos are the new cool, and whether it is a business or for educational purpose, you’ll find it amusing.

find your storyline

After the drafting process is complete, the website then prompts you to choose the respective category in which your video falls. You can choose from 3 broad categories, and then several subcategories appear on the screen. Being a marketer, I chose the business category and decided to create a business explanation video or as they say “Introductory Video.”

While selecting the type, be precise and select the option that describes your storyline the way you want it to be. Moving on to the next step, the website then prompts you to add visuals to your video to make it more efficient. That’s where the real creative part kicks in.

Initial Situation

You can now add various images, designed texts, clip arts, or simply upload custom images from your device as well. For example, if you want to add your company logo at the beginning of your video, then this is the best option for your case. 

Also, the website allows you adjust the images by changing their orientation, flip them, or simply resize the picture resolution. The images and animations are added to the respective frames, and you can also decide the duration of the appearance.

Finalize Video

Next up is the selection of the background audio or music for your video. You can also add narrations or text-to-speech feature embedded on the website. Add your recorded voice or a cool background music that you like from your computer. Once, you’re done with the audio and the visuals; then you can move to the last and final step. Finalize the video, preview the draft, and edit it if you’re missing anything.

Video Ready to Publish

The video is then queued in the website process manager. They are flexible enough to notify you about the completed video on your mail. After then, you can either download the video or share it on multiple video platforms like YouTube, DailyMotion, etc. Cheers!

All in all, MySimpleShow is a great website to create your personalized video from scratch. Comment your thoughts below. Cheers!!

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