Socialize Your Real Life With the Mixr App

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Socialize Your Real Life With the Mixr App

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Take few minutes from your busy online life and think of what I am about to say right now? Do all these likes and comments mean everything to you? Don’t you want to meet the real people, explore new friends and have actual fun? If you think the same way, then this post is meant for you; If not, then you can go back to your Social Profiles, double tapping everything. 
Mixr App Review
It might be a little harsh, but all these apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter has made us all those annoying people, sitting on the sofas and liking other people’s exciting happenings. Fortunately, there’s an app that wants you to have the real fun and see new cheerful people hang out with. So, let’s start the review of this new app Mixr and why it is recommended for everyone.

What is Mixr? Is the App Free?

Meet the new-age social media app, Mixr. It’s more like a blend of Tinder, WhatsApp, Hike but with a unique concept. No, it’s not a dating app, and you don’t need to upload your beautiful images to attract other people. It’s an official community app where you can explore other amazing people nearby, create a group of your own and start making new friends. Moreover, you can also invite your old friends and add new ones to your “Gang.” Chat together, Hang Out and Explore New Adventures together.

FREE! Absolutely free. Mixr is an upcoming social community application for the new age who want to hang out and chill together. The company offers all the services for free, and you can download the application by the official App Stores. However, there’s a simple to sign-up on Mixr. Just click the link the below, and you’ll get the download link on your smartphone automatically.

A New Way to Meet New People!

Mixr is not like a new social media application where you’ll add your existing friends who are already on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, WeChat, Tumblr and what not! Nor it is an app dating platform which focuses on random hook-ups, awkward dates, or creepy stalking interludes. Mixr is more prioritized to make new friends, discover people with similar tastes and hang out together at your favorite café, restaurant or a crazy house party. Mixr is a fresh taste of social media and definite fun. So, let’s dig deep into all the remarkable features that this application holds. 


After installing the app, you’ll be greeted with a pretty minimal but attractive interface that will greet you through the app. Then you need to setup your account by logging in with your existing Facebook Account. The app automatically imports the necessary details from your profile, but you can edit them manually. Moreover, Mixr wants you to write an attractive and authentic bio that will be displayed on your profile. You also need to add your age, so as the application can link you with people or similar age groups and interests. 
Mixr App Review
The app has a material based colorful UI that keeps you cheered up. After adding your basic information, now it’s the time to explore all the groups, communities, and meet cool people like you.
Mixr has a unique concept of socializing in the app. You can view all the existing groups, communities and gangs in the app by swiping. 

After few swipes, here and there, you’ll eventually want to join one with the same interests. For example, I ended up finding a group of movie lovers like me. The way of joining a Group or Gang is very cool; All you need to do is to say “Yay” in the group chat, and if the people respond to your message then you’ll be added into the gang automatically. Do remember that all the communities and gangs are Public as long as the members do not make it private.
Create Your Gang
Mixr also provides you the liberty to start your Gang with your existing friends. So, whenever you add a new person in the group, you’ll feel more secure. Chat with new people across different cities and even countries with global communities and Gangs. Mixr ensures that you always remain safe and secure. Therefore all the members are authenticated on the registration process. 

To choose across different gangs and communities, all you need is to swipe and if you’re interested in one of the groups, then Tap ‘Yay’ or ‘Nay’ to move further.

Say Yay Nay
The app has majorly four tabs on the top. One from browsing along different communities, the random mix, Your Gangs, and Your Profile Tab. Once you’ve joined a gang (Movie Masti in my case), then you start further interacting with other users. Get to know each other’s favorite movie, chat about their actors or even plan to go to a movie sometime. A simple yet powerful method to spice up your social Life.

Better & Safer for Women!

Mixr has taken proper care that all the users and members of the app remain safe and secure in the app community. For all the female users, the app offers various privacy features to make ensure that the user feels comfortable while enjoying all the features. There’s a unique option for all the female users to remain invisible. To be more precise, no other user would be able to identify unless you send Yay/Mix to them. Pretty impressive? Isn’t it. 

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Final Words

So, this was my first impression and then an insightful review of this fantastic application, Mixr. It is a must recommend an app for all the people who want to meet new people, hang out together and have exploratory traveling cravings. Discover Gangs that share the interests as you and join to interact with them. The app is free to use and download. 

Do share your comments and thoughts on this beautiful app below. Let me know if you’re using this app to explore new communities. Cheers!

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