Your.MD Review: Multi-Platform Checkup Chatbot App

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Your.MD Review: Multi-Platform Checkup Chatbot App

Posted by Rahul Gupta
From AI Assistants to Chatbots, we’ve traveled a long way towards tech intelligence and this chatbot app that I’m reviewing today is on a whole different level but first, let me ask you a question?

Would you ask an AI bot for medical assistance instead of a doctor? Hell No! That was my first answer, and I guess it would be same for every other person until I came across this application/chatbot. The Your.MD is an artificial intelligence based chatbot that is capable of medical diagnosis across different application platforms.

Just enter the symptoms that you or any of your dear ones is falling, and you can get instant articles, remedies, diagnostics, suggestions and consultation related information within seconds. It is the one stop for Health-related queries, so without any further query, let’s start the review of Your.MD Chatbot.

Your.MD Review


For all those who aren’t aware of what a chatbot is, just consider that you’re texting with a program/application who replies you by machine learning and AI. Your.MD bot is just like the Google’s Allo and proposes free, reliable and personalized health related info to the use. It also offers various medical and health articles from all over the web and also detects the issue or the medical condition by smart symptom checking algorithms. 
Your.MD Chat
This smart AI bot is now distributed across multiple application platforms. So, you can download this app for the modern mobile OS like Android & iOS, and even more, the developers have smartly integrated the bot into Kick, Slack, Telegram and even on Facebook MESSENGER! Yep, you can use Your.Md bots directly through messenger and asks your every health-related query free. 

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After downloading the application, all you need is to enter your basic details like Age, Gender, and other relevant information that the chatbot requires to compile the suggestions. I did a quick review when the need occurred to me to use this diagnostic application.
Your.MD Features
You can simply ask basic queries like “I have a swollen thumb” or any other relevant question that describes the symptom correctly, etc. and the bot automatically asks few more related questions to display the best-suggested answers to your queries. It’s pretty exciting to test the chatbot since we always wonder if AI could guess the right or at least something similar. 

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Fortunately, Your.MD didn’t let me down with all those irrelevant questions that usual AI chatbots flood to its user. This health bot was pretty straight forward and only enquiring relevant information. In short, it is like a smart Health Encyclopedia. 
Your.MD Features 2
Frankly speaking, the bot works a little slow with the diagnostic process, but we cannot blame as all the major AI chatbots are in the learning stage. They become smarter as you respond to them faster. Moreover, if the speed could’ve increased by a bit, then it would be a blessing.

However, CrunchyTricks rates it 8/10 stars for all the amazing features that it offers. It is a significant example towards the growing technology of machine learning and its implementations in the medical field. Soon, doctors would be able to save a lot of precious time by diagnosing the patients and their health condition through these intelligent chatbots with connected sensors.

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Features of Your.MD

  • While texting with the bot, I never felt that I’m communicating with a computerized bot, but felt like a super friendly as the queries and further suggestions were relatable.
  • The algorithm and the database of this chatbot are smart and updated daily. All the physical conditions, diseases, and health problems that we could think of.
  • If the chatbot detects the symptoms to be very serious, then it immediately recommends you to visit an individual or a physician, if it isn’t able to answer the questions.
  • All the supplied answers consisted of external articles and information which was correct, and easily understandable.
  • The interface is very minimal, simple and to the point.
Your.MD OneStop Health

Another outstanding offering from the developers is the “OneStop Health.” The company aims to provide doctors and all other medical assistances online. So, if you can’t get to a doctor or need blood in emergency situations, any prescriptions or simply want to make an appointment, you can use YourMD for all the purposes.

All in All, Your.MD is a simple but remarkable application or a Chatbot as we say. You can use this AI-based app on your Android or iOS devices by downloading it from the respective stores free. Moreover, you can also use the Chatbot from the Messenger App. Just search YourMD in the chatbots section and start asking all your health-related issues.

Do share your thoughts and views for this useful application. Comment if you’ve tried the Chatbot to diagnose your health condition. Cheers!!!


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