YesAdvertising Review: Is It Profitable Advertising Solution Or Not?

Monday, 21 November 2016

YesAdvertising Review: Is It Profitable Advertising Solution Or Not?

Posted by Rahul Gupta
In simple words, YesAdvertising is among the online networks that provide a data-driven environment for advertisers as well publishers to get the most from the Internet.

For advertisers, this platform offers the best way to promote their products or services in the most efficient method possible, and for publishers, it is an excellent way to monetize their blogs and websites while adopting the most remarkable advertising network recommended now. 

YesAdvertising helps all of their customers to increase their revenue and ROI with its vast advertising network of over 300 thousand active users worldwide. For all the newbies and young bloggers, this platform is the most recommended from my perspective. With smart technology and an excellent ad platform, YesAdvertising offers the publishers in CPA, CPC, CPM and POP advertising formats. With the threshold payout of only $50, it is a pretty great platform. So, without any further talking, let’s start the review of the YesAdvertising Network.


YesAdvertising Review

YesAdvertising has been successfully deploying advertising solutions and a growing network of both publishers and advertisers. Being a blogger myself, the whole review would be targeted around for Publishers. Owned by an international company YesUp Media Inc., the company is providing various advertising solutions, online as well as offline. The whole ad network is revolving around the eCPM model and offers revenue streams in one single platform. Talking about the Advertisers, this system has been serving over 2billion impressions from multiple social medias, websites, publishing platforms, etc.

Why YesAdvertising Network?

Better eCPMs are always guaranteed as compared to other standard advertising platforms, most likely AdSense. The network’s smart technology enables you to choose the best-recommended advertisements and suitable placements for the readers and increases your potential revenue as well. A great marketplace for all the Advertisers and Marketing Companies to run campaigns for their respective products as well as brand endorsements.
Moreover, Publishers and Bloggers are entitled to receive their payments through multiple payment methods like PayPal, Bank Transfer, Payoneer, and Wire Transfer online.

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Signing Up with YesAdvertising

The registration process for the Advertising Platform is a bit quirky, but once you’re done with the account setup, you can start generating sufficient revenue if you have a good amount of traffic on your website. You can register with the network directly from its official website. Just fill the necessary details of your blog, personal information, etc., and you’ll have to confirm the authenticity of your publishing platform. 
SignUp for YesAdvertising
Like any other typical ad network, YesAdvertising works on the standard referral system, but the core differentiator is that the total commission is 10% while other companies tend to offer only 5%. Therefore, you can earn a fair amount of revenue while only referring the platform to your fellow publishers and friends. The more users you’ll add on the network, the more revenue you’ll generate.  

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The website greets you with an intuitive dashboard where every publisher can get the full control of their account along with the ads to run on their sites or blogs. Easily track or manage your advertisements and track the user engagements and tractions.
YesAdvertising Dashboard
The smart automated system of the website offers relevant ads on the potential impressions, and unlike other typical networks, YesAdvertising doesn’t rely on the keyword advertising. Moreover, here are some of the best features of this network platform: 
  • Timely Payments: - Money is a crucial thing, and for every publisher, it is the sole purpose to join any advertising platform. That’s why YesAdvertising offers regular payment options that can be availed weekly. Also, the minimum amount of the payout is only $50. 
  • Vast Database: - Configured with Proper SEO, Social Media, and code support, all the advertisements offered by the network contains Graphical banners, Pop-Ups, etc. 
  • Dedicated Support for Clients: - The company’s dedicated client is like the cherry on the top feature from the enterprise. You can contact the support team 24*7 and the people there are super- friendly.  
  • Online Dashboard: - After registering with the website, every user gets a personalized dashboard for his/her account where they can manage all the ads and campaigns. 
  • Flexible Registration for Publishers: - One of the best thing about YesAdvertising is it’s easy to apply registration process. Though it is little quirky, you can still rely on the network once they thoroughly verify the authenticity. 
Ad Zone


  • Regular Payments 
  • Responsive Ad Banners 
  • Multiple Advertising Formats 
  • Variety of Revenue Models 
  • Effective Conversion Tracking & Statistics  
  • 24*7 Dedicated Support for Users 
  • Hassle-Free Approvals & Automation Process.
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Final Words

All in All, YesAdvertising is a great alternative for all the established Advertising networks which require a high DA/PA stats and massive traffic to start earning online. Moreover, it has a rich database of websites and blogs spanning the globe. For a budding blogger or amateur, this is the best way to start generating sufficient revenue from your site.

Get the full freedom to choose the right placement of your advertisements and banners. Create necessary campaigns and satisfy the whim of your readers as well the advertisers. I hope you would find this review useful. Please let me know if you’re opting for YesAdvertising and comment your favorite thing about the network below. Cheers!


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