10 Solutions to Fix Google Play Store Error 505

Nowadays Android is one of the leading brands because of its vast features and almost every app on its play store. Also being available OS in nearly all phones ranging from extremely affordable to highly paid and hence Android is pervading almost everywhere. But at the same time, it is also a fact that many mistakes are still suffering from many types of error.

Fix Google Play Store Error 505

Among those errors, one of the error is “Google Play store error 505”. This type of error mostly occurs when one tries to either installing an application or updating any existing app from Google Play store. Error messages “Unknown error code during application install: -505” is displayed during that time. But this type of error often occurs in Android devices with lollipop version.

Other possible reasons behind this failure can be:

  • Google Play store is not updated to the latest version. 
  • Your device is not updated to latest version (System update). 
  • Google Account Synchronization problem. 
  • Incompatibility between App and your Android version. 
  • You are trying to install the old app. 
  • Cache or data crash.

If you are facing similar error then try out below simple fixes: At first, Restart your Android phone and check if this can help & resolve your issue. If not, then try below tactics:

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Solution #1 Factory Reset

If you have lollipop version or has recently updated your Android device to lollipop 4.x version, then factory reset your phone. This is the most common and fruitful tactic to resolve the issue. Since resetting your phone leads to removal of all apps and their data plus your phone data like documents, pictures, music, etc. So take a backup of required data on Google Drive or any cloud backup device and then proceed to reset.

Solution #2 Update/Lower Down Adobe Air Version

Sometimes updating adobe air app can also lead to crash other app installation as it’s cross platform and massive software. So lowering down the version of Adobe Air can also fix the error 505 issue.

Solution #3 Uninstall Conflicting Apps

We have multiple apps that perform the same task for us. For Ex. 23 banking apps that will use the same credentials of you for payment or you are having two apps that compare prices of product available on different shopping sites. So if one application can fulfill your work, then why to have more than one app for the same task. 

Such conflicting apps not only cover space on your device but also causes Error 505 due to their internal confliction. Thus uninstall one app & only use the other one as per your choice. And then try to install that particular app which was causing the error.

Solution #4 Update Time and Date of Your Device

Sometimes the date and time of your phone also conflicts with app update and hence causes an error while updating any app. So if you face an error 505 while application update, like during Whatsapp update, then update your device date & time. For this:

  • Go to Settings. 
  • Select Date and Time option. 
  • If “Automatic date and time” & “Automatic time zone” option is checked, then uncheck them. 
  • Firstly set wrong date and time for an instance. 
  • Tap Home screen button. 
  • Go back to Date and Time option in Settings. 
  • Now manually correct the time and date. 
  • Recheck the checkbox of “Automatic time zone” & “Automatic date and time” option.

Solution #5 Uninstall/ Reinstall

  • Go to Settings>>General>>Application Manager or Apps. 
  • Select that particular app or more (causing this error) to open and Click ‘clear data’ option of each app. 
  • Now uninstall those apps that are causing this error while installing. 
  • Restart your phone.
  • Go to play store, and install that particular app again.

Solution #6 Clear Data, Cache of Google Play Store, Google Service Manager & Download Manager

The error might also occur due cache conflict or data crash of Google Play store. Thus, by clearing cache and data can resolve such error.

  • Go to Settings>>Applications>>All>>Google Play store. 
  • Click on Force Stop. 
  • Now tap on ‘Clear Cache’ and wait till it clears. 
  • Press ‘Clear Data’ and wait till it clears. 
  • Now perform the same steps (ii, iii, iv) with Google Service Manager and Download Manager in Settings.

Solution #7 Reconfigure your Google Account

Sometimes such kind of error is caused by Google Account Sync problem. So reconfigure your account to resolve it.

  • Go to Settings. 
  • Go to Accounts section and click on Google option. 
  • Select your Google account (associated with Google play store) and select “Remove Account” option present at the bottom. 
  • Restart your phone and reconfigure our Google account.

Solution #8 Reinstall Play Store Updates

  • Go to settings. 
  • Click Application Manager or Apps. 
  • Click Google Play Store>>Uninstall updates. 
  • It will prompt “change Play store app to factory version,” click OK. 
  • Open the Google Play Store app. 
  • Go back to the Home Screen, and Play store will update to the latest version when there is a strong internet connection.

Solution #9 Check that Your Download Manager is Turned On

  • Go to Settings. 
  • Click Application Manager or Apps (as per your device). 
  • Swipe right until you see Download Manger section at the top of the screen. 
  • Touch “Enable” to turn on Download Manager. 
  • If you see “Disable,” this means it’s already turned on.

Solution #10 Install System Updates

For this either you should have a secure internet connection or Wi-Fi.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select About/ System Update. 
  • If an update is available, follow instructions to install them. 
  • Restart your device. 
  • Try downloading again.

That’s all. I Hope that my efforts to find all possible solutions in a concise manner as above mentioned steps would help you out guys to fix Google Play Store Error ‘505’!!

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