How To Make Money With Augmented Reality?

Thursday, 3 November 2016

How To Make Money With Augmented Reality?

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Augmented reality applies information and images in a real-life environment that can be seen through a headset or a smartphone. This futuristic technology has been with us since the 20th century. In fact, the first use was in the 1990s, when the researchers described graphical overlays used by Boeing aircraft technicians as “augmented reality.”
Make money with augmented reality
In modern days, this technology has been implemented in smart device applications and the interest in it is growing rapidly since the release of Pokemon Go, which had incredible success.

Application Development & Advertisement

Augmented reality integrates images and information in real-life situations, and digital advertising companies believe that businesses will have a lot of interest in advertising at public events.
You can promote images like virtual cars, furniture, and electronics with augmented reality. The advertising company can even add specific text with relevant information for the viewers. For example, you can put your glasses and look at an empty wall, but thanks to the augmented reality you can read the advertisement of a certain business. As the market expands, it is expected that the interest in these ads will grow as well.

Retail Experience

Businesses can benefit from the use of augmented reality by making their catalogs in 3D. Ikea was one of the first company to do so, and now their clients can view their furniture through their smartphones.
Augmented reality provides the opportunity to show your customers a product even though that you don’t have an actual retail store. Chinese grocery store offered this to their consumers, and they could view and order products through their mobile devices. American Apparel shoppers can use augmented reality to choose what color they like.

Search Engine Results Change

People are not highly skilled when it comes to reading a map, and that’s why augmented reality is here to help businesses connect with their potential customers. Augmented reality can help people find what they are searching for, using 3D images in real life. This way, you can avoid using the troublesome map.

According to augmented reality specialists, this technology can open up additional ad spaces by giving the opportunity for businesses to add advertisements in a real-life environment. Businesses can attract consumers by offering them a various amount of coupons and discounts when they found their banner in a particular area. This type of marketing isn’t intrusive, but rather intrusion.

Final Thoughts

Augmented reality is in the early adoption stage, and its use is costly at the moment. However, we expect this to change significantly in the next few years and the people dealing with this technology are on the verge of making a lot of money.

Money can be made through online gaming, advertisements and the creation of different medical, educational or training applications. Asking “Can you make cash with augmented reality?” is the same as asking “Can you make money with smart mobile devices?


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