10 Best Network/Internet Speed Booster Apps for Android

Now a day it is becoming more harder to imagine life without the internet. With time all the advantages of “internet” keeps increasing. But one thing that troubles most of us is a slow internet speed that hinders our downloads, uploads, and social networking. It occurs because of the expanded division of internet bandwidth because of the ever increasing number of internet users.

Network/Internet Speed Booster Apps

Although we have had a vast improvement in this field with the help of 4G, 3G, WiFi; but still in this article, there is a list of few top-notch Android apps that can boost up your android device browsing speed; because good internet speed never did anyone any harm.

1. The Internet Booster And Optimizer

It is a top-grade internet booster app that will quite enhance your web browsing experience. Internet Booster And Optimizer has a series of specific commands and optimizers that make sure that your browser remains the top priority of the Android system.

It causes an overall increase in the speed of ping and thus provides you better browsing experience. The secondary services and processes are usually paused. It also cleans your RAM, cache memory and flushes the DNS.

2. Network Master – Speed Test

This free app can boost up your speed up to 50%. The magic behind the working of this app is the fact that it clears your DNS cache, change the android file strings; thus providing you with advantages like swift video buffering. It also decreases the CPU as well as your memory usage. 

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This app also turns on experimental browser functions like 2D accelerating to optimize your browser settings. As it works better on a rooted device, so make sure that your device is rooted before downloading this app.

3. Free Internet Speed Booster

By using this app, you can view noticeable 40% – 80% improvement in your internet speed. This app works on both mobile network as well as WiFi. By clearing the DNS cache, the ping latency is improved which can be helpful while playing multiplayer games. Also cleaning the unnecessary background apps does real help to the speed of the internet. 

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By adjusting the average parallel connections, the speed is also optimized. Furthermore, there is no such necessity that your device must be a rooted device because it can work correctly on both rooted and nonrooted device.

4. Internet Speed Master

This free app from play store is famous among most users. It has nearly 1 million installs. It is usually advised to have a backup of your device before you install this app. And it works best with rooted devices. The internet connection speed can be modified by improving the connection in TCP/IP configuration. Also, it supports all ROMs. Moreover, because some RIMs have this file already so, you need not patch the system.

5. Network Speed Booster

This app works magic when it does to improve your internet speed and signal reception. Just by clicking on the “Booster” button, you can see a real difference in network speed. It can also improve your WiFi signal along with providing better video call quality. Using this app, you can experience massive transformation in your downloading as well as a gaming experience.

After installing the app, just click on “Start” option to boost up your browsing speed.

6. Internet Speed Booster 3G/4G

This app will boost up your internet speed to nearly 30% – 40% faster. It enables better video loading as well as visiting numerous websites easier. By increasing the signal stability, you really can experience an internet speed. 

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The amount of boosting browsing speed depends on upon the signal strength available on the Android device at that time. This app works well and good on both rooted and nonrooted devices. So you can surely go ahead and give this app a try.

7. Turbo Internet Booster

It is a minimal size app that efficiently does all the necessary functionalities of an internet speed booster. It will not just make your speed faster, but also eradicates the undesirable disconnections. Moreover, it can boost up any Internet related software like browser/email programs, RealAudio, RealVideo, etc.

The user interface of this app is very straightforward and intuitive. All you have to do is download, install it, then open the app and click on a button to boost your internet traffic.

8. Internet Speed Meter Life

Developed by Dynamic Apps, this excellent internet booster app comes for free in the Google Play Store. One of the unique features of this app is that it displays the web speed of your device as well as the amount of data used in the status bar. 

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You can also separately view your upload and download speed in a separate notification. Also, by decreasing your internet traffic, it lets you run your applications with better speed.

9. Signal Booster 3G/4G

This free app can boost up your speed by connecting your device to the strongest and fastest signal towers in your area. By reconnecting your cell phone to the closest and best radio cellular tower, it surely will boost up your GSM, 2G, 3G and 4G signals.

It will provide you better video calling quality, better data transfer as well as longer battery life. The user interface is also very simple to use. You will find a better download speed as well as transfer rate by downloading this app.

10. Internet Speed Booster 2

This is one of the latest free app developed by Colorsapp, which does real wonders when it comes to boosting the internet speed. It sends continuous requests to the fastest network signals to increase your connection speed. The tiny video clips or images sent for ping requests can be viewed after the boosting process is completed.

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These are the list of all the internet booster apps, by installing them you really can enjoy a smooth browsing session.

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