[Solved] Fix Windows 10 Installation Error 0x80070070

Are you facing problem during the installation or upgrade of Windows 10 OS and thinking where you are getting wrong? Hmm, then relax since you are not the only one on this planet, facing this problem. Yes, various errors have been encountered during installation or upgrade of Windows 10 version. Among the numerous other errors, the one we will discuss today is “Installation error 0x80070070 in Windows 10”.

Fix windows 10 installation error 0x80070070

Now, what does this error code means? Why it occurs, and most important question, how to fix it will be discussed thoroughly in this discussion below. So just take a while and understand what all is happening.

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What does error 0x80070070 in Windows 10 states?

This kind of mistakes occurs or pops up when your PC fails to have sufficient memory needed for installation of updates. It’s said that you require 30GB of memory space to install Windows ten updates. Thus if the drive where you want to install, have less then this memory then you will not to download updates and hence error will pop up.

So this error is caused when

  • Lack of space in your PC, or specifically the drive in which you are trying to install the updates.
  • Malware or Virus infection. Sometimes, when your PC gets infected by the virus or any malware. Since they are hidden in your PC and also corrupt others files o your PC thus even if your drive or a particular folder looks spacious, but you add anything to them, pop up occurs stating insufficient space.
  • Clogged registry on PC.

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  • You cannot install updates either few or none, on your PC.
  • Unable to install any additional apps or software.
  • Unable to update existing apps or application software.
  • As I said earlier, whenever you check the memory of your PC, it seems to be near to its full capacity.
  • If such situation is due to Virus or Malware, then other files (System, User, media, etc.) or software will also get corrupted.
  • Since Updates are not installed, other system function, which depends on upon updates will not take place; the i.e. system may not work properly.

I know you will be curious to know the solution for this. So now, if updates are necessary, but no space availability is hindering you to install them, then there are a couple of solution you can try one by one to resolve this issue. These are as mentioned below:

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1. Disk Cleanup

It’s important to know how much space left on your drive so that you get the idea how much more you needed. Now straightforward and quick tactic to get extra space is cleaning up your drive. For this, there is already a tool available on your PC. It’s called “Disk Cleanup tool.” Thus will save time and will free up hard drive space and will optimize the PC performance.

  • Go to Start menu.
  • Browse Explore option.
  • Select “This PC.”
  • Right, click on C drive, select Properties.
  • Select Disk Cleanup sub option.
  • Here you will get the option you want to clean up. (Especially error logs, temp files, and Recycle Bin, etc.).
  • After you are done. Click OK for Disk Cleanup.
  • Below disk cleanup, you will also see an option for “System files.” It is important since after updating to Windows 10, some sys files of older OS version will be there in your PC which is no longer needed and may also conflict will new updates.
  • After selecting system files of the older version that are irrelevant now, click OK.

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2. Unwanted Apps & Software

Those apps or software no longer needed or in the usage of yours is just occupying your PC space unnecessarily and hence must be removed for sure. So explore your PC and find out those apps and remove it.
  • Go to Start.
  • Navigate to Settings>>System>>Apps>>Features.
  • Search for Program you want to uninstall from the list.
  • Select it and then click uninstall.
(Do remember that certain inbuilt apps of Windows may not uninstall. So to install, follow the instruction that appears on the screen for this.)

3. Cloud Storage

If you are confused whether to delete or keep certain documents or files on your PC, then there is the option of Cloud Storage also. It’s an efficient way to keep your stuff safe and can be backed up anytime anywhere as per your convenience. These files (media, photos, documents, videos) will be saved in the cloud (a space on a server reserved to you) and thus will be in your possession.
There are so many apps or websites where you can make your account and can save your stuff and thus take it back by just logging in again on any device and anytime. So Google out a good app for this and backup your data to clean up your PC space.

4. Using External Storage Device

If backing up data on cloud is not fulfilling your requirement i.e. you still need extra space to save your stuff or aren’t assure of cloud storage for security issues you can keep your additional stuff onto external devices like USB flash drives, or burn media files to CD, SD Cards using Card Reader, other external hard drives.
Thus you have your stuff in a physical device with you.

5. Scan PC for Virus or Malware

If you make downloads more often then, there is likely to have a Virus or Malware on your PC. It not only corrupt or compromise your documents or media file, but also lowers down system performance, and as I stated above unknowingly. Thus to resolve this issue download and install a verified & reliable antivirus and perform a complete scan of your PC. After detection and removal of suspected malware/virus, error 0x80070070 will get eliminated.

6. Clean Up the Clogged Registry

Since we don’t clean up the registry more often, it could become congested or clogged by junk files, Cookies & .XML files. Thus to resolve this issue clean your registry by using a powerful and user- friendly tool to clean up the problem.

7. Using Automated Tool

If above methods didn’t help you anymore, then download and install a powerful automated tool. One of which is “Total System Care.”
That’s all, for now, friends. I Hope that my efforts to find all possible solutions in a concise manner as above mentioned steps would help you out guys to fix Windows 10 installation/update error 0x80070070!!!
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