10 Best Free & Paid Photo Slideshow Softwares

Had a few many memorable Photoshop that you wanted to turn into a slideshow? Well, there are many photo slideshow software’s that form a slide show for you by collectively gathering your desired photos. These types of apps are used by photographers and various other general PC users to successfully organize all the photos and other multimedia footages into beautiful clips.

Photo Slideshow Software

In this article, a list of such top-grade software is provided for the convenient use by you all.

1. Movavi Video Editor

This simple program can create many stunning movies from your photo albums. It is available for both Windows as well as Mac. Firstly, just download the app and install it and then open the program. Upon opening, you will find an option “Add media files.” Click on that option and add your desired pictures; which will henceforth be transferred to the timeline. 

Now, you need to arrange the photos in your timeline in the same orderly manner in which you want them to show in the slideshow. Then go to the “Duration” field and insert the time limit for each photo in the slideshow and also enter your total time limit of the slideshow. 

The many other options available are adding a frame to your photos, applying special effects to your pics as well as improving their quality, etc. 

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In the next step, you need to select a special music to play in the background while the slideshow keeps running. So you again need to go to the option “Add media files” which will now be present at the upper tab on the left and select your perfect song for the perfect slideshow. Lastly add captions, credits, and title to your slideshow. Then to save your movie, click on “Export,” followed by clicking on “Save As video.”

2. Free Slideshow Maker

Bring your photos to life instantly and quickly like a pro by using this free software. Just insert your images in any format to the software and then add a background music of your choice. That’s it; you can enjoy a classy and a vivid image slideshow. 

You can also add transitions, such as CrossFade, Revealing from Top to Bottom and much more. Also my making use of narration feature, you can sing or speak in the background for your photo slideshow. Some other extraordinary features include the addition of motion effects to your images. Overall, this is an excellent free Photo Slideshow software that can undoubtedly prove its worth to the users from the very first use.

3. Freemake Video Converter

Using this free Windows software makes it easy to change photos as well as videos into great slideshows. Also, this software asks for no sign-up requirements for creating your photo slideshow. And if you ever wish to create a slideshow from photos as well as videos then turn on “Video join” option. The entire process of slideshow creation is easy and trouble free. 

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Firstly, just add your images or videos to the software. Then arrange the photos in an orderly manner, apply effects, followed by adding background music to your slideshow. In the next step, you need to set the time limit for the slides. Then just click on “Convert to video.” 

From this step, you get an option of direct uploading of your video to YouTube which you can make use of if you need. It also comes with the possibility of burning a DVD with slideshows. So basically, it is a free software that can positively and efficiently attend to your various slideshow creation problems.

4. Animoto

This online photo slideshow maker software comes with 14 days free trial option. Upon completion of the free trial version, you will need to upgrade to the paid version. The various plans available are $8 per month for personal use and $22 or $34 per month for professional use. 

First of all, sign up to the site for using the free trial version. Then you can take a look at the styles available on the online site like the favorite, kids, school, party, etc. and decide a style suiting to your need. 

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Then click on “Create Video.” Upload your images to the site and then arrange them in proper order. Nextly, add a background song and a logo to your slideshow. Then finally click on “Produce.” Now you can share or download your video in your desired quality type. It also has an inbuilt photo editor and a library of licensed songs which you can make use of.

5. PhotoStage Slideshow Software

This software, which is available for Android, Windows, Mac, iPad, Kindle is an excellent app that can dynamically create slideshow from photos faster and quicker. Combining videos, photos, music and narration down to one slideshow can never be much easier. You can also burn DVDs for creating slideshows as per your choice. 

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You can either just drag and drop images into the software or by clicking on “Quick Create” you can swiftly turn a whole folder of images to a beautiful slideshow. You also get to add effects to your photos like cropping, zooming, panning, etc. and also optimize your images to give them a more refined look. So this in an overall platform, this software can create an amazing slideshow from your important pictures.

6. Windows Movie Maker

One of the favorites of most users, Windows Movie Maker, is a free software that comes with a wide range of themes and transition effects. Along with having the most advanced tools, this software is also really handy and easy to use. First of all, arrange your desired pictures in the way that you want them to your final slideshow.

 Next, set a time limit for all pics together or separately one by one for every pic. To add the background music, you can either record instantly or select any music file of your choice from your device. In next step, add the necessary captions, texts, and credits followed by selecting an appropriate theme from the varied range of available themes on Windows Movie Maker. 

Then add the transition effects and the visual effects as per your choice from the available ones. Lastly save your slideshow in your desired output quality like High Definition, Standard video quality, etc. to your device. You can also share your slideshow on Cloud, Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, or Flickr.

7. Icecream Slideshow Maker

This is a slideshow creating software for Widows; that is pure and free of cost. It has both free version as well as Pro version available for users. Before actually creating your final slideshow, you get the option of previewing it, so as to be sure of how exactly your slideshow will look. If you are not satisfied with the preview, then you can always edit it before finally saving it. 

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First of all, just download and install the program on your device and open it. Then click on the “Add photo” or “Add files to start your photo story” buttons and pick a single file or else select several files by pressing the control button while selecting more than one image. 

You also can add a folder consisting of the pictures by clicking on “Add Folder” button. Then you can see that on the left side of the program window lies the File queue while on the right side you have Preview window and settings. 

In the data queue part, you can arrange the images in perfect order as well as delete any image which if you feel unnecessary by clicking on the recycle bin icon. In the Configure option, you can set time for each file and also apply transition effects. Furthermore, you can also change the image resolution in the preview section.

Now go to “Add audio” button present in the bottom left a corner of the preview section of the program and added an audio file from your device as a background music for your slideshow. There are many more options to optimize your images and make the overall look of your slideshow better. 

Lastly, before saving your slideshow, click on preview button and get a good look at your slideshow to see if it’s exactly how you thought it to be. Then hit the “Create” button at the bottom right to make your slideshow.

8. DVD Slideshow GUI

This software is suitable for more experienced users with various types of tools. Along with importing images and audio tracks, you can also add videos in AVS or AVI format, and presentation files in ODP or PPT format. It also comes with the various type of transition tools like panning, zooming and rotating the image. 

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This software can support high definition videos with up to the 1080p definition. You can even add subtitles and motion backgrounds as well as add borders. The output video can be saved on a storage device in various formats like mp4, mpg, flv, Avi, avs, etc. One can also save an iso file to his/her hard disk or burn a project file to a DVD for playback on a player.

9. ffDiaporama

This is another excellent, excellent free photo slideshow maker software. Just open The software and add a title to your empty slide. Then add your images to your slide. You can even add a video or a slideshow project too. Next, add your background audio. Then add all the transition effects as well as setting the size and time limit for each slide. You can also add special effects to your images and slideshow. Then just save your slideshow to your device.

10. Photo Movie Theater

This software is especially for Windows 10 users. Using the simple drag and drop command, you can add your images to your slideshow. The user interface is straightforward and easy to use. This professional software can create a slideshow with HD pictures. There are also various types of transitions effects as well as personalizing effects. The only problem might be the fact that it is prone to bugs so it might sometimes crash while using.

Above mentioned are lists of software and programs that are used to make an incredible, remarkable and memorable slideshow out of your dearest images. Go ahead and give them a try upon need.

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