Typesy Review: The Virtual Tutor to Increase Your Typing Speed

Typesy Review_ The Virtual Tutor to Increase Your Typing Speed

Are you looking to enhance your typing speed and accuracy? Well, look no further! This Typesy Review provides you with an in-depth analysis of a virtual tutor that can increase your typing skills.

Discover how Typesy can significantly increase your typing speed and proficiency. Some features of Typesy are Abundant Typing Exercises, Video Mentoring, Profile Statistics, and Cloud Sync. Typesy guarantees to increase your speed up to 3 times.

Keep reading and learn about its features and why it is the ultimate typing solution.

Typesy Review: What is it?

Typesy is a typing software that combines professional typing activities and thorough video training. A detailed video tutorial is displayed at the start of each lesson, which introduces the user to a new and innovative writing concept. As the tutorial advances, you’ll get to perform each concept professionally and interactively. The tool aims to simply increase your typing speed by preaching various tricks and typing exercises.

Getting Started

The software is designed and developed by a leading software company, eReflect. Apart from Typesy, the developer firm hosts several famous tools like Spreeder CX, 7 Speed Reading, and Vacab1.

Though the company doesn’t provide any free trial for Typesy, it offers and guarantees a refund for every user unsatisfied with the tool. So you can invest your money without any tension. The tool is available on the official website, and you can get more information about Typesy here.

Typesy houses some very simple but effective typing drills and exercises that will help you to overcome your misprinting and typing habits, making you more skilled.

Our Review

Typesy guarantees to increase your speed up to 3 times. The tool comes with a smart algorithm that automatically adapts to your typing speed and thus customizes the exercises according to you. It has various training drills and informative lessons to transform users into professional typists.


The interface of the tool is pretty modern and minimal. You can easily distinguish between different exercises and tutorials. The software library has approximately 500 e-books and around seven strategies to make the tool more skillful for every user. You can also track your achievements and share your goals with other people across various social media.

Untapped Features of Typesy

Here are some of the best features that you must know about:

Abundant Typing Exercises

Typesy offers more than 517 exclusively well-designed typing exercises with proper hand placement techniques and faster speed tricks.

Video Mentoring

A unique and efficient method I’ve encountered in any typing software. Since you can’t learn everything properly by just keying around, the tool displays different video tutorials made by typing professionals between the lessons. These videos make the user understand all the tutored techniques with a direct approach and keep them intact in their memory.

Profile Statistics

As you advance with the lessons, the software allows you to track your progress, set goals, and display all the figurative information in the profile section.

profile statistics

Cloud Sync

This feature often comes in handy for people who are always on the move. The software automatically synchronizes your profile progress on the cloud so that you can use the software on multiple devices. Just sync your data, and pick up from where you’ve left off.

How Much Does Typesy Cost?

Typesy 2016 edition costs you only Rs. 497 for the pro version. You can install the tool on multiple devices, irrespective of Windows or Mac OS. The license is valid for three years, and you are entitled to receive all the updates, Cloud Sync, and much more. There is a proper guide and user manual for Typesy so every customer can get the most out of this tool.


Moreover, if you ever run into any trouble while using Typesy, there is a protocol that lets you report the problem to the team. You can then contact customer support to resolve any problems you are facing. The guys at the end are super friendly and would help you with any issue.

Bottom Line

With such an active set of training tools, user support, and comprehensive tracking of user progress, Typesy has taken the prospect of becoming one of the best typing software in the market. It does a fantastic job when it comes to increasing the typing speed along with accuracy. The video tutorials and the interactive typing exercises make it a more comprehensive and reliable tool for anyone who wants to grow his keyboarding skills.

Become a proficient typist with Typesy; all you need to do is start using it. Do share your opinions in the comment section below and let me know for any queries related to this software. Cheers!

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