Browserling: A Gift to All The Web Developers

Monday, 14 November 2016

Browserling: A Gift to All The Web Developers

Posted by Rahul Gupta
We get it - website developers need to do a lot of testing and debugging. Centering divs with CSS and getting widths and pixels right is what they do all day. Although there are many online resources to do quick browser tests, developers aren’t always satisfied with them.

Every web developer who’s been working in professional software like Dreamweaver can use the inbuilt debuggers but what to do when you need to check your website designs or code in the live mode on browsers that you don’t have installed?

Browserling Review
Fortunately, Browserling has emerged as a cross-browser testing company with tools for web programmers that are necessarily great. It hosts more than 100 tools that are crafted for web development. From URL encoding tools to code and format conversion tools, Browserling has an array of multipurpose tools that often come handy when a developer finds a sudden bug in his code. You can even do Internet Explorer testing with Browserling without installing different Windows versions.

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Browserling is an online cross-browser testing provider that offers testing utilities for PHP, XML, HTML, CSS code encodings, debugging and much more. Most of the tools are useful to every developer, and the best thing about these tools is that they are free to use.
Browserling Web Tools
According to a study, most developers and designers just search the name of the needed testing tool and often end on websites filled with irritating ads, popups, and hoaxes. On the other hand, Browserling provides all the tools ad-free and with a very simple interface but high functionality. Built and tested with their technology, browserify, they ensure to give fast and correct results. The responsive tool allows designers to check the responsiveness of website designs across multiple browsers, screen resolutions, versions, and devices.

An Array of Useful Tools

Browserling has officially categorized all of its web developer tools into 11 different categories, but for the ease of users we’ve divided all the major tools according to their uses. For example, all the essential tools that are required by a Web Developer or a Programmer is specifically mentioned in the first point. So if you’re a front-end website developer, then you’re aware where to jump for all those useful tools. 
  • Tools for Front-End Website Development: - The primary programming tools comprise of URL escaping and HTML encoding. You can easily minify your HTML or JavaScript code for speed optimization. Also, the XML beautify, and JSON prettify allows you to restack your code into a satisfactory and well-coded manner.
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Along with the programming code bautifiers, you can also use database operations such as UNIX to UTC converter or MySQL password generator. Suppose you want to add a time calculator on your web page, then Browserling tools come handy in such situations. 
  • Tools for Data Analysts, Security Experts: - Yep, you read it right. Browserling has also integrated the much need analysis tools for all the data entry tasks. You can convert between XML and JSON, binary, hex, octal, decimal, and many other standard data formats and encodings. It usually works seamless across massive datasets and large inputs.
Browserling also enlightens its users with cryptographic tools and hashing tools such as AES encrypt, and ROT13 tools. Other tools such as local SSH tunnels allows the tester to reverse-proxy their local hosts and servers for local testing. 
  • Tools for Graphic & Web Designers: - Though most of the designing process is carried out it mainstream tools like Photoshop, quick image format conversions from JPEG to GIF, PNG, BMP, and Webp can be easily done using Browserling. Easily crop your images, optimize the resolution or simply resize your designing assets within seconds.
Other handful tools like complex algebraic calculations, series generators or other conversion tools for numerical integrations are available among the tools too. 

There are plenty of other tools that we weren’t able to brief you about such as password tools like PostgreSQL password creator and other text processing tools like reverse text, wrapping, Uppercasing, etc.

Why Browserling Amongst All These Websites?

The first thing that makes Browserling distinct from its competitors is the beastly repository of over 100 different tools with multiple functionalities. It is the one-stop destination for all the web developers and designers since now you don’t need to search the whole web for that one particular tool. Also, the company is providing all of these tools free, and it doesn’t display any spam, ads, or popups to irritate the programmer or the designer craving to complete the project before the deadline. 

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So what are you waiting for? Go check out all the excellent web testing tools offered by Browserling and let us know if you’re already carrying your tasks with the help of them. Cheers!


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