10 Best PPTX to PDF Converters (Online+Offline)

A regular user of Microsoft PowerPoint presentation might know the difference between PPT and PPTX file extensions but not everyone. The difference between PPT and PPTX became an issue in 2007 as before that all the presentations were saved as default PPT format. But many other presentation tools didn’t support this format, so Microsoft changed the default setting for saving the file in the new version of Office released in 2007.

PPTX to PDF Converters

The X at the last of PPTX extension stands for XML (Extensible Markup Language) and thus PPTX is considered as an open source file extension i.e. the file can be viewed on other platforms without changing its format.

Why there is a need to convert PPTX to PDF file? Because for viewing a PPTX file one needs specific software which will support the extension but PDF format is a universal file extension that is more accessible on any device.

Moreover, in PPTX user will have to go to slide to slide to view what’s next or start presentation but in PDF just scrolling up and down is enough to see the file. Lastly, PDF files are much smaller in size making it easier to send them via emails easy and fast.

Here are some of the best offline and online PPTX to PDF file converter listed.

1. Zamzar

This online converter supports conversion for over 1200 formats which is more than what some other site supports. Converting speed will depend on the size of the file. For converting PPTX to PDF just upload the file from the computer or enter the URL.

Then, choose the format you want to convert into and enter your email address in the next box to receive the converted file. Lastly, click Convert to start converting. The maximum file size is 50 MB.

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2. Online 2 PDF

Other than conversion, this online platform offers some other impressive features which can be used to modify the PDF files. The features include merging, editing, unlocking, etc. of the PDF file(s). For converting, more than one file can be uploaded at once but the size of one file shouldn’t exceed 50 MB and size of combined files shouldn’t exceed 100 MB.

Click on the select file to upload the required file from the computer or drag and drop the file there. There are some options provided to choose the final output look of the converted file. Click on Convert to start the process. After conversion, the file is automatically downloaded.

3. Convert Files

Pick the file you want to convert from the PC or copy and paste the link to the download page. It will automatically detect the extension of the archive, and the user will only have to choose the output format.

There is an option for sending the download link to the converted file to your email. After the conversion is over the site will ask you to go to the download page from where one can download the converted file.

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4. PDF Convert Online

This online conversion tool supports many other PowerPoint file types such as POTX (Microsoft Office PowerPoint Template), PPSX (Microsoft PowerPoint Slide Show), etc. along with PPTX.

To upload the file click the select file option and then the convert now to start the conversion. Time of transformation will depend on the size of the archive. After, either choose to view the converted document in the browser or download it.

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5. Office – Converter

The online supports uploading of more than one file at once and gives the user the option to upload from computer or paste URL. More than 500 file formats can be converted into PDF on this site.

Maximum file size for the new and free user is 10 MB and for members is approx 1 GB. The converted file will be automatically deleted from the site’s server after one day.

6. Kingsoft Office

This software is an excellent tool for viewing and editing documents. But many users don’t know that it also has a feature for converting Word, Excel and PowerPoint files into PDF files which make this software a multitasking platform.

Another plus point is its ability to compress the size of the converted PDF file without reducing the quality.

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To start the conversion, open the required PPTX file and choose the option Export to PDF from the unique options menu present at the top. Then select the location where the file will be saved and click ok to start the conversion.

There is an extra option for saving the file with an encryption i.e. password to protect the data. All in all, this is a pretty amazing app which a user must have.

7. Free PowerPoint/PPT to PDF Converter

This app was developed by Word-Pdf-Convert Software Inc. and is designed specifically for the purpose of converting PowerPoint presentation into Pdf files. It supports PPT, PPTX and PPTM formats. All the configuration options are present in the main window itself, thus making it easy for the new user to learn the process.

The user can also add multiple files at once to start the conversion and choose between different customization options before starting the conversion.

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8. PowerPoint/PPT to PDF Converter

It is a very compatible software for a fast conversion process but at times in some cases take longer than expected. Choose the language between Chinese and English after installing the product. The user interface is very much perceptive and easy to use.

There are many options available such as resize and merge for the outlook of the final document. Just select the file to convert and start conversion for getting the final result i.e. Pdf file.

9. FoxPDF PPTX to PDF Converter

This app supports many more features other than the simple conversion process. First of all, it is very easy to use. Secondly, it saves the hyperlinks present in the PowerPoint after converting it into Pdf which many other converters don’t support.

It also provides encryption of two different types depending on the choice of the user.

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To start the conversion, add the PowerPoint file to the converting panel, then select the output saving folder. Click on the convert button to launch the process. All other features can be explored after downloading the app.

10. PDFCool Free Studio

One platform to create, edit, replace, encrypt and convert PDF files, this software provides it all. Shortcut buttons are available for easy access and usage of the app. It supports conversion of almost any document into Pdf format and to edit it accordingly.

Select convert option from the top menu bar and select or drag the PPTX file you want to convert into the given space. Then click on the CreatePDF button at the right bottom corner of the screen to start the conversion. The saved file will be available after the end of the process.

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