Hideman Review: A Multiplatform VPN Service for Hassle Free Browsing

Everyone knows what a VPN or Virtual Private Network is but often hesitate to use one. For all those who aren’t aware of what you can do with a VPN client, then in simple terms, it is a tool that allows access restricted websites and blocked services on your browser, smartphone, etc. 

Hideman VPN Review

Due to increasing demand of VPN clients and applications, the market is filled with so many VPN providers and it has become tough to choose what’s the best one for you. Fortunately, the one that we’re reviewing has been surpassed all of our demands. So without any further ado, let’s start the review of Hideman VPN, and dig deeper into all the premium features offered by it.


The Hideman VPN is a multi-platform VPN client or provider by a London based software development company, Hideman Ltd which was established in 2011 and has been providing secure and anonymous browsing access to different users across the world.

Hideman VPN is best known for its Android-based VPN application that gives you an anonymous protected network to browse websites differently. It has the largest ecosystem of support devices with support for devices running on Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, Linux, and Chrome Extension as well. The pricing of the pro version is mentioned below:

Hideman VPN Pricing

The network client is rapidly growing with new features and functionalities like IP, encrypt user browsing data and transparent access to TOR and I2P like websites without any limitations. These and few other unusual features are the reasons behind the successful growth of this VPN client. So let’s have a look at the setup & installation process.

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Setup & Installation

Hideman offers a very simple and to the point installation process for different platforms. Being a freemium software, Hideman offers a free version for all the platforms. We’re using the Windows client, and the free version is available on the official website. You can download it from here and start using directly on your laptop or PC. The Chrome extension is also available for the browser but doesn’t offer much as the windows client.

The setup takes few minutes to install, and you can start accessing all the geo-based locked websites right away. Hideman also protects your data and privacy with the 256-bit encryption while other clients still rely on the 128-bit encryption via the OpenVPN protocol. Moreover, if you want to use the VPN client on mobile devices or Tablets, then you can download the Hideman’s free apps for both Android and iOS. They are both available in the respective App Stores. Go Ahead!

Download Hideman VPN for Android | iOS

Moving on to the setup of the VPN, Hideman is straightforward with the installation of the software in the device. After few clicks and ticks, the software gets installed on your PC and greets you with a weird but simple interface.

Hideman VPN Installation

The minimized size of the window made it pretty clear that most of the work done by Hideman is abstract and performance oriented. The software easily detects your Country location and the IP address. One important thing to mention about the free version is that you only get to use the VPN client only for 1 hour per session. For unlimited access, you’ll need to upgrade it to the Pro Version. However, you can extend the session one more hour but only for five times. So do use the trial version with care.

Hideman VPN Connected

The software gives you the liberty to choose from over 20 country locations around the world. Either you can select the desired location or the software opts it automatically. Just click on the Connect button, and it would virtually transfer your place.

Though there is no setup wizard to guide you through the features and tool, the interface is pretty clean, and anyone can get familiar with the dashboard even if they haven’t use a VPN before. Let’s talk more about the interface and the functionalities in the features section. Shall we?

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Fast Speed, Reliable Connection & Bandwidth

Hideman has placed no limit on the speed or the bandwidth for their users. Stream content and access websites from premium servers and top-notch security. Though there are some restrictions for the free trial users, the Pro users are entitled to seamless performance. Use Hideman to stream HD movies, Geo-blocked streaming websites like Netflix, transparent access to torrent sites or P2P activities.


Pssssssst! Here’s a secret tip to access Tor and Torrent sites using Hideman VPN. Since it is illegal in the most the countries, so you’ll need to choose the location manually. The free version only allows you the access to 9 locations and other country areas are available with the Pro version only. However, the free version also offers certain places which can browse through Torrent Websites, TOR, and P2P activities.

Available Countires

The one thing that acts behind the fast success of Hideman is the client’s access to more than 20 different countries. From United States, Hong Kong, Germany, France, Netherlands, and Russia.

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A large number of diverse server locations make Hideman an excellent choice for anonymous access and non-restricted browsing across different websites and online services.

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