Mixcder Drip Wireless Headphones Review, Features & Pricing

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Mixcder Drip Wireless Headphones Review, Features & Pricing

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Let’s get this straight, I was never a fan of Headphones and always preferred earphones. But the recent encounter with these wireless headphones has drastically changed my perception of my choices nowadays. Today, we at CrunchyTricks are going to review a latest wireless headphones from a leading company, Mixcder. Recently, we reviewed mixcder ShareMe 7 white blue wireless headphones & now we're back with another wireless headphones from the same company.
Mixcder Drip Headphone Review
So, without any further discussions, let’s start the review of Mixcder Drip Black Wireless Headphones which have been known for its premium sound quality in an affordable price range. Let’s Go. Before that, also have a look at the Beats EP review if you're looking for earphones.

Initial Impressions

First Impression

The first thing that took my heart away was the color of these headphones. The moment I opened the box, the Drip headphones gave me a premium look with its classy black color fused into the super stylish design of the headphones. Though the built quality of the headphone was not that satisfying. The headphones are foldable and can be easily adjusted according to the user’s head. Due to its lightweight and portable design, you can easily carry it in your bag pack or wherever you want to take them.
Mixcder Drip Foldable
The pairing process takes only 2-3 minutes, and you can pair them with any media device with Bluetooth connectivity. Moreover, the aux cable support enables you to connect it through the cord whenever the battery runs dry. In simple words, non-stop entertainment all the time.

Talking about the details of the headphones, it is a standard over-the-ear type with wireless connectivity available through Bluetooth 4.0, and EDR enabled. The fact that they are both wired and wireless makes your listening experience more amazing. You don’t have to face all the tantrums showed by those tangled cables.

Hands on with Mixcder Drip – Black

Aux Cable Spot
The box came with the Black Drip headphones, an auxiliary cable for wired connectivity, and a micro-USB to USB charging cable that easily fully charges up the headphones within 2-3 hours of charging. The headphones have physical volume controls that can be used while listening to music as well as attending phone calls. The power button ON and connectivity is displayed with a LED light that glows whenever necessary.
Volume Button
You can purchase the Mixcder Drip Black wireless headphones with sound quality that is premium, and the build quality makes music more soothing to your ears because of its comfort. These excellent headphones are priced at $39.99 or around 2700 INR, and you can buy them from Amazon.com. Moreover, you can check the link mentioned above for more details regarding the headphones and its specifications.


The headphones are a quite good deal for what it offers at such low price is worth buying. Also, I’ve attached the list of features provided by the headphones for you to get a perfect idea.
  • Highly Comfortable due to extra cushioned Ear muffles. 
  • Strong Bass & Surround Sound Features.
  • Noise Cancellation available in the Microphone for phone calls, etc.  
  • Easy to carry and travel due to Portable design and light weight.
  • Massive Battery backup due to 400 mAh in-built battery that lasts up to 20 hours of music playback.

Things I loved about the Headphones

The best about these wireless headphones is that they haven’t compromised on the sound quality. Therefore, you get the best deal and an awestruck sound output under an attractive price range. These headphones are suited for Pop, R&B music if they’re your forte. 

The Bluetooth 4.0 & EDR connectivity works with most of the chips and thus, you won’t face any network drops or weak connections during the music playback. Mixcder is always known for providing the latest technology in their audio devices and provides a huge benefit in the connectivity features.

The battery didn’t disappoint me at any certain point during the entertainment. I took the headphones with me on a 2-day flight, and it lasted pretty well, even with medium usage. The 400 mAh battery gives you an average 18-20 hours of battery backup.

Thing I wasn’t so sure about

Build Quality – The only thing that ruined the fine-quality experience from the Drip Black Headphones is the build quality and the material of the device. Since they are priced pretty low, therefore you cannot argue with the quality. Though it is good, it is not as good as I expected. 

A small thing that was the Connected & Shutting Down background sound that used to come in the ShareMe 7 headphones were largely missed in the Drip Wireless headphones. Though it doesn’t affect the performance of the headphones in any sense, Mixcder could’ve provided that feature.

Final Thoughts

So, this was our take on the Mixcder’s Drip Black Wireless Headphones. These pair of headphones should be the priority of anyone who wants a Bluetooth headphone in the affordable budget but without any comprise with the sound quality as well. You can get headphones on Amazon. Be sure to check out for any discounts as it’s the holiday season.

Still not sure about what these headphones are offering? There are various in-depth videos of the Mixcder Drip Black Headphones with all the details explained thoroughly. In a nutshell, you’ll get the idea of whether you should buy it or not? Cheers.


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