5 Best Hoverboards for Sale in the Market

Friday, 30 December 2016

5 Best Hoverboards for Sale in the Market

Posted by Rahul Gupta
As a child, we all dreamt of unusual things like being able to fly or glide instead of walking. Well, thanks to the technology boom and inventing the futuristic looking hoverboards and that too with such variety of options. A hoverboard is a self-balancing scooter which is portable and works on a rechargeable battery. It’s the new tech fad which makes you feel like a superhero.

But with so many options one is liable to get confused in which one to go for. There are various sites like Amazon, eBay, snapdeal or floatingboard which have an extensive collection of hoverboards available.

Hoverboards for Sale
Following are the top 5 online marketplaces that have a variety of hoverboards to choose from:

1. Floatingboard

Floatingboard.com is an online website dedicated to hoverboards. There is no need to worry about the news going around that some hoverboards with low-quality batteries and less resistant to weight have been seen to catch fire which has resulted in a downfall in the sale of hoverboards. 

You are guaranteed of quality at floatingboard.com as they sell hoverboards that are using good quality Samsung or LG batteries which can withstand a fair amount of weight and has a minimum or no heating issues.
Floating Board
The hoverboards are available in multiple colors with fast charging in just an hour that lasts up to a 12-20mile ride.  Also, the one thing customers are most concerned about- delivery time. You are assured free delivery in 5 days; only charges applicable are of DHL or FedEx if one orders outside the USA.

There are some top selling hoverboards at floatingboards such as the Lamborghini Hoverboard priced at $279.00, The latest 10-inch multicolored hoverboard priced at $397.00, Gold metallic chrome hoverboard priced at $395.00 and much more.

2. Epikgo Sport, Self-balancing Hoverboard

The Epikgo hoverboard is UL2772 certified meaning it is quite safe to use. It comes with all terrain 8.5” alloy wheels and a powerful 400W dual motor. The powerful motor enables it to travel at a speed of 15 miles per hour on a single charge. The hoverboard has gone under and passed 159 tests regarding safety guidelines; it can hover through tough road conditions easily by its solid rubber tires.
The hoverboard has built-in 2 hours fast charging technology. It is rated IP56 for solidness and water resistance. It has 30% more foot space than the leading competitors, which ensures sturdy ride and easy balancing. It’s almost two times stronger than other hoverboards available online. 

It has a 1-year limited warranty that covers parts and labour from the manufacturer which is a US company. Originally priced at $899.99, there is a 20% discount on this product on Amazon and is now available for just $699.99 along with free shipping.

3. Swagtron T1

Swagtron T1 is also UL2272 certified electric self- balancing scooter. It has the maximum speed of 8 miles per hour and can run up to 11 miles on a single charge. This hoverboard can withstand the weight of about 220lbs and has passed all the electrical safety tests successfully. Swagtron T1 boasts new features such as LED headlights, battery indicators, rubber bumpers and two riding modes. 
Swagtron T1
It comes with SentryShield smart battery management system that provides hoverboard skate protection on multiple layers. It has a 250W motor along with gear stabilization for better control. Originally priced at $399.99, there is a 13% discount on this product on Amazon and is now available for just $349.99  with free shipping.

4. Skque X1

Skque X1 is a UL2772 certified self-balancing hoverboard available to purchase at Amazon. It is an 8” inch long hoverboard available in black color. It has passed all the safety tests under UL certification to provide you the safest ride. It has improved motherboard that comes with inbuilt tunes Gyro sensors for a smooth ride. 
Skque X1
The hoverboard comes with an enhanced, and stronger shell plus that has is quite durable. You can enjoy music while on a ride by using its Bluetooth speakers that let you connect your mobile in quick and easy steps. The LED lights on the hoverboard will give you safe rides even in the dark. 

This item comes with a one-year warranty that covers parts and labours from Skque- a Los Angeles brand. Originally priced at $649.99, there is a 23% discount on this product on Amazon and is now available for just $499.99 along with free shipping.

5. Hoverzon

Hoverzon self-balancing hoverboard is built to give you the best performance with zero degrees turning radius and UL2772 certification. It can support a weight up to 220lbs, and it weighs 22lbs only. It comes with powerful 250W upgraded motor and gear stabilization. This combination of features lets you ride at a speed of 8mph and a distance of 11 miles. 
HoverzonThe hoverboard is powered by dynamic equilibrium which allows better control.  It has LED battery indicator, non-slip foot pedals, and LED headlights. Originally priced at $399.99, there is a 12% discount on this product on Amazon and is now available for just $350.00 along with free shipping.

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