Top 10 Best Shooting Games for Android | Free Download

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Top 10 Best Shooting Games for Android | Free Download

Posted by Rahul Gupta
If you are a fan of blood splatters or gory and gruesome images, then your love for shooting games must be valid. Those cool and advanced looking weapons, making these realistic shooting sound are at best addictive for one’s health. Heavy artillery along with incredible graphics in these shooting games is what lures most of the boys to download these games.
Shooting Games for Android
Some love the idea of going into any situation with their guns blazing (even if the situation is in a virtual world). One can say that the anticipation of any upcoming obstacle while playing these shooting games is the root factor for the major attraction of people towards it. Here are some of these games which come on the list of must play games.

1. Mortal Combat 5: Blackout

Developed by Gameloft this game is available on Windows, iOS and even Blackberry apart from Android itself. This game is 5th in the series of the games with the same name. One can either play unaccompanied or create a crew. The player can choose its own persona i.e. to become a sniper, assault, heavy, recon, hunter, sapper or support. The player has to save the world by killing peoples while going different place.

The game is separated into six parts, each having their missions for the player to complete. Players can assemble their guns to take out the enemies. The guns are auto-focused, so there is no need for extreme planning. A player can go online to compete with other players from different places. The graphics and sound quality are above any game present on Android phones.

2. Fields of Battle

With its incredible motion controls, this game is perfect for any paintball or shooting enthusiasts. This game was developed by Greg Hastings who is a celebrity in the paintball society. Though not many selections for gears are available, the guns which are provided range from semi to fully automatic.

It is not best suited for touch screen mobiles but can be adjustable if one can learn and try to control the motions, then the gaming experience will be unforgettable. Killing opponents depend on upon the type of machine one is using. There is no story involved in the game. A player is just set up against the others.

3. Call of Duty: Strike Team

The game is based in the year 2020 and thus shows a war is going on in U.S.A. The player can change its view from the first person to that of a drone’s view. He has to lead a squad team around the game for killing peoples. This game totally copies the way of real fights i.e. player can open fire or wait for the enemies to attack, all tactical operations.

The gaming controls or gestures are very easy to monitor. Just swiping right or left on the screen controls the player’s movement. The only drawback of the game is that one has to pay 470 bucks to buy it on Playstore.

4. Critical Ops

The player can choose a role as a counter-terrorist or terrorist in the game and play accordingly to complete the missions. In this game, the player has to move very swiftly and control his gun with expert hands to win the game. There are different types of weapons available for the player to choose from such as sniper rifles or AK47 etc. The controls which are quite easy to master can be resized and arranged for the convenience of the player but lacks the option of auto-firing.

5. Shadowgun: DeadZone

Two game modes, deathmatch, and zone control are presented to choose from along with ten different characters. As level increases, various components will be introduced for the ease of the players. As any other shooting game, it also has an extensive range of artillery present along with grenades and medical kits. The drawback of this game is that one has to play it online and thus it depends on the net connection speed. 

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6. Kill Shot Bravo

It is a sequel to a much known mobile game named Bravo. There are over 500 missions for the player to complete by roaming around the world looking for threats. Different fighting modes are there to choose from or as the situation arise. The enemies also come in different types and forms. Oh! The best part of the game is where you can compete with other snipers online to judge your skill as a shooter. One can hunt for the target for some reward and also choose some cool new gears on higher levels.

7. Major Mayhem

This is the name of the newest recruit adult swim games army. He is being appointed by the president himself to go into the war. Ranges of enemies are present in the total of 45 levels of the games and mayhem has to defeat them to rescue his girlfriend. There is a total of 4 game modes. Controls include tapping the enemy to kill them and pressing some on-screen buttons for jumping and running. As usual, guns are available in various assortments.

8. N.O.V.A 3: Freedom Edition

Having an intense sci-fi storyline this version of the game is entirely free for the users. The hero comes from outer space on earth to find it ruled by aliens and from then on starts his mission of rescuing the planet. The graphics are of super amazing quality with beautiful landscapes and scenarios.

The player can move in a level via different modes i.e. either by foot or on a vehicle. The game starts with only necessary artillery available, but as one move up the levels, one can buy advanced weapons using the points collected by killing the enemies. Controls are pretty responsive but are slightly difficult to master.

9. Stick Squad 3

In this new version of the game, the main anti-heroes Ron and Damien are out for more action. The name of the match is because of the characterisation of the stick figures as shooters. The game has 20 missions, each having three objectives and each objective having three levels of difficulties. Sniper guns available can be easily calibrated to match with air and distance. Hostage situations can also arise requiring precision from the shooters. Also one can share scores online.

10. Hitman: Sniper

If you love shooting from a distance where you can see everyone but no one able to see you then you will love this game as this game was developed keeping in mind for those peoples. The shooter will have to stay silent and plan his move accordingly. A limited amount of time is provided to take out a series of targets.

More points are awarded if the targets are taken out discreetly and soundlessly. Different sniper rifles can be unlocked at various levels depending on the points collected. Compete with your friends online for knowing and improving your skills. The drawback is that it isn’t free of cost.


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