7 Best Free & Paid Word to Excel Converters

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

7 Best Free & Paid Word to Excel Converters

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Listed below is a list of some ways to convert your word file to an excel file in case you ever feel the need of it.
Word to Excel Converter

1. Using Microsoft Office

The first paragraph is all about making a SINGLE CELL IMPORT. First, you need to open a new Excel spreadsheet. Click on the "Insert" tab and select the "Object" button. Now click on "Create from file" and browse fo your word document and select "OK." Now your word document gets merged int the new Excel file. Double click anywhere on the word file to open it and edit it. Then just open the "File" tab and save it by clicking on "Save As."

2. MS Word To Excel Converter Software

This software comes with a cost of $19.99 and is very useful in changing word documents to excel. It is compatible with almost all version of Windows such that 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and Server 2008/7/8. The conversion process is very simple where you just have to highlight the desired texts, paragraphs or characters from your word file and then transfer the data to a new Excel file. 

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After conversion, you will observe that one single line in your word document will be visible as rows in your older excel file. Also, the columns are dynamically created by splitting every command, space, characters, etc. or else decide not to break them. Furthermore, also an original copy of the word document will be saved.

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3. Watermark

This online site converts your word document to excel document. It transfers your images and tables from Word file to your excel file. One more unique feature is that the format of your word gets maintained the same way while converting and the conversion process is also really fast. When you go to the site, in the first step just upload your desired word document from your device. In the next step, select your Excel output format, like whether you want it to be "xls" or "xlsx" format. Then just select "Convert to XLS."

4. Convertio

This free online site is easy and straightforward to use. Also, the conversion process is fast. When you go to the link, the first thing you need to do is select the desired file and drag it to the page. For doing this, you need to click on an option available "From computer" and choose the word document that you want to convert.

Also, there are other options like Dropbox And Google Drive from where you can import your file to the site. Then make the 'convert from' option to "doc" and 'convert to' option to "xls." Then select the option "Convert to xls." After conversion, you can also save your excel file to Dropbox and Google Drive.

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5. Coolutils

It is another online site that comes handy when you are in need of converting your word to excel document. As the process is simple, so there isn't much explaining. First, you need to just upload your word file from your device to the site by clicking on "Select File." Nextly, set the conversion option to "Excel" format. Then click on "Download Converted File, " and voila, your word document will be converted to Excel file.

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6. Document Converter

It is an Android app that is developed by Think TI. This paper conversion app comes free of cost and does the necessary function. It offers the best word conversion option. It extracts your images, tables, and graphs from your word file and copies them in the exact format to your EXCEL file. But you should know that the conversion process requires an internet connection so be sure to turn on your data pack or WiFi while converting.

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7. Official Converter

It functions in a similar manner as the previous app in the Google Play store. It is also free of cost. It also provides an option to password protect your files in the app. As the conversion is online so, you need an internet connection to convert your word file to excel.

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