Passwork Review: Next Generation Password Manager For Everyone

There are tons of things in this digital era which a person would like to keep private rather than sharing them openly. Now, as we all know, one of the things that we use to back off intruders is use a secure password. Most of the times there is an application that helps you add passwords to different sort of things such as music files, videos, images and much more. 

But, sometimes we have so many passwords to remember that it becomes a tedious work to remember and organize all of them. This is when the Passwork tool comes very handy. It helps you save your passwords on the password server in a heavily encrypted form. Their passwords and all the data are encrypted through the strong AES 256 bits encryption.

Passwork Password Manager

In this review, I’ll mention how you can organize your passwords or how I use it to do my job easy. 

Introduction to Passwork 

Through this application, users can create groups and also invite other users to collaborate and store passwords. Passwork users never lose their passwords, and everything is kept safe and secure. The Administrators can monitor the history and changes (if any changes are made).

Passwork Dashboard

Every bit of data is stored on the client side in the cloud. The data can’t be decrypted as the encryption keys aren’t transmitted to the server.

Add a Password

Salient Features of

  • All of your data can be exported in CSV format to your local hard disk or any other backup device.
  • One can also create a link that expires in a particular time frame (48 hours maximum), this link can then be shared with a group by applying some permission such as Read, Edit or full access.
  • Your data is backed up automatically on the cloud.
  • Also, they guarantee that your data won’t be leaked if it’s requested by third parties or even other country’s officials. How to Get Started

Password How To

To get started, you have two choices; The first option is to go with the free trial version. You only need an email address for this. It would provide you with a 14-day trial version which you can use to store and organize your passwords.

The second choice is to go for their premium packages as per your needs. You can grab their membership of a single user (costs around $9 a year) or for 100 users for $900 for a year.

For a quick overview, here is a comparison of this app and other players in the market. 

Plans & Pricing of Passwork

How Can Bloggers & Marketers Use It?

There is no argument to the fact that freelancers work one on one with their clients. During this, clients often send the passwords in the standard text on Skype, which makes it very unsafe and vulnerable. 

Also, a lot of times, the same Skype might be used by someone else as well. 

For solving this issue, what freelancers and bloggers like me can do is create groups and then store passwords generally in a well mannered and structured way. 

Not only this, but the software can also be used for private use as well. 

The problem is that all users usually use passwords for accessing Internet and computer. Most of the times users only keep them in mind and forget it after a while. More than often, a family often uses common passwords for websites and much more.

For such situations, passwork is perfect. The data is stored in the cloud which makes sure that you don’t lose it in a case like a computer crash. 

What Can be Further Improved in Passwork?

  • A “remember password” extension for modern browsers such as Mozilla Firefox can be added.
  • The website can also use extended validation SSL to establish a better trust among their users.

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The tool, of course, provides you with a rock solid platform for storing your password, which isn’t a rare thing, but this platform has heavy duty encryption and thereby your passwords are safe. 

The application misses things such as no extension for browsers but provides a fresh interface in your web browser itself. This means that you just have to remember a single password and forget all the other random stuff.

A lot of time, it has happened to me, and I am sure you must have used the “forget password” option a thousand times. What this application would do is, save a lot of time as you won’t have to remember password every time and then reset it. 

Anyone can use the software. If your computer use includes password management, this is the software for you.

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