Super-fast & Affordable Website Hosting: AdroitSSD Review, Features

Everyone is now trying to set up their business online, and for that, you need to have a perfectly running website that is fast and responsive. A website hosting is a thing that powers up your business on the web. Since you’re already reading this post, I assume that you a have a sound knowledge of how important a web hosting is for any website.

For most of the E-Commerce or extensive online website, choosing a good web hosting server or either migrating to a new hosting company is really a critical decision and often stresses out most of the developers or site owners. There are many facts and points that you need to consider behind getting the perfect one for you. Hopefully, we’re here to help all the readers with such decisions.

AdroitSSD Review

Since not everyone can afford a VPS server, Shared Web Hosting is everyone’s first choice nowadays. Today we’re here to review an affordable and fast hosting provider that you can rely on. So, without any more chit-chat, let’s start the review of AdroitSSD Web Hosting Company.


Providing the backbone for most of the online businesses, AdroitSSD has been providing web hosting since 2011. It is best known for providing WordPress optimized cloud hosting at affordable and manageable costs. They have various cheap WordPress hosting plans and exclusive features for  websites/blogs. 

The company has upgraded itself and the hosting plans by shifting to SSD Servers instead of HDD, and everyone knows how fast an SSD drive is as compared to the standard hard-disk. Apart from website hosting, this hosting company is also the home to domain names. You can buy the domain name of your choice and a suitable hosting plan altogether to sail your boat.


Being a blogger myself, I’ve tried many different hosting companies and recommended the best ones to most of my clients. Various measures decide whether the hosting is suitable for your website or not. First is the affordability and usage. How much space is required for your site? How fast your site must be? Can you rely on the server up-time? If you’ve given enough thoughts for such questions, then we can proceed or just read on, you’ll eventually understand how good AdroitSSD is for every website requirement. 

Recently, we tested out the website loading speed and time, using all the standard tools for AdroitSSD’s WP Cloud Hosting plan. First up was the PageSpeed Score & Page Load time test.

GTMetrix Performance Scores

The results were satisfactory as expected. GTmetrix displays quite a good score for the website. The total page size was 36.3KB and the page loading time was as low as 0.5 seconds. Moreover, the both the YSlow score & PageSpeed displayed A grade which is much greater as compared to a B and C on the previous hosting.

Performance Insights

Another speed test with the SEO scores is displayed above. The performance was again A grade and the page load time was found to be 836ms. Fast Intel Xeon Servers packed up with premium enterprise level SSD are really the major reasons behind the upgraded features of AdroitSSD hosting. 

Plans & Pricing

Adroit SSD Premium Web Hosting is available at affordable prices with their plans customized in accordance with different requirements. The standard plans start at $1.43 on a monthly basis and provide a basic 5GB SSD storage, 50GB bandwidth, and other exclusive features. You can view the major Incredible Hosting plans in the screenshot attached below. Almost every plan comes with WordPress optimizations, customized CPanel, and much more.

AdroitSSD Plans & Pricing

AdroitSSD has modified the plans for the latest WordPress hosted websites and blogs, as they are more popular than ever. Increased Firewall Security, Virus Protection, automatic WordPress installation, Cached Memory, and many other features that can upgrade your website’s performance are offered along with hosting without any cost.

Wrapping Up

With 99.95% server uptime and the CloudLinux OS extensively, AdroitSSD is a really great hosting company with plans that easily affordable for all the website owners. The company provides a superb after sales support with the 24*7 availability of the technical experts. The Hosting speed is x40 times faster as guaranteed by the company itself and I guess the server speed test results were satisfying enough.

I guess this post was enough to assess you with the best-recommended hosting for your future business or startup idea. Moreover, you can also consider migrating your website from your existing host to AdroitSSD Cloud Hosting. The company provides free migration option to all of its customers that can be done in minutes and that too without any downtime. 

Now it’s time to share your thoughts on the hosting plans by AdroitSSD as well. Do comment if you’re going for it and let me know for any queries related to it. Moreover, you can also visit the AdroitSSD hosting official website for more details.

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