How to Deal With Hackers in Mini Militia Online Gameplay?

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia is currently a trending game in India. People of young ages are obsessed with this game and seen playing it at places like a college campus, home, bus stops, park, etc. All the credit goes to the developer’s brilliant mind.

Unfortunately, the game is now overwhelmed with Mini Militia cheats. Modded and IPA versions are most common today. Therefore, players who like to play a fair game seemed to be turning their head back from the game.

Mini Militia Game

Playing against those hackers and winning is simply not possible in the Gameplay. But, is there any trick to avoid those hacked players?

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To be frank, the answer is NO. So, what to do when you face this kind of players?

How to Deal With Hackers in Mini Militia Online Gameplay?

There no genuine way to get rid of the players with MOD and IPA version. However, you can take some initial steps to deal with the hackers in Mini Militia online play.

1. Recognizing the Hacked Players

The fast you can identify the players who are using the game’s hacked version, better your chances of wasting time and game items on the gameplay. Once you have identified these players, simply quit the game from lobby. You may leave from the middle of the match as well.

Recognize the hacked players

Now, how to recognize a hacked player in online Gameplay?

  • Just stay under the cover and observe the other players. 
  • They are likely to kill other players by one single shot from any weapon, be it a Sniper or just a Pistol. 
  • You may notice that these players got unlimited ammo pack. No matter how many rounds they shoot, they would never require reloading their weapons. 
  • You can see some players are using an unlimited boost and staying n the air more than you expect. They are likely to be using a boost hack. 
  • Check out the skill level of other players. It is the number seen right below the Player rank. If the skill level is 99 or above, you better make your move and quit the game ASAP.

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2. Use Mini Militia Pro

It may cost you some bucks but, it can help you to stand against the hackers. However, this idea does not work all the time; especially, if your opposition player is an experienced one and using unlimited health hack. But, it can be great to teach these filthy players a lesson. 

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3. Avoiding Playing online

You can’t choose against whom you wish to play online in Mini Militia. It is one disadvantage of the game, unlike other online multiplayer game, you can not invite your known person who plays a fair game online. So, better you avoid playing online and use your Wi-Fi hotspot to play with your friends offline. It is fun when you are in a group.

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So, these are some of the ways to deal with the hacker while playing Mini Militia online. As I already have mentioned, playing the fair game offline with using a Wi-Fi local network is no less in fun. But, if you are alone at home and want to give a shot with this game, you better prepare with Mini Militia cheats and hacks.

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I hope the Doodle Army developers Appsomniacs LCC will be fixing this issue with their next update. Until then, you can rely on these tips. Good luck.

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