Self-Hosted Project Management Software: Active Collab | Review

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Self-Hosted Project Management Software: Active Collab | Review

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Let’s keep it simple and straightforward, working on a group project is a pretty hard and hectic thing to do. Whether you are the Group Leader or a team member, everyone has to maintain a proper attention towards the progress.

Nowadays, most of the corporates operate their projects online or in digital basis. Therefore you need to cooperate and synchronize with other members. And to manage all this, you’ll definitely need a software or a tool that can help you out.

Active Collab Review
Fortunately, we have a project management software with us that can serve the job well. Active Collab is a self-hosted project management software. It associates with task management, billing, and time tracking that is combined into one simple dashboard for the user.

It’s like a one common virtual meeting room where you can communicate with your team, upcoming schedules regarding the projects, and track the progress as well. It also allows the connected members to share files, brainstorm on new ideas, and much more. So, without any more chitchat, let’s start the review of Active Collab.

Outline & Benefits

Keeping your team on the same page as you are on is always the priority of the Team Leader. Luckily for you, Active Collab allows the user to connect and share the work over this cloud platform. You can collaborate with members of the hall or different continents, as it very to manage. This online management tool allows you to share files, discuss important points with other members, provides an overview of the whole process and the progress status.
One more significant benefit of using Active Collab is that you don’t have to communicate to your client from the completely different side. This tool gives you the liberty to add your customers to the project. Moreover, you can control the permissions, and your client would only see the details and progress information what you want to make them see.
New Project
Notification Alerts and emails are integrated well with the tool, enabling you and your team members to contact the clients about any further details and statistics. Hence, as the name suggests, Active Collab helps you to collaborate with your team members and give the best output. It is a very efficient and time-saving tool for most of the corporate firms and marketing agencies.

Getting Started

Active Collab is completely a premium tool and therefore you cannot use it for free. However, the company offers a trial for one month period, where you can enjoy all the extensive features without any limitations. You can get started by signing up on the website and add your members and projects later on. After using the trial for 2-3 days, you’ll get an idea of why am I referring this tool to all the users for project management.


Active Collab seamlessly runs on a cloud-based platform. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about any storage, administration and sharing complications. The company offers a dedicated dashboard for all of its customers which provide you with all the features and functionalities. 

After signing up, you’re greeted with a CMS like a dashboard with all the functions mentioned on the left side.

You can start right by adding a new project and the team members according to it. Other features like invoices, expenses and more are mentioned as well. You can invite your clients and members through email alerts. 

Invite People


  • Easy Collaborations with Team 
  • Task Management 
  • Expense Statistics  
  • Invoice & Billing Management 
  • Calendar & Schedules 
  • Easy Notification & Email Integration  
  • Share files, thoughts, ideas over a dedicated platform

Plans & Pricing

Being an entirely corporate and professionally carved tool, the pricing is divided by the usage and the team strength of the companies. The Software is divided and distributed into six different plans with different parameters and usages. You can view the plans below:
Small ($25/month) 

  • Up to 5 Members 
  • Storage Space of 5GB
Medium ($49/month) 
  • Up to 15 Members 
  • Storage Space of 15GB
Large ($99/month) 
  • Up to 30 Members 
  • Storage Space of 30GB
Extra Large ($199/month) 
  • Up to 60 Members 
  • Storage Space of 60GB
Mega ($299/month) 
  • Unlimited number of Members 
  • Massive Storage space of 500GB
Last but not the least, there’s a self-hosted plan for big enterprises where you can add an unlimited number of team members, clients, projects and much more. It is billed for $999 per month, and you get support for SSL, a year of free update and after sales support.

Final Words

So, this was Active Collab and my review on how it is beneficial for all the digital agencies and firms who can easily use this tool to co-operate among the members hassle free. No irritations of discussing over those lagging conference video chats, no periodic emails, phone calls and therefore no irritation. Just opt Active Collab for your company, and you can easily manage your upcoming projects and clients in a more professional and systematic way. 

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Do share your thoughts and queries regarding this excellent online tool in the comment section below, and be sure to try out the trial version for basic impressions of this performance-oriented tool. Cheers!


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