10 Best Free Online HTML to GIF Converters

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. HTML is the standard markup language for developing web based applications and pages. World Wide Web Consortium developed it simply called as W3C. The elements present in the HTML code are the building elements for HTML pages. Web browsers do not display the HTML code but just reads the code and displays the content what the user needs to be on the page.

GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. GIF is the most broadly used image format next to JPEG. This format uses the LZW compression algorithm which is owned by Unisys. It consists of totally 256 colors which are supported by GIF files. It is a different file format when compared to a lot of bitmap formats which are used for the same purpose. Images are stored in RGB color format in GIF file format. This format supports up to 8 bits per pixel for each and every picture.

HTML to GIF Converters

The conversion of HTML to GIF file format can be done by using the online converters. The conversion gives us an embedded image of GIF file, and the user cannot edit the text. So, if anybody wants to get an embedded image of GIF file from HTML code can use the converters.

1. Convertio

This online free converter allows the user to convert HTML code to GIF file format at free of cost. It gives the option of uploading the code from computer or Dropbox or Google drive and also supports to give directly through URL. Conversion allows up to a maximum of 100 MB files to convert into GIF format. At last the user can directly save the file in his Dropbox or Google drive.  

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2. Cool Utils File Converters

This is an online based web converter which converts HTML file of the user to GIF file quickly. It also gives easy converting options for the user. In this, just at the time of conversion user can select the format into which the file has to be formatted and also the file which he is going to upload.

3. Transloadit

If one wants to use the converter for a professional company purpose then the user can use this online converter. The one and only converter which allows the user to convert the files with authentication. It also allows the signature authentication which makes the user data safe and secure. It also allows a file size of up to 100 MB.  

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4. Online-convert.com

This is an online based HTML code converter to GIF file format. This online website allows the user to upload his code from cloud storage along with other upload options. The other upload options include direct upload from computer and also through URL. The unique feature like enhancement gives this a special attraction.

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5. Convert Files

This online code converter allows the user to upload the code from the local files only. This converter also gives the special options to convert the GIF file to various other image formats. Sending a downloading link directly to the user mail id makes this site somewhat secure to convert.

6. All File to All File Converter

This is an offline computer application which allows the user to convert without any working network. It is a multi-format converter. In this, the user can convert a large number of differently formatted files into one GIF format in single usage span method. It requires total storage space of 11.7 Mb in the user accessory to install and enjoy the services. The user can download this by using search engines or by just visiting the link.

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7. HTML to Image Offline Converter

The main feature of this offline converter is that it allows converting the web pages content directly into image format. This converter is connected with internet explorer which is allowing the application to access the web pages. The best qualities of this are very fast, User-friendly and also can access URL directly.

8. Eastsea Html to Image Converter

It allows the user to convert an HTML page from any URL or local storage. This application has the feature to convert HTML files into multi-page PDF files.  The user can easily use this application as it is an easy user interface tool. It also supports image watermark and text watermark and batch conversion is allowed. The user has to install the application by getting the required files.

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9. ACA HTML to Image Converter

This is a Windows version HTML to image converter that converts web pages to images. The best tool for the professionals like Webmasters, Bloggers, and designers. It also captures full-length website screenshots and generates thumbnail image previews of web pages.

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10. Swift Converter

Swift Converter is an online based web page converter which converts all types of formatting files. It allows a file size of up to 100 Mb to convert into GIF files. This website allows only one option to upload the HTML files that is by browsing into user storage location. The user can select the different types of output formats. It is an easy and simple way to convert HTML files.

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